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  1. I wish I had some advice from LEC before Ann found she had lost the oil cooler pipes as they had softened over the years and popped off. She was quick enough to stop and save a wrecked engine. One learns with experience though. Only other problem has been the alternator brushes wearing down.
  2. Agree hissing is standard. Ann's car has 150k miles and sill runs like new. i suggest Waxoil underneath as the chassis is not galvanized. Loads of info from LEC.
  3. While I was taking part in L'Eroica bike event in Italy we spent a day in Florence where a majority of vehicles in the center were electric. The noise was dreadful, as all electric vehicles were emitting beeping signals to warn pedestrians of there approach. Atmosphere was cleaner though. However as more contamination is produced in the manufacturer of the batteries than running an ICE for the lifetime of the vehicle moves the crap to a different part of the world. A bit of not in my back yard syndrome.
  4. I have the glass top and a few ideas. Thanks for the tip. Next on the agenda is the V8 front suspension overhaul. I have just ordered a sand blast cabinet but require the local galvanizing units to be working before re bushing the wishbones. No point in rebuilding without that, as the last time the paint was gone after the first winter. Everybody keep safe
  5. Where did the V8 block appear from I got mine on eBay? I have the glass top but that's as far as its got. See you Christmas if Covid 19 doesn't get me first.
  6. Another interesting link
  7. At 74 years old I have just been told to work from home but I know where to get these cheap, Dave Excell working for Cavendish Nuclear
  8. Used E5 in the V8 over in Europe over 2500 miles. Didn't notice any difference in performance and averaged 32 mpg over the whole trip. Also used it in the Excel and didn't notice any difference. Both are still running.
  9. I am off to watch the Historic Monaco GP in May. My Skoda diesel will do it in a day with one 10 minute stop to tank up. can someone supply me with an EV which will do the same. My Skoda cost £2,500.
  10. Hi all. I am definitely interested as well. i don't need any more power but they must give improved reliability with less strain on the components. I looks more practical than the R & B kit. Its just the price I need.
  11. Many thanks again for the event. Really good to meet everyone and hopefully made a few friends as well as meeting the regular attendees.
  12. Hotels booked. Bibs Rachel Cliff Sparky Madame Sparky ChrisJ DanE Martyn Dave Ex Ann Ex (Venison well done please)
  13. I have the Quaife unit supplied by GTO it also has an upgrade 1st and 2nd gears (higher ratios) and better grade steel. They also do the ATB diff as well. Can't see any difference between the two except if you are in the UK then no import duty. Also GTO will build the box for you. Ramspott & Brandt in Germany also supply the Quaife conversion. They should be off the shelf. R & B price is listed as 3900 euros not sure on the GTO price as I got mine some years ago
  14. I cant remember if I had the engine out or not, even so its tight as I had to flex some part of the structure to get them out. The bottom return on the tank is just too deep (although this may vary tank to tank). New aftermarket alloy ones from Esprit Engineering have no return and drop straight in and out. If you replace steel with alloy then paint them first as alloy corrodes as well as mild steel. If I had the choice again I would go stainless.
  15. Get your eye prescription and then buy the glasses on the internet. Way cheaper and equally as good. try goggles4u Glasses direct etc. look at 'monysavingexpert' to see the difference in cost. I can afford to have a couple of pairs spare just in case as well as prescription sunglasses all for a fraction of the cost
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