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  1. I can't recall if this is a difference between the Powermaster and Ian's setup, or I just forgot because you do when projects run for years, but... The bracket should attach to the front of the clutch master cylinder, not the rear. In tightening it down I've bent it and put the whole setup a little off. The pic shows it a lot clearer than when you're craning your head over the wings, but I cocked up. Waiting to hear Sparkys full opinion on it like the rest of you. There's more fun that I'll leave for him to regale. It's not a dull service!
  2. Spoiler: I cocked something up 😆
  3. Very! I won't book the return trip in case there's an issue
  4. Those flares were my handy work from a previous attempt with another master cylinder, and part of the reason that bit was left for you Sparky 😁. I didn't want to invest in a better tool for one use. Is there a brown wire going to that oil switch? There's a switch under the right hand side of the dash and one in the centre console that I haven't worked out the purpose of. I think one goes to a radar jammer, but I don't know which position is on and which is off! 😆 Look after yourself. Don't kill yourself so I get my car a week earlier.
  5. Thanks for the help. Using an assortment of sockets, stacked washers and swear-words I managed to punch it loose. I was expecting it to loosen up at some point, but it really didn't. I'm not looking forward to the reinstallation. Hopefully if I can get the exposed end to twist, and some grease in the brake pedal bushing it will be easier than the removal. First I've got to drill that hole in the pedal though
  6. This is a 4-evening inconvenience so far. Wiggling and pushing the pedals doesn't seem to affect it, and there's no way I'll be able to pull it with my hand yet. I've attached a pic from the fuse box hole and the clutch end from the footwell. I can't see how it got bent, unless someone used a slide-hammer to change the steering wheel! Who can say with this many years on them though?
  7. Hi all, I'm in the process of installing Ian Lords Delco delete kit and have hit a problem. I'm trying to remove the brake pedal from the car. I've removed the split pin on the pivot shaft, but getting that shaft to move is proving a nigh on impossible. I've managed to get it inside the pedal box boss thanks to a hammer and a selection of bolts and washers of the right size. I was hoping a bit of percussive encouragement would break it loose if it was just stuck from being there for 24 years, or that extending out the clutch end would give me more purchase to pull the shaft through with some long pliers. Neither have happened, and I'm left wondering: why is mine such an issue? Could it be bent? if I can hit it out, what hope do I have of getting it back in? So I'm looking to those that have removed a brake pedal to get an idea of how uncommon this is, and any tricks will be most welcome.
  8. It's the only one that will allow me to drive my car, so it wins points for that.
  9. Hi all, A while back I started down a path to replace the Delco unit with something custom because of the issues with the switch reliability and availability. In the end I decided to follow Pauls switch solution which means putting everything but the switch back in. Problem's been out a while, and I'm having trouble working out where some bits go. The manuals and the photos I took are helping to an extent, but I'm stuck on this one at the moment. From all I can see, these two plates should meet, but as you can see they do not. And they're off my a suspicious distance of the thickness of the brackets. The clutch bracket is sat on top of the clutch, the shim plate(?) is sat inside the brake bracket. All firewall bolts are tightened to bottoming out. The fuse-side bolt slips through and dangles free. The clutch-side bolt has to be forced through and is pissed afterwards. Is it just that the clutch bracket somehow got bent? I still can't see that closing the gap. Can anybody tell me what is missing here, or take a top down photo of their system? Also, the brake bracket is on the right way up. If flipped over the brackets touch at the bottom but not at the top. Many thanks
  10. Nope. Got my own one. The wait was worth it too, got exactly what I wanted......except for the braking system!
  11. I'm working on a solution to the Powermaster problem that may be a much better alternative. I'll not say too much until I know it works. Can anyone help with a Powermaster data sheet or just the info on the 3 fitting sizes and thread pitches? It seems that they are different from each other. I could eventually measure them, but if someone has the data I will be able to move this along quicker and maybe have a solution to share.
  12. Red

    Lotus Renault GP

    "Group Lotus; as much a part of F1 as AT&T". On the positive side, this will all be over once Danys bankrupted Group Lotus.
  13. Red

    Lotus Renault GP

    Someone needs to buy Dany a penis, because he obviously hasn't got one. How does this help the brand or the sport? If there's two teams in black and gold, one called Team Lotus and one called Lotus Renault, people will abreviate them to Lotus and Renault. Epic fail. P.S. *punches Dany in the face*
  14. Red

    Back in F1

    If it was a bonefide Lotus link I think there would be a press release on the Group Lotus site The Norfolk base seems like a red herring to me with the emphasis on making this all about being a Malaysian triumph I got excited for a second, but now I kind of feel like a crappy sequel to a classic movie has been realeased
  15. I tend to think a lot of these stories are made up and exagerated by the media so they have a story. Has anyone on here actually experienced this? I know we have deccys up in my office.
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