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  1. Hope you're soon well enough to resume the restoration Tony. Enjoying following your progress 🙂 Pete
  2. I make up my own hoses using Eaton EZ Clip fittings. Perhaps have a look at T7Design's site. Have you asked at your local Pirtek yet? How about Car Builder Solutions? Pete
  3. Well done to Mike on finding that one! How frustrating though! The dowels are only there to locate the gasket - the holes in the head are larger in diameter than those in the block. Pete
  4. I didn't even know your car was up for sale until very recently! I looked at a couple of Esprits when I got rid of the track car but decided on the Elite. Looking forward to seeing your new car! Jerry's in no position as an Elise owner! 😉. But you know he doesn't like forced induction - he thinks it's cheating 😂 Pete
  5. Off topic warning!! Congratulations on your new car Shaun - brilliant choice 😎. Will you be bringing it to LITP? Pete
  6. Is one of the compressor mounting brackets that you're looking for the one that bolts to the front of the block and includes the mounting for the timing belt adjuster, or do you just need the one at the rear? Is yours a 912 engine or the 907? I've had some front (912, Excel) brackets laser cut but they still need the mounting spacers making/welding. I assume the Esprit uses the same bracket? Pete
  7. Yes - welcome! Great to hear of another car being restored. Can't believe what's happened to you - that's terrible. Your problem won't be finding a bumper it will be paying for shipping! My wife and I have visited friends in NC several times - beautiful state 🙂 As Chris says - we need photos! Good luck with your resto. Pete
  8. That's the little hole I mentioned - the one that acts as the vent on cars that don't have the little take-off on the neck. I don't know when the system changed over from one to the other though. Just get your old bit re-plated - or is the rubber seal bonded to the steel element? Pete
  9. I can find out the thread data for the early Delanair evaporator if it will help - I'll dig out my spare unit and take some measurements (forgotten them!! - old age 🙄). ISTR they are 7/8" UNF and 5/8" UNF, but I'll check. Pete
  10. Never mind this oil pressure stuff 😉. An Esprit Shaun?? Spill 😁 Pete
  11. You may need to remove the manifold to allow the stud to be drilled out and re-tapped/Helicoiled. That face of the manifold may need machining to get a good seal. Horrible job I'm afraid! Pete
  12. Good work Terry! Sounds like you may have a bent valve stem. What do the valve springs on that valve look like - either one broken? I don't think the shim thickness indicates anything. I've never seen that sort of engine mount before - is it part of the sump casting? Pete
  13. The Eclat Series 2 is on TR7 motors don't forget! Pete
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