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  1. Hi Guy's Well I will post some better pic's in a few days time as I am having the wheels restored to original Celebration colour combo and the original steering wheel is going back on also. I am very pleased with her as a car but I need to cheer her up as the colour is so dark, I may add silver a pencil line and more lotus decals in silver. I am also trying to replace the side repeaters with clear ones.
  2. Well as always heart over head so I now have a 1992 Excel Celebration and apart from poor paint finish she seems to be a great car. 80k miles from new with all the old MOT's and service book stamped by Paul Matty's interior is in excellent condition and the a/c is working so overall very pleased. A previous owner painted the wheels all silver so I will get them done with the green centres and spokes as they should be and the tan steering has also been changed for a black one so will have to get one for it. I am hoping to get her pretty much as per the celebration brochure car but it could do with cheering up as the colour is a little drab so will have to think on that.
  3. Hi Dunc I am only thinking £4k due to the poor finish on the paintwork, I would rather pay £7k for a better one but can't find one.
  4. Hi John I has passed your advert on to my brother. I have the chance to buy a 1992 celebration with 80k on the clock, it looks like it had a respray a long time ago and the clutch is heavy so I am thinking what is it worth? the seller wants £7k and I think nearer to £4k but what do you guys think? Also can anyone tell me the cost of replacing the clutch please?
  5. Hi John Thank you for the reply, I am looking for an Excel at the opposite end from what you say but would be pleased to receive pics and details of your car as my younger brother is now thinking of one with a lower budget than me. Michael
  6. I am looking for a Lotus Excel, the later the better, but condition is most important. I have cash available for the right car. If you have one for sale or know of one, please get in touch. Michael
  7. Thank you all for the welcome and all the info Andy, Had Fitz's car not been going to auction in Norfolk it may have been worth a go but Norfolk is such long way I will look more local first. I think body condition is king for me as mechanicals can always be replaced but bodywork is not my thing. I will scan the Internet this weekend and see what grabs me. thanks again
  8. Hello one and all As yet I don't have a Lotus in my garage but I am on the lookout for an Excel . The last lotus I owned was a Europa in the 70s when I was a tad younger, I have a healthy interest in classic cars and mostly British, I currently have two and my wife has one. Just recently I have been finding my thoughts wandering to owning an Excel and having spoken to my brother who owned one for a while I am now convinced that I should get one. I know very little about the excel, but I do want a galvanised chassis which I am told the Excel has and after that who knows I will now be searching the mags and the Internet and see what pops up, in the meantime if anyone here can offer any advise or knows of a sound car at a value for money price please let me know. Michael
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