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  1. It's the only one that will allow me to drive my car, so it wins points for that.
  2. Hi all, A while back I started down a path to replace the Delco unit with something custom because of the issues with the switch reliability and availability. In the end I decided to follow Pauls switch solution which means putting everything but the switch back in. Problem's been out a while, and I'm having trouble working out where some bits go. The manuals and the photos I took are helping to an extent, but I'm stuck on this one at the moment. From all I can see, these two plates should meet, but as you can see they do not. And they're off my a suspicious distance of the thickness of the brackets. The clutch bracket is sat on top of the clutch, the shim plate(?) is sat inside the brake bracket. All firewall bolts are tightened to bottoming out. The fuse-side bolt slips through and dangles free. The clutch-side bolt has to be forced through and is pissed afterwards. Is it just that the clutch bracket somehow got bent? I still can't see that closing the gap. Can anybody tell me what is missing here, or take a top down photo of their system? Also, the brake bracket is on the right way up. If flipped over the brackets touch at the bottom but not at the top. Many thanks
  3. Nope. Got my own one. The wait was worth it too, got exactly what I wanted......except for the braking system!
  4. I'm working on a solution to the Powermaster problem that may be a much better alternative. I'll not say too much until I know it works. Can anyone help with a Powermaster data sheet or just the info on the 3 fitting sizes and thread pitches? It seems that they are different from each other. I could eventually measure them, but if someone has the data I will be able to move this along quicker and maybe have a solution to share.
  5. "Group Lotus; as much a part of F1 as AT&T". On the positive side, this will all be over once Danys bankrupted Group Lotus.
  6. Someone needs to buy Dany a penis, because he obviously hasn't got one. How does this help the brand or the sport? If there's two teams in black and gold, one called Team Lotus and one called Lotus Renault, people will abreviate them to Lotus and Renault. Epic fail. P.S. *punches Dany in the face*
  7. If it was a bonefide Lotus link I think there would be a press release on the Group Lotus site The Norfolk base seems like a red herring to me with the emphasis on making this all about being a Malaysian triumph I got excited for a second, but now I kind of feel like a crappy sequel to a classic movie has been realeased
  8. I tend to think a lot of these stories are made up and exagerated by the media so they have a story. Has anyone on here actually experienced this? I know we have deccys up in my office.
  9. And look who is a little way NNW of there I think we have a prime suspect now!
  10. Who says the Lotus 2+2 can't be aiming more at this market anyway?
  11. Insurance is a complete mystery to me. Looking for quotes for a GT3 I was getting quoted about
  12. Red


    You need to get one of then B)
  13. Dunno about the US, but Rob C managed to rent one when he came over for the factory meet.
  14. On my limited knowledge on the subject of bio-ethonal fuel I would say that they pump out fumes still, but the up side is that the plants growth takes fumes out of the air, and with it being grown in this country there is less enviromental damage done moving the stuff to it's destination. Of course the greenies aren't happy with this cos it's still not perfect. Unrealistic [email protected] that can't accept a step in the right direction aren't worth listening to in my opinion
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