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  1. Hi. I have a 88 turbo ( carbs ) with a similar problem to yours with no power, struggles to get over 3000 revs. one minute was OK, next struggling. Did you fuel pressure regulator fix it ? thx. Steve

  2. I'm trying to find the new thread on these (as I am one that put my name on the list). Where has the thread been moved to? Thanks, Matt
  3. Miguel- Nothing new to report on my end. It's been a bit busy. I did get it out on the highway (very brave, but I had someone follow me)..certainly bogs down on acceleration. Was able to get it up to 70 mph, but I could feel a pretty constant hesitation. I have a new fuel pressure regulator coming from Steve at SJ sportscars. I also have a spare set of plug wires, so I am also going to try and swap them out to see if that has any effect. I'll keep you in the loop! Hopefully, she isn't down for a long winter nap!! Thanks- Matt
  4. Well gang....still not having any luck with the car. So far I have replaced the coil (I had a new one already, so I figured, why not!), fuel filter, checked to make sure the intake trunking to the turbo had not collapsed (drove it without the hose on), turbo spins fine, so play in the shaft...still, same symptoms. I get to about 50 mph, and it really struggles. My next step is to replace the fuel pressure regulator. Any thoughts as to what car this came off? I am thinking it has to be an air or fuel issue? Thanks, Matt
  5. Richard, Are you talking about the ignition amplifier module located in the box where the coil is, or the pickup module that resides in the distributor? I just replaced both about a year and half ago...can't imagine I would have to do that again. (Fingers crossed) Thanks! Matt
  6. Thanks Dan for the suggestion. How do I go about checking the timing advance? I did have a new coil, and since I had not replaced my old one- I decided to swap it changes. Still starts up fine, idles at the right speed....get's bogged down at about 30 mph. Thanks! Matt
  7. Thanks Michael for the information. We do indeed have the Pertonix here in the States, but several Esprit owners have had troubles with them working- so I have stuck with the original equipment. In the 13 years that I have owned my car, I haven't replaced the coil yet (though I have a new one as a spare- I guess it's time to use it just in case!). Matt
  8. I do indeed have the Luminition system in my car. About a year ago, I replaced the optical? pick up module that resides in the distributor, along with the ignition amplifier module that resides in the box that contains the coil. Can't imagine that these would be bad again? Any way to test these? Thanks! Matt
  9. Richard, Thanks for the suggestion. If I recall, my cat converter is just a hollow shell...I think the previous owner must have taken this out (although I have owned my car for 13 years). The strange thing is that I didn't do anything (over rev, etc.) to my car. I just drove it somewhere, and when I went to start it, it wouldn't fire. After adjusting the throttle plate (above the turbo hose, into intake..I think it's an emissions thing), I was able to limp home. Just no acceleration beyond 30 lost it's oomph! Matt
  10. Jeff, Thanks for the suggestions. I didn't look at the boost gauge when driving it (if you call dragging along at 30 mph driving)- but will try and get it out the next couple of days. I will also disconnect the turbo trunking and see if I can spin the turbo wheel.... Will keep you in the loop! Matt
  11. Hey Gang, I was hoping I might get some help in trying to find out why my 84 Turbo (US model) decided not to run....well, technically, it does run, however it has no acceleration beyond second gear. I had to limp it home at about 30 mph...and in 4th gear. Initially, I thought it was the throttle plate located next to the turbo that might be jammed. (It was). Upon talking to Jeff at JAE, this is some type of emissions equipment for US models- since my air pump has long since been disconnected, and we don't have emission tests in Indiana, I took this plate of. However, the same thing happ
  12. My current fiber washers on my banjo bolts are looking pretty ratty, so I would like to replace them. I have an 84 Turbo Esprit (US model, if it makes any difference). I looked on Ebay.UK, and found several companies that offer fiber washers- I just need to know what size to get. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as it looks to be cheaper to buy these in bulk! Thanks! Matt
  13. Add me to the list for the manifold! Matt Slayton - 1984 Turbo Esprit
  14. Thanks Steve for the clarification...over here in the states, I am not sure that any NA were imported....only turbos. Matt
  15. On my 84 turbo (US) it has a fuel pressure regulator. It came with this from the factory, and is located close to the coolant overflow tank in the rear of the car. I have dual dellorto carbs, if this helps. Not by my car at the moment, so I can't take a photo for you. Thanks, Matt
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