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  1. Power stations will have enough back up power to maintain all safety systems in the event of grid failure. Whether it be emergency diesel generator or gas turbine generators. But they can also be taken out if the so called 'protectors' are so inclined to do so. However that would be an act of suicide!

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  2. SJS in Crediton have copies made. I purchased one and the laminating quality leaves a lot to be desired.

    The Gel coat is black and hides a number of air bubbles between laminate and gel coat that need removal and filling. Its made in a 4 part mould and the joints need filling properly. Having said that after a fair bit of remedial work I ended up with a good copy.  This is not SJS's fault but the manufacturing. I think its better to have them available than not at all though.

  3. My Excel did overheat with the original rad, even though it was flushed and clean. I had a 4 core rad built into the standard headers and the problem was sorted. Later I fitted a new alloy 3 core rad from China and it gives no problems either, except the hose unions were a bigger diameter and gave difficulty fitting the hoses. it will idle for hours with no problem. Make sure the block is not sludged up, which can happen. Cleaning with with 'rad flush' may help otherwise its a dismantle the engine job.

  4. Glass polishing kits areavailable on ebay and Frost Auto. I have polished deep scratching out of my Esprit V8 toughened door glass with one of these kits. I would be wary of scratches in the line of vision on the front screen and get a professional to do it, as you may end up with starring vision due to oncoming traffics headlights at night.

  5. No. I didnt have to do anything, but just removed the bracket and clutch fork and install on the alloy bellhousing.

    My car had been hacked well and truly by previous garages, with the claim of a new crank (it was a -20 re grind), Many threads, mainly the 6mm ones had been stripped. the worst one was that they tried to remove the main bearing caps with a screwsdriver wedged under the mating surface, probably forgetting the bolts in the side of the block. Oh yes they forgot to remove the cam locking screws before rotating the engine.

  6. 4 minutes ago, gregs24 said:

    the death rates that spike this data most is in the higher age categories - now without wishing to seem cold and I’m sure I’ll be accused of being callous   - those are groups whom are all actually expected to die.

    I suppose I am in this bracket. I do find the statement offensive even if not ment to be. Thanks.

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  7. I left my booser jab booking for a couple of hours and ended up travelling 16 miles instead of the original 8 miles as the nearest was fully booked. I will prbably be in and out in a couple of minutes with a total travel time of about an hour and a quater.

    Still  always wanted to visit Butlins at Minehead.





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