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  2. Any one got them for sale ? Head lamp motor - can be either side. Just need one. Please let me know. Many thanks, Tony
  3. May I ask - What size punches you used ? as far as I know there are two size... Tony
  4. After few months wet weather, I decided to clean up under the bonnet. And then I discovered there is water in NS headlight pod buckets. Not sure about OS, therefore I removed all the lamps to exam. OS is in good condition and luckily I discovered earlier - NS rust is re workable. After good cleaned the head lamps - they all in great condition, not bad for 18years old
  5. Glad you found the problem, we just have a Esprit SE with code 26 too
  6. I put my £20's shower approved only cover last two years on my S4, not problem at all. Tony
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