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    Lotus Elise S (S2), Vauxhall Astra GTC, Remote control s2 Exige
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  1. I thought youd all apreciate this cake !
  2. 1&2 Brian & Jackie   3&4 Tosh & Jane  5 David (flying solo for this one) 6&7 RIchard +1 8&9 Stephen & Isla (only provisional - dependant on picking up new Exige on 5th) 10 & 11 John and Marge 12 & 13. Liam +1 (still no Lotus 😥)
  3. Hello Jacques, sorry for the extremely delayed reply ?. I’ve never had the pleasure of using Campagnolo but I’m not a big Shimano but I do like SRAM? I’d love a properly light XC bike but only got my enduro last year. So it’ll be a while if ever. I haven’t actually been out on a bike for over a month now. I really need to get out soon. I’ll respond faster this time ? I hope your still getting to ride plenty Liam
  4. Hi All, Hopefully Liam + 1. But I'm having car trouble so not to sure just yet I'm definitely planning on coming though. I've missed to many again? I'll confirm as soon as I can. I hope that's ok
  5. Yes thank you I'd like breakfast bunker and chippy as long as I'm ok to join the convoy many thanks
  6. Sincere applogies all I'm afraid I'll not be able to attend after all. (Not a decision that I made myself) very sorry. I'll do my very best to attend the next one ? Appologies also for the slow response I was in holiday until earlier today and had not internet signal
  7. That's Scott is really interesting. Never seen wheels like that one a mountian bike. What sort of stuff do you ride ? XX1 is fantastic. My Enduro has 1-11 SRAM GX and its bee brilliant so far.
  8. My uni work is finally done for a little with so I'd love to come. Can't believe the last trip here was a year ago though I've missed far to many meets again . Anyway ? Add me please.
  9. I see that this posts is quite one but I figured I still say hi. heres my two what are you huys riding now ?
  10. Yeh same here ? So when it's sunny I make sure to take plenty pictures:)
  11. P7's a nice bike the no tyres is a bit conserning (photo attached cause it's pretty. Not be cause it's relivent ?)
  12. I'll take the bike, if you don't want it ? Very nice to see it looking right again I sunk mine mine down to the hub today ?
  13. Very clever rack ! And on a stunning car ? But don't you struggle for grip on those pedals?
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