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  1. EXCEL V8's post in Crankshaft Front Oil Seal issues (third time...) was marked as the answer   
    Sounds like the seal may not be centralised on the crank - you have to fit it into the housing and then fit the housing to the engine so the seal is centralised on the crank.
  2. EXCEL V8's post in Rear hub castle nut size was marked as the answer   
    7/8" UNF
  3. EXCEL V8's post in Headlights switching off was marked as the answer   
    There is a "thermal interrupter" in the headlight circuit - maybe it's still operational.  It seems like a piece of kit designed to kill you on a dark rainy night!!  I'm rewiring mine and using the light switch to activate relays so the switch will only carry about 0.5A.
  4. EXCEL V8's post in Rear bearing - dimensions was marked as the answer   
    o/d = 2.5"  i/d = 1 5/16"  Width = 2.0" for inner races.  They are indeed Maxi front wheel bearings.
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