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  2. Any one got them for sale ? Head lamp motor - can be either side. Just need one. Please let me know. Many thanks, Tony
  3. May I ask - What size punches you used ? as far as I know there are two size... Tony
  4. After few months wet weather, I decided to clean up under the bonnet. And then I discovered there is water in NS headlight pod buckets. Not sure about OS, therefore I removed all the lamps to exam. OS is in good condition and luckily I discovered earlier - NS rust is re workable. After good cleaned the head lamps - they all in great condition, not bad for 18years old
  5. Glad you found the problem, we just have a Esprit SE with code 26 too
  6. I put my £20's shower approved only cover last two years on my S4, not problem at all. Tony
  7. I do love to see Esprit prices soaring , even I don't even intend to sell my at all. But that make my 1996 7000mile ish S4 worth a bit more now and hopefully more in the future Tony
  8. I believe BOSCH 69218 fuel pump fit.
  9. Thanks Guys.... I am trying.......err...... I don't know about this...... too?? Indeed.... especially for Italian market.....
  10. Today I spent some time to clean wheels and suspensions from my Esprit, checked the brake & suspensions too - every things are ok so far..... On the brake discs surface - the brown stuffs are very light grease to stop disc rust up. As my Lotus still no ready on the road yet. Near side front Near side rear Off side front Off side rear
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