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  1. Le Mans Classic 2018

    We hope to have tickets for the 'Panorama ' stand (too late for the Dunlop). As we ate old timers we booked the Ibis Center in Le Mans. Its walking distance to the old town center with all its restaurants and bars and the relatively new tram system runs past the hotel to the circuit if we don't want to drive in. If you want to drive in to the town center the new underground car park has been open for a couple of years now, so no problem with parking. its walking distance from there to the new and old town centers.
  2. Started sorting the garage and found the steering column with the ignition switch. its practically unused. I got it new from Paul Matty some years ago.  Its from an 1984 narrow body Excel (interior dash as per Elite/Eclat). Do you still require it?

    1. johnpwalsh


      Yes please Dave, is it possible to take a photograph to make sure it's the right one as going y the date it could be either style. If it's the one that slips down the column, then thats probably the one, the Eclat one is bolted on to the column in two halves. How much would you want for it.



  3. Elite chassis??

    I shipped the last remaining Excel parts I had to Don.Hasi which included the instruments, switches window mechs., alternator + some trim. but no ignition switch. I got one new at the time from Paul Mattey and would be with the steering column. I cant remember selling it so I will have a look in the garage loft over Christmas.
  4. Elite chassis??

    In case you come back, Its a complete rolling chassis with suspension. discs. calipers, 3.9 diff and drive shafts + power steering rack. £400-00 including the 5 elite alloy wheels. My Excel SE is now fully trimmed and almost ready for the road so I must cut down my spares.
  5. Elite chassis??

    If it any good, I have a complete 1984 Excel galvanized rolling chassis for sale ready to drop an elite body on. I know it would not be original but much easier to maintain with its Toyota bits. Ii am not sure what body mods are required though. its complete with power steering rack and prop shaft plus a set of 5 Elite alloy wheels.
  6. Many thanks for a great evening. Snow all the way to Bristol but none yet in Somerset.
  7. Ann & I will be at the hotel in the afternoon. In fact we are staying tonight as well. We visit friends in Kent during Saturday then meet up for the dinner. Sorry to hear about Mike, hope he recovers quickly.
  8. Ann's menu entered - Reminder though - Venison WELL DONE. We are looking forward to seeing all again. 72 next month and yes I am still working in sunny Aldermaston. Resident in the Holiday Inn Junction 10 - M4 3 nights a week
  9. We have booked Premier Inn for Fri & Sat. so see you all there. Bibs - Please arrange for Ann's venison to be WELL DONE, otherwise she won't be eating anything. Thanks.
  10. NEC Classic Motorshow 10-12 Nov 2017

    i will be there on the Friday. The advantage of a 4 day week.
  11. New tyres

    Last time I run Hancook tyres I had a blow out on the M4 at 80 +. It was almost new. Luckily I was driving a Citroen Zantia with the self leveling suspension and didn't really notice anything but the noise of flapping rubber. That puts you off a tyre for life. I run Toyo tyres all round on the V8, Excel and M100. Never any trouble.
  12. Camshaft question

    On no SE engines Cams are the same both inlet and exhaust (Type 107 I believe) on later SE engines the inlet is a type 104. When modifying the engine to improve performance you can use a type 104 on the exhaust as well. Looking at the service notes the difference is the duration the valve is open and the lift - 107 Lift is 0.378 '' and for the 104 the lift is 0.410.
  13. As long as it fits the brackets it should be fine. from the photos it looks as it will be OK. I assume its just the two wires to connect, so as long as the are connected correctly it will work fine. If you need a spare I have one from my early 84 Excel you can have free. Just need the postage. On later SE Excel blocks the oil pump/distributor body is different and a different alternator is required. It caught me out when retro fitting air conditioning.
  14. M100 Oil cooler pipes

    I do use it a bit, but some stuff is years out of date ie. meetings etc and its not as good as TLF. But I am aware and it served to get the hard top which stops all those leaks. Our drive to Italy to see the Mile Miglia was the wettest holiday ever. We will take the Esprit next time! Saving for a new hood at present. Thanks for the tip
  15. M100 Oil cooler pipes

    Two weeks ago Ann's M100 lost oil pressure suddenly. However she stopped quickly enough so no damage was done to the engine. The fault was the oil cooler pipes, which are out of sight behind the right hand front inner wing, had become soft enough for the pressure of the oil to blow the ferrule off the crimped connection. Easy fix by taking both pipes off and having the local hydraulic shop replace both pipes wit new stainless braided ones at a cost of £52-00. The car is a 1990 model thus its to be expected after 27 years. So all you Elan M100 owners please check these pipes out, to prevent the same thing happening. Isuzu engine parts are becoming more difficult to get.