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  1. Great addition to a fantastic collection of cars! 😎 Pete
  2. Hi - and welcome! Looking forward to following your restoration project. Pete
  3. Yep - sounds like you're sorted. I used a mapp gas blow lamp to heat mine up - let it get to dull red and it just dropped on; held in place on the press until cool. Does the manual say 330? - dull red is twice that! I wouldn't want to get the collar half way on and find it was cooling too quickly! I also put a small chamfer on the diff casting using a small diamond file to let the o-rings slide in more easily - mine had pretty sharp edges - I could se the o-ring getting cut. Pete
  4. The bearings are lubricated by diff oil - no need to grease. Have you rebuilt the output shafts with new shrink-fit collars etc.. or bought exchange units? Pete
  5. It's bound to be better than a saggy original! It looks good - it will depend how heavy you are! 😄😉 Pete
  6. The diaphragm looks like a really good fit - how hard did you have to pull on the clips to get them in? If you want to make extra holes just glue some "washers" made from insertion rubber either side of the diaphragm - I think it would be fine. Great progress! Pete
  7. That does look good. Will you need shorter hooks or will the originals work do you think? I had no idea the foam was in two separate pieces! Pete
  8. I've been waiting for them to re-open to the public to go down and measure them up! Let us know how they fit. Pete
  9. Where have you ordered your seat diaphragms from? The nearest I can find (but haven't bought yet) are for a classic mini. Pete
  10. Yep - that's right - 5 wires on switch. However - you should have a green/red and a green/white - you appear to have two green/white. Next - do you have 12v on the light green/pink wire at the switch? Pete
  11. The hazard flasher unit is the one at the bottom of the photo. Firstly - do you have 12v on the purple feed wire? Pete
  12. In the original set-up the flasher unit supplied by the green/light green wire is the "normal " flasher unit (current to bulbs via column stalk switch) and the unit supplied by the purple wire is the "hazard" flasher unit (current to bulbs via hazard switch). Pete
  13. If I ever fit hifi to mine the rear speakers will be flush with the surface of the rear side panels - not buried in a hole! The main problem from a sound reproduction aspect is the rigidity of the whole side panel assembly - needs to be stiffer and better located. Pete
  14. Check the tank really carefully for pinholes - maybe try to get some pressure in there. My Elite tank looked OK at first glance but had lots of tiny pinholes in it. If you just need to remove surface rust inside the tank you could make up a strong solution of citric acid and leave it in there for a while - that will remove the rust, especially if it's warmed up. Pete
  15. That's what I was thinking Dan - maybe it has bonded itself to the GRP somehow. I agree though there are no other fasteners. Pete
  16. This indicates that the breather system on the tank needs attention. I think all Eclats had breather pipes on the filler necks by '79 - check them out first before modifying your cap seal. Pete
  17. So long as you don't use DOT 5 - silicone-based fluid - you're fine. I would try and replace all the old DOT 4 if you can - rather than mixing it, but you don't need to flush the system. Pete
  18. Angus is no longer on Try the "shop" on Team Excel website. Pete
  19. DOT 5.1 would be better - it has a higher boiling point but is OK to use in a system that has had DOT 4.0 in it in the past. Pete
  20. The heater assembly should have a thick (~1/2") piece of foam stuck to the front that "seals" around the black plastic vents as they are inserted. It usually disintegrates and needs replacing. Pete
  21. I removed that whole panel on my car as it had been totally bodged in the past. it is an important piece - it stops the body "lozenging". Check the bonding up by the roof as well. Pete
  22. Found it! It's the Federal Sequential Seat Belt Warning System. The other bit on the steel housing is a buzzer. So your car must have started out in the USA! Pete
  23. What is printed on the label on the steel box? Pete
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