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  1. That looks like Alesford. Uused to cycle through it on theway to my first job in Chatham Royal Dockyard
  2. You got 34mph out of your v8 esprit?????  I have managed to get 20mpg averaging 80 mph. Yikes, 

    Anyways I like what you are doing with the 918 into the Excel And i'm curious what method you used to make the adapter plate?

    1. dave excell

      dave excell


      I measures the Toyota W58 bell housing and it was longer than the V8 bell housing by 26mm. So I am using the V8 housing with a 26mm alloy spacer. I aligned the Toyota geabox input shaft with the hole on the V8 bellhousing using a shaft that fitted V8 on one end and Toyota at the other. The  alloy plate was counterbored with the holes to fit the toyota box so they were slightly below the surface. This then left the plate clear to drill through holes to bolt the V8 housing on. There was a clash of one bolt on the V8 bell housing , so another was redrilled off set enough to miss. You would need a lathe to make the shaft up or a friendly machine shop owner. The spigot bearing in the V8 crank is swapped for the Excel one (same outer diameter but bigger inner) The two slide togrther perfectly. next job is to make the clutch friction plates with toyota splines instead of the AP clutch Reault splines. Apologies if this is not clear I am not very good at describing things. The geabox needs to be perfectly in line with the crank to avoid any reliability problems.

      The tip I got about the V8 economy was from Phil at South West Lotus. He said keep the speed under 100mph and boost low and 30 mpg is acheivable. I normally get about 24 mpg from the Esprit using it locally. My Excel 2.2 does about the same with those dellorto carbs. Anns M100 does about 35 mpg on a run. All 3 cars have done the Monaco, Italy run and the Excel is the most uneconomical of all.

  3. Have a good day Bibs. All the best for the future.
  4. Nice to see your car again Leigh. A long time has passed since that trip to Monaco. I hope COVID wont effect the historic in 2022.
  5. Certainly not. Cancer is something no one can predict. But you can do things that aggravate its onset. Smoking cigarettes at 40 a day wont help.
  6. I have just retired at 75 and don't regret it. I have worked with people on the electricity supply industry take early retirement on a full 50% final salary pension and laugh at me. I am sad to say most have sat on their backsides and done nothing at all but go to the pub watch telly and sleep. Most are now dead from either heart attacks or cancer. What ever the choice just keep active, keep the brain working, (my brother in law suffers from Alzheimer's and he is still in his sixties). The choice is yours and yours only, just make the most of life while you can.
  7. The Toyota W58 has/is used in many competition cars and conversions and will take the 350bhp OK. I have talked to many people to make sure. To be honest it looks a lot more robust than the Renault UN1 it had in the Esprit. The car is to be used as a GT car traveling through Europe and wont be subjected to 7000rpm dropping the clutch getaways. Again the diff is more than adequate being Toyota but will have to be changed anyway for the gearing. Which means the driveshafts will also change. The conversion has been thought through as best as possible. Brakes are already changed to 320mm discs and 6 pot calipers. The main reason for the conversion is, apart from being a one off, is the fact that it is going to be more economical than the 2.2 Excel. On a trip from England to Italy via Monaco my Excel did 22mpg. My esprit V8 on the same trip a couple of years later did 34mpg. Weight of the two vehicles is about the same as is aerodynamics.
  8. The turbos will stay, I will fabricate new manifolds in stainless to ensure they fit. I have tried a block and it looks as if there is room. I will need a few weeks of fiddling under the car and probably a few wasted stainless tubes. it took 2 attempts to make the gearbox adapter plate and a scrapped alloy plate (£60.00 down the drain). First looks put the turbo outlets too close to the body. I think I have the gearing problem solved by changing the diff. I will list all mods as I go.
  9. As of a couple of weeks ago I decided to stop working and retire. At 75 I thought it was about time. I have now started the long awaited mods to my Excel. I have now made an adapter plate that mates the Toyota W58 (Excel) gearbox to the lotus 918 V8engine. it will use the twin plate AP clutch with the friction plates made to take the Toyota spline. i will keep the topic updated as I go. Picture below
  10. Thanks guys. I wasn't aware of a better grade set of cam belts. They will be on my shopping list from now on. Forum is great to spread knowledge. By the way I retire on Friday at 75. 10 years later than expected,and I have already started manufacturing an adapter plate to connect the V8 bell housing to the W58 Excel gearbox. By the end of this year both my Lotuses will be Lotus V8 powered!
  11. Cant hlep agreeing with Kimders on this. I have worked in the Nuclear industry for close on 50 years and am looking to retirig before I reach my 76th birthday. To get the power needed for all those green 'all electric' homes as well as charging millions of electric vehicles nuclear is the only option for GB. has any one thought of what battery pack is needed to power a 40 ton electric HGV. Dont get me wrong, I have driven electric vehicles and the perform extremely well, but the 'greeniies' havent thought things through properly yet. A store for used batteries? yes the obvious place Sellafield.
  12. Try Mike Taylor at
  13. As point 3. Yes its a bad design. You always get leaks over the exhaust. I swapped mine for the later carriers/covers which eliminates the problem.
  14. dave excell


    I dont know if its the same Catalina but this is shots of my son Steve Excell, and his friend (the pilot) Matt Dearden. Matt is one of the owners. I hope to have a flight some day.
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