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  1. There are no other electrical components. Have you checked the connector on the Ranco switch yet - it goes to two "flag" spade connectors on the switch itself? Might be worth trying a continuity meter on the switch itself, rather than the "double bullet" connector. Pete
  2. Ken -does your Ranco switch stay open-circuit all the time as you move the temperature control lever? It should be open-circuit while in "heating" mode, and as you slide the lever past the "mode change" position you hear a click, followed by a further click as you continue to move the lever to the left. The second click is when the Ranco switch should go closed-circuit. Also worth checking the terminals in the crappy "double bullet" connector - I'm going to replace this on mine with something a little better. The copper capillary tube is very fragile at the point where it enters the switch - don't bend it too much! DAMHIKIJKOK!! Pete
  3. Yep - type 048. I recently bought a Duracell DA45 - which is 048 size - for my '74 Elite. I can recommend Tayna Batteries as well - always good to deal with. Pete
  4. Ken - It sounds like your blower motor resistors have burnt out. Pete
  5. Have you checked out Eurocarb's site yet? Pete
  6. Are the Wolfrace still 14" and the same width? Pete
  7. Are they Wolfrace slots? Love those almost as much as the Turbines! Pete
  8. I bet hardly anyone knew that Brian! I had no idea. What I can't work out is how they got that "neck" in the leather just below the headrest - any clues having removed the covers? Pete
  9. Thanks Tim. It will be some months before I get to the seats - body only just replaced on chassis! I have been giving them some leather food to try to turn them back from cardboard into leather! Pete
  10. Thanks for the "before" photos Tim. My seats are similar to how yours were - possibly a little worse, but I'm encouraged having seen the results you've achieved! Pete
  11. The results are great - it gives me hope that my interior may be just about restoreable! Some "before" pics would be good - thanks. Pete
  12. Wow - that looks fantastic! Have the seats been re-covered? It looks like quality work. Pete
  13. Love the comment about Jaguar light switch . Really useful link though! Pete
  14. It's not present on the SJ copy I have. What would be behind the hole if it was on the car, other than the belt? Pete
  15. There's one on fleabay right now - eBay item number: 274397543344 I'm not going to bid as I plan to make my own. Pete
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