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  1. Never mind this oil pressure stuff 😉. An Esprit Shaun?? Spill 😁 Pete
  2. You may need to remove the manifold to allow the stud to be drilled out and re-tapped/Helicoiled. That face of the manifold may need machining to get a good seal. Horrible job I'm afraid! Pete
  3. Good work Terry! Sounds like you may have a bent valve stem. What do the valve springs on that valve look like - either one broken? I don't think the shim thickness indicates anything. I've never seen that sort of engine mount before - is it part of the sump casting? Pete
  4. The Eclat Series 2 is on TR7 motors don't forget! Pete
  5. Sounds like a problem with the relays or the contacts in the motors themselves. I'd start by replacing the relays - easiest part first! Pete
  6. Couple of photos of it - I've given it a bit of a clean: Pete
  7. I've got one - 74470134. It will need a float assembly - one of the terminals has broken off - but the rest looks good; even the seals look useable. I like the clevis pin/R-clip arrangement on Dave's reservoir - much better than the original roll pins. Pete
  8. I think that is the same as the Type 83 Series 2 Elite/Eclat ('80 - '82). I may have one of those as well! I bought a Series 2 servo that turned out to be scrap but I may still have the reservoir - I'll have a look later this morning. Pete
  9. I'm using a Land Rover one, complete with servo. There are a couple of m/c bores available. Pete
  10. Full rebuild I would say - you'll know exactly where you are then. From what you can see the bores look reasonable - a very light hone to de-glaze may be all that is needed. Easy to check piston ring gaps. More difficult to check piston-to-bore clearance without further equipment (micrometer and bore gauge). There is only one Lotus branded head gasket available now - it is the recent replacement for the Goertz gasket (which is no longer available unfortunately). There are several head gaskets available from other suppliers - the quality seems variable. If you dismantle the head yourself - very straightforward with a valve spring compressor - you can assess the condition of the valves/seats/guides yourself. Check the crank for scoring - anything other than very light marks is worth getting rectified (not too expensive) - you'll probably be replacing the shells anyway. You can check the clearances with Plastigauge (PL-A) - very easy to do. Let us know what you find! Pete
  11. If the caps definitely don't have the holes then it must be the seals somehow. New caps are still available as well. Pete
  12. Do you have a photo of the type you're looking for? Pete
  13. I'd defo be wanting to clean all that up! Looks like you've found the next part of your project Terry 😉. If any of the valves are toast I may have some useable ones. Pete
  14. There are two systems for fuel tank venting. One uses a small hole in the filler cap, the other uses a small tube attached to the filler neck inside the car. Do you know what sort of filler caps you have? Pete
  15. Good luck with your search Paul! Let us know what you find out. Pete
  16. Do you know if the engine has been apart since 1982? If not and you remove the head I'd be worried about the cylinder liner sealing, even with holders in place. Personally, while the engine is out I'd strip it completely; then you'll know it inside out. You can then rebuild with the latest recommendations for sealants etc.. Apart from the head gasket all the other parts are cheap as chips! Pete
  17. Something like this really helps while tightening the hub nut: Pete
  18. Mine was exactly like yours! I filled the boot to capacity with as much weight as I thought was safe - and waited!! Over a couple of weeks the foam slowly compressed for the body to just touch the chassis. You could also fit the nuts and bolts and slowly nip them up as the foam compresses - jut to encourage it! Pete
  19. Paul - have you looked at your post in the Elite/Eclat/Excel section recently?! 😉 Pete
  20. Yes - definitely check the brakes (including the notorious handbrake mechanism) for binding, and repeat the test with the car in gear. Pete
  21. Just to let people know there is a gentleman breaking an Excel over on the Grand Tourers site. Nothing to do with me but there may be some parts that someone can make use of (I'm buying a couple of parts and offered to mention it here to help him let people know). He will be going to Castle Combe and is happy to take parts along. The parts are very reasonably priced. Pete
  22. EXCEL V8


    I think I'm sorted - one on it's way! Cheers Pete
  23. The only bit I'd want to see a bit more of is the condition of the cylinder bores - even small amounts of condensation/water can cause corrosion. How about getting a bore scope in there to have a look? Pete
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