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  1. You're right Paul - they are all Metalastic bushes as you describe. Pete
  2. On my car you can get an M12 through the bobbin in the body but not through the lug at the bottom of the roll bar. Maybe when they sand-blasted the roll bar they didn't get all the corrosion out? It looks OK though. I'll get some wet & dry in the lug and see what happens. However - if M12 fits that's great! Pete
  3. Mission statement laudable! Could have written it myself, substituting Esprit with Elite 🙂. Glad you're making progress! Pete
  4. Thanks Steve. I'm sure you're aware of the "latest" advice re running in - get the engine up to maximum torque as soon as possible - don't let it just idle. Even ring manufacturers are now giving this advice. Pete
  5. I think any further work on the liners will lead to dimensional problems, especially if they are currently spot on. Are you fitting new rings? I also built a thin decking plate to clamp the liners in place, even though your supposed to not need one with 572 - I'm a belt and braces kind of guy! (also you can see there is still space for the tapered piston ring compressor I made). Pete
  6. The Excel certainly has that arrangement but not sure about the Series 2 Eclat. Pete
  7. The rubbery bit close to the exhaust is the engine mount. ISTR there should be a heat shield over it. Pete
  8. Virtually one owner - what does that mean!? Lovely car though. Pete
  9. You're welcome! However that means I was sold a pup - bought for my Elite before I decided to go to an auto transmission. Pete
  10. Wow - you got much further than I did! Well done. That works out less than £15 per air-box. Pete
  11. Brilliant work Roland! I'm coming out in fibreglass sympathy-itch! 😂 Pete
  12. Couple of photos of gaiter/boot: This is made to fit into a hole about 48mm x 84mm. Does this look about right? Pete
  13. I found it Terry - it's a new one. I'll post up a couple of photos tomorrow to see if it's what you're looking for. Pete
  14. So sorry to hear this Brian. If you want something doing... 🙄. Hope there's some good news in the next instalment! Pete
  15. Just for future reference - this is what the fitting looks like: It is held in place by staking - the thinly turned end of the fuel rail was pushed hard against the concave face of the fitting itself, folding over the end and keeping the fitting in place. I was hoping there would be enough material to tap, but it is too thin - welding is the only option or making up a fitting similar to the FRP at the other end but fitting internally not externally. Pete
  16. ISTR it's the same as a Bedford CF van, but hopefully someone can confirm. If that is correct I might have one in my parts bin. Pete
  17. Come to the NEC Restoration Show in March and watch one being done (hopefully)!! 🙂 Lotus Grand Tourers stand! Pete
  18. They have a £50 (+vat) minimum order - they were supposed to email me how much that would buy, but haven't heard anything from them since I asked over 3 weeks ago. I'm disinclined to deal with them further myself. Pete
  19. I've asked for a sample of that material from matsdirect twice now to no avail, but it does look good. Pete
  20. Part 8 both stops the cam from moving forward and determines the end float. End float is measured at the front of the cam using a dial gauge, having fitted part 8 and the end cover (16) and by pushing the cam forwards and backwards. If end float is too great fit a thicker "part 8" washer, and vice versa. Pete
  21. Those seats look fantastic from what you can see! 😍 Pete
  22. Yes - that top photo looks similar to the upper reinforcing bracket that goes at the top of the rear wheel arch on the Excel. Pete
  23. Sounds like a good plan! How well has the seating been done? That's a huge job out of the way already 🙂. Pete
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