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  1. I hear the engine is going to be a highly tweaked version of the UZAM-3317 (VAZ-2106), and the car will reportedly feature powered ashtrays and new synchronized dual moonroofs!
  2. ooh yeah, big lotus owners group of the north (LOON) up there with a couple of serious Lotus techies that are a little too knowlegable... can put you in contact with them if you are serious but great group down here in Florida too post more pics and you can tromp around in mine all day
  3. 1/ dog or cat might as well ask Ferrari or Lambo! 2/ leather or alcantara leather underwear 3/ modern property or period property who cares as long as its waterfront? 4/ roar of the v8 or screech of the s4 V8 one day 5/ travel by air or by sea sea...on my sailboat 6/ jeans or suit shorts and tee shirt 7/ girlie question: make up or no makeup 8/ guy question: boxers or y fronts either as long as its leather 9/ tea or coffee tea 10/ formula 1 or rallying motorcycle racing 11/ stay in or go out go out in the Esprit 12/ whisky or beer something tropical, while on the sailboat 13/ women drivers or men drivers ( "oooh", I can see this question stirring up trouble ) uh, how many women race drivers are there? ah, I see... 14/ kids or cars i only have cars that I know of 15/ music: rock or pop rock, Poison, Motley Crue 16/ country life or city life live in the country, play in the city 17/ health or wealth wasnt blessed with either one 18/ good book or tv book 19/ bungee jump or zorbing can we just go back to motorcycle racing 20/ chips or pasta I say skip it and go directly for desert 21/ kiss or cuddle there is usually an order to this... 22/ guy questio: blondes or brunnettes yes! and red and purple and green! 23/ girlie question : smart guy or rough and rugged guy 24/ lamborghini or ferrari doh! And last but not least ( this question is probably going to get me into trouble, but what the hell) 25/ esprit or sex freaky sex. otherwise maybe esprit
  4. has a pictoral guide
  5. contact info for this dealer? chris 90 SE
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