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  1. Hope to see you and Kim again next year. Have a good one
  2. Loks good to me. My names added. 1. Chris W 2. Mike Sekinger (for stock) 3. Alex Adamou 4. Paull Colclough 5. Dave Excell 6. 7. 8. 9. Sacha Gyte 10. Andy Blackman ??
  3. Happy birthday Mike from Dave and Ann Excell
  4. It disengages the aircon compressor clutch so no loss of power driving thr pump. Hence better fuel economy.
  5. I sent my titanium Seko back for a new face. What came back was a new watch of the same model with my old strap fitted. They must have just binned the old one and sent a new one in its place as the serial number was different. Cheaper to replace than repair I guess.
  6. I had low oil pressure at idle on my Excel but was OK when running at speed. I replaced the oil pump and the oil pressure when hot and at idle went up significantly. Oil pumps dont last for ever. My engine had done in excess of 140,000 miles. South West Lotus Centre do replacement Oil Pump Rotor and Annulus Kits. it may be worth a try.
  7. I have a copy of the Clan door crash beams with C Spooner's (ex Lotus) name on them. I have talked with Arthur Birchall (another ex Lotus) in the past about what happened. I have 50% ownership of the Irish Clan body molds (not Clover). I wouldn't like to say much about what it was all about as there would always be someone disagree with whats said. I have a new Clan body shell (modified) laid up by my son and I, waiting to build into a complete car one day. Paul Haussauer, the original MD attended the last Clan owners club AGM.
  8. I wish I had some advice from LEC before Ann found she had lost the oil cooler pipes as they had softened over the years and popped off. She was quick enough to stop and save a wrecked engine. One learns with experience though. Only other problem has been the alternator brushes wearing down.
  9. Agree hissing is standard. Ann's car has 150k miles and sill runs like new. i suggest Waxoil underneath as the chassis is not galvanized. Loads of info from LEC.
  10. While I was taking part in L'Eroica bike event in Italy we spent a day in Florence where a majority of vehicles in the center were electric. The noise was dreadful, as all electric vehicles were emitting beeping signals to warn pedestrians of there approach. Atmosphere was cleaner though. However as more contamination is produced in the manufacturer of the batteries than running an ICE for the lifetime of the vehicle moves the crap to a different part of the world. A bit of not in my back yard syndrome.
  11. I have the glass top and a few ideas. Thanks for the tip. Next on the agenda is the V8 front suspension overhaul. I have just ordered a sand blast cabinet but require the local galvanizing units to be working before re bushing the wishbones. No point in rebuilding without that, as the last time the paint was gone after the first winter. Everybody keep safe
  12. Where did the V8 block appear from I got mine on eBay? I have the glass top but that's as far as its got. See you Christmas if Covid 19 doesn't get me first.
  13. Another interesting link
  14. At 74 years old I have just been told to work from home but I know where to get these cheap, Dave Excell working for Cavendish Nuclear
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