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  1. I chamfered the edge of the diff housing as well to aid fitting of the o-ring without damaging it. Pete
  2. In theory you can do without it, but if the needle valves ever stick open for whatever reason and maybe you're parked on a hill, the fuel tank empties itself via the carbs until the levels are similar! Pete
  3. The other pipe I think you're referring to is the crank case breather. Pete
  4. The Excel uses steel spreader plates under the highest part of the wheel arch - maybe you could adapt them? Pete
  5. I didn't know about that mesh Grizzly - the one behind the spoiler. Must try and look at one and put it on the list! Pete
  6. I think there are two designs for the tube as well - one is a push fit, one has an olive and gland nut. Pete
  7. That's great Clive - I'd already been to the local Land Rover spares place to measure up that exact servo (and master cyl) - great to know it will work! Pete
  8. On my 1974 Elite the A-post trim is glued directly in place over foam also glued in place. This trim was definitely in place before the windscreen was boded in so getting a perfect fit next to the screen will be a challenge! Pete
  9. Admiral - that looks like an Excel part. If it is then yes - a slide hammer will do it - you do not have to remove the circlip fist. Dunc - there is a proper oil seal in the retaining flange that runs on the output shaft and the o-ring that Ant mentions. The key to getting the o-ring in place is to chamfer the diff housing where the o-ring enters it or the sharp edges can tear it. It is very un-nerving when you see the little sleeve that holds the entire drive-shaft/wheel etc to the diff . Pete
  10. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing those. Pete
  11. You may find that you can simply pull the shaft out after removing the four flange bolts - I did with mine. There isn't a circlip - the shaft is held in place with a heat-to-fit sleeve inboard of the bearing. Pete
  12. I've not driven my Elite yet - restoration project - how bad does the rear screen get when driving in the rain? I was considering not re-installing the wiper system on mine (series 1) and doing what Richard suggests - Rain-X. Pete
  13. So not like the picture of the Rimmer Bros item? The Excel device sits on the inner wing IIRC - is that the one you mean? Pete
  14. Is this the pressure-limiting device on an Excel or the differential pressure switch (as referenced by Simon) on the Elite? Pete
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