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  1. It will be easier the other way round with only the wire to pull through the chassis, without the clevis/bellows etc: Fasten some wire to the circular hole on the cable end ferrule at the handbrake lever end and as you pull the old cable out backwards the wire will pull through with it. You can then fasten the forward end of the new cable back to the wire and pull it through. Keep the wire attached until you have fastened the diff end of the cable in position. The stiffer the wire you use the better - it will help stop the new cable "drooping" between each cassis reinforcing plate. If you
  2. If you fix some string/wire to the old one as you pull it out you should be fine - pull the new one through with the string/wire. Do the holes you have cut let you uncouple the cable at the diff end? I'd pull out the old one rearwards. The cable outer sits in a "keyhole" at the rear of the chassis; the cable itself passes through holes at the top of two reinforcing plates within the chassis and comes out just below the handbrake lever cut-out in the top of the chassis. Should be reasonably straight forward to do. Pete
  3. Great username Steffen! Did you ever get to see the brilliant Zappa? Pete
  4. I seem to recall Mike Taylor saying that his replacement screens fitted better than the originals - might be worth a call? Pete
  5. I think the column itself is from an export (LHD) MGC - not sure if the lock is specific to the column though. Pete
  6. Interesting to see the different exhaust manifolds side by side. Pete
  7. That's pretty much what I was just typing Tony! You beat me to it. Suspension/brakes are all pretty straight forward - only part difficult to get is the collapsible spacers for the rear wheel bearings. Roof linings fall off. Look for poor accident repairs - the Excel bodies are really good mouldings compared to the earlier Elite stuff - they don't suffer from many gel cracks unless they've been hit. Pete
  8. Fantastic work on the wheels Dave! I especially like the gold ones. I've got three split rims for my TVR resto project at the moment - hoping to find a fourth some time! Pete
  9. I've found that no matter how well they clean up they still continue to go rusty inside and contaminate the coolant. Pete
  10. Fitted like ordinary wheels. Got any photos of your wheels - I like some of the split rim wheels. Pete
  11. Seat belt anchors 7/16" UNF. Rear suspension "bobbins" 5/16" UNF. Not sure about the front upper body mounts. Pete
  12. A high speed steel blade should cut it OK - keep the speed down & cool it while cutting with something like WD40 or soluble cutting oil in a sprayer. Don't let the bolt turn while cutting. Pete
  13. Hi Guys. I'm after a Lucas indicator/dip switch for an early Excel - can anyone help? Thanks Pete
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