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  1. Great work Roland. It will be worth it in the end! Pete
  2. Wow! What a transformation. Did he spray it? Now you've got to get the rest done!! Pete
  3. Nice! 😎 Compact install - the engine looks remarkably low in the engine bay - how does the engine/transmission line up with the diff - all OK? Is it running the original diff? Has the aircon been retained - must be hot there in Georgia! Welcome to the forum! Pete
  4. Great addition to a fantastic collection of cars! 😎 Pete
  5. Hi - and welcome! Looking forward to following your restoration project. Pete
  6. Or castings polished afterwards. Pete
  7. Yep - sounds like you're sorted. I used a mapp gas blow lamp to heat mine up - let it get to dull red and it just dropped on; held in place on the press until cool. Does the manual say 330? - dull red is twice that! I wouldn't want to get the collar half way on and find it was cooling too quickly! I also put a small chamfer on the diff casting using a small diamond file to let the o-rings slide in more easily - mine had pretty sharp edges - I could se the o-ring getting cut. Pete
  8. The bearings are lubricated by diff oil - no need to grease. Have you rebuilt the output shafts with new shrink-fit collars etc.. or bought exchange units? Pete
  9. It's bound to be better than a saggy original! It looks good - it will depend how heavy you are! 😄😉 Pete
  10. The diaphragm looks like a really good fit - how hard did you have to pull on the clips to get them in? If you want to make extra holes just glue some "washers" made from insertion rubber either side of the diaphragm - I think it would be fine. Great progress! Pete
  11. That does look good. Will you need shorter hooks or will the originals work do you think? I had no idea the foam was in two separate pieces! Pete
  12. I've been waiting for them to re-open to the public to go down and measure them up! Let us know how they fit. Pete
  13. Where have you ordered your seat diaphragms from? The nearest I can find (but haven't bought yet) are for a classic mini. Pete
  14. Yep - that's right - 5 wires on switch. However - you should have a green/red and a green/white - you appear to have two green/white. Next - do you have 12v on the light green/pink wire at the switch? Pete
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