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  1. To help you decide you could do with measuring the current with the motor lifting the light pod (ie max current) Pete
  2. It's fixed to the very front of the side of the transmission tunnel on the near side - kind of adjacent to the bell housing area. It's there to help prevent heat soak from the exhaust which runs near there. Pete
  3. On the Excel that part is a kind of "aluminised" moulded "board" riveted to the shell. You will probably get one from a breaker, but personally I'd use something more effective; something like the "DEI Floor and Tunnel Shield" from Nimbus Motorsport. I used a lot of this product on the track car and it is brilliant - really easy to shape. Pete
  4. I dug out the brake pipes and put them under the chassis - I can't remember how the pipe gets from the off-side to the near-side, but the photo seems to be about right for how the pipes are still joined together (took them off 18/12 ago though): Maybe the screw hole you can see at ~ 7-o'clock around the tunnel opening is where the main pipe came across from the off-side? Or maybe I've got it upside down!? Pete
  5. That's the arrangement that was on mine and I'm changing to the one you have!! I think I may still have my old brake pipes - I'll try and dig them out of the man-cave this afternoon. Pete
  6. The two brackets make a big difference to the stability of the assembly. The brackets were deleted on the later Excels though - maybe the shell was made thicker in that area to compensate? Pete
  7. Superb! . I need a bit of inspiration to keep at it sometimes - your car is inspiring! Pete
  8. Actually I'm fitting a motorsport double ball vent valve in my breather line. Pete The vent is always open. The roll-over valve only acts as a valve when upside down, so nothing will change. My tank was badly corroded from the outside but virtually pristine inside after 45 years! Pete
  9. Jeremy - just got to ask - what experiment are you doing with the plate on the front of the block? Pete
  10. Looks like my garage! Good work Paul. Looking forward to assembling mine! Pete
  11. I've stripped my '74 Elite to the last nut and bolt and it doesn't have anything like the steel plate on it, so I don't think that's Elite either! Pete
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