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  1. Yep - mine was just the same. Had to go down to the gelcoat to get rid of it - it was all in the cellulose primer from the factory on mine. Some of it has reappeared despite meticulous prep. Pete
  2. Excel front downpipes wanted. SA type would be perfect, but anything accepted Thanks Pete
  3. Does the non-banjo end go into a bracket and connect to the hard line - essentially a bulkhead type fitting? I'm an interloper here in the Esprit section as I only have an Elite 🙂.
  4. Think Automotive did mine. I ordered the parts I needed, assembled them with the correct "hose" length (stainless braided PTFE) and sent them back to Think Auto for crimping. Great service, if a little expensive. Pete
  5. It's a front wheel (left or right) because the fronts are undriven and not subject to wheelspin. Same applies to front or mid-engined cars, so long as they are rear wheel drive, so still OK on an Esprit. Pete
  6. My plan for speed sensing - although I've not done anything about it yet - is to make and weld an appropriate boss to the front brake dust shield to fit a threaded sensor (something like the Race Technology sensor - to pick up a signal from the brake disc bolts. If four pulses per revolution isn't enough I'll add some dummy bolts to the disc bell. Pete
  7. Hope this works! Pete
  8. Thanks Dave/Steve. The next big job on my project is indeed the wiring loom. Whichever ECU I choose I'm going to cheat a little and buy a pigtail loom that just needs all the connectors fitting. I'm using hall effect sensors for crank and cam position sensing and also for wheel speed sensing - I'm hoping to employ speed limiting using the drive-by-wire throttle body. I don't have a build thread on here but I do on the Lotus Grand Tourers forum, although I've not done enough to update it for months. I'll post up some photos on here as well when I get the engine built. Pete
  9. I like the look of the MaxxECU range - they are on my list. I need one that does drive by wire and preferably knock control. Also been looking at the Emerald K6+. Emerald are hoping to include knock control before the end of the year. Pete
  10. Mine are aluminium so maybe not original - I'll measure them tomorrow. Off the top of my head I'd say 1/2". I plan on checking bump steer later on so may end up with a different thickness. Pete
  11. Well - I've looked everywhere and I can't find the front radiator air dam 🙁. So either I've already given it away/sold it, or more likely - when I sold all my TVR parts last year the buyer thought that the panel was a TVR part and loaded it without me noticing (that's the last time I remember seeing it). You can see the panel on SJ's website, albeit not a great photo. Sorry guys. Pete
  12. Aren't they standard GKN dimensions? These are readily available. Also available in lightweight versions. Search for MS3N044. Pete
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