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  1. Lotus 910 2174 cc four-cylinder in-line, 16-valve DOHC, two Dellorto DHLA4OH side draugh carburettors. Bore & Stroke: 95.25mm x 76.2mm. Compression: 7.5:1. Block & Head: Aluminum alloy Garrett AiResearch T3 Turbocharger running at 8psi Power and Torque 210bhp @ 6250rpm 200lb ft @ 4500rpm this is very low compression, but why is the turbo only pushing 8 psi? Is it because there is no intercooler to cool the turbo? or maybe because its a carburettor? please enlighten me. The reason why I ask is because i plan on buying a one soon but fuel injection, I think the fuel injection have higher compression. 210hp is good but I think the 910 can push 300hp no problem. Does the aluminum block have Iron sleeves?
  2. Ever since I was bitten by the lotus bug in high school, i always wanted to go to a lotus gathering but in wisconsin, i havent seen one. is there any lotus clubs nearby?
  3. Any Esprit past the Turbo Esprit (1981-1986) a.k.a G cars is just muffin molds.
  4. is this scalextric like a train set? i live across the street to a train hobby store.
  5. On my STI, with the 2.5 liter with no cats, i shoot flames because the downpipe that connects from the turbo to the catback on the sti has no cats. so on sti's turbo spool depends on the downpipe and not the turbo cat back, however, without proper Engine Management, you get boost creeps. I dont know if that helps you or not but no cats = faster turbo spool. Where I live in Wisconsin, I know for sure my STI wouldnt pass emissions. I have 850cc injectors, blow off valve, no cats on any pipes, a free flowing headers, 250lp walboro fuel pump, Access Port II for my Engine Management system. gas burner..LOL. Ill gladly trade it for a v8 Esprit, anyone?
  6. Im 23, and I dont celebrate my birthday at since I was 5 years old. Never had a good reason to you know. but I think sex will do for me.
  7. lets look at this point of view in a macroeconomics view. what happens when people save money, eventually they spend it, just like in a few months the rebacte checks will come, thus increasing the $ spend per person into the economy, with the millions of people in the USA, means economic stimulation. $300: $50 on beer - $100 on hookeres - $100 on drugs - $50 on beer. there goes all my rebate money in 1 night
  8. just out of curiousty, excuse me for being naive and blunt, do aussies eat kangaroo?
  9. yes, i do understand what you are saying, this is my last year in college and i will be graduating with my BA in Computer Science (programming side). Very soon now i will be into the work force that drives the American Economy and will be paying taxes next to my loans . I do appreciate what the work force or more like the back bone of any country is doing by paying taxes to help fund many government projects and polocies. Even though we as a group (society) do not always agree on certain subjects, I think we do all feel a prejudices against one another or towards a certain group for their actions. a great example of this is like what you were saying about inidividuals who do not work and will get a refund check. The arguement here is stimulating the economy, we cannot deviate ourselves into a fallacy of pointing fingers and putting blames on each other. for the better good of the countries interest, i think we all should do as much as possible to keep our hopes and dreams alive, not just for ourselves, but our children and their childrens children. I know its impossible to do as we have lots of americans (not just americans) who do not work and live off wellfare checks and food stamps. Each situation, more like each individual cases, needs to be look at before we can pass judgement. If we just past judgement to others without understanding the situation, arent we just reverting back to oppression of the weak? Should we just oppress all handicap citizens because they cant work? I know there are alot of hard workers like you out there, and to me, i think that the harder you work the more money you deserve. Of course a farmer should reap his hard work on his crops, and it shouldnt be taken away by the government, but at the same time that the government takes a portion of the farmers crops, the government is protecting the farmer interest: capitalism, terrorism, rights of the constitution, and more.
  10. There is a good thing about being a student; you cant write off alot of stuff: Gas, Books, and Tuition.
  11. Politics and Opinions are a touchy subject to everyone. I respect your comments and appreciate your thoughts, however, I am a student in college, its expensive enough going to a private school and working in a factoring paying for my bills and gas and insurance and food, and i dont even make close to 3000 a year. 300 dollars to me can last me 2-3 months if i push it. As long as you work , i feel that you deserve it, of course i dont think you deserve it if you just work one day and quit your job.
  12. i thought 97 was the first introductioin of the v8?
  13. I didnt know they made S4 in 93. forget the S4 as they look like cup cakes, get yourself a real mans car.
  14. you can sign your title to me and i will register the car in my name in wisconsin. that should do u good, no emissions for the rest of your life, however u will have to have a WI license plate.. just send me $150 for the cost of the plate and sticker. EDIT: I have like 10 cars under my name that i dont even own these cars mostly its my friends that live in cities and states that need emission test. One of my friend has a 800hp supra, he took it to emission test, and failed horribly and called me up crying about how it did not pass emissions.
  15. The ps3 console itself is a failed system. 3rd place in console sales out of the wii and 360. the biggest factor is that value of the system for the price. if i was gonna buy a ps3, i would buy the 80gb, the best one, and not fiddle with the 20 or 40 or 60 gig system. have you ever wondered why sony drop the storage and price, just to make the damn thing affordable, and not just that, sony's lack of support for the community sucks, unlike Nintendo who supports its community and LISTENS to them. Microsoft, with xbox live, is a great system for its value. The only way that sony can persuade me to buy a ps3 is of three things: Make my ps2 games work 100% (some games dont work and some games look like shit), Price Drop Please, Sony Home is a fail, please revamp, at least beta test it (inside joke about sony Home, sony released Home without beta testing it to the public, had so many bugs and flaws. LOL.)!
  16. where i live in wisconsin, we dont have emission test...LOL. we have hondas and hicks riding their trucks so loud, you can here it a mile away! LOL
  17. The TRUTH about the PS3's backwards compatibility... As far as the only good games on PS3 so far is Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy Series, Grand Turismo 5. There really isn't nothing next gen. about ps3 or xbox 360. Those two console are just upgrades of the previous model. Unlike the Nintendo Wii, which is revolutionary in terms of a whole new way of playing video games. If you saying its just for casual non hard core gamers, then you are wrong. This is a stereotype to nintendo owners. Games like Manhunt 2 and No More Heroes with its blood and gore is hardly considered for casual and non gamers alike. The graphics on the Wii is much better then ps2 graphics, but not on the same level as ps3 or 360. Its a misconception that Wii graphics suck, if you didnt know, the Nintedo gamecube had a better graphics card then the ps2. When comparing the 360 to PS3, the 360 wins out in terms of a better package. Blu-ray or HD-DVD to me and to most consumers, dont care about what format it is, a dvd will be a dvd. NO HD quality DVD, who cares, its all the same. Sure it looks great on a big screen TV with HD, but that to me is not a selling point for me to buy a console. The value of the console is what drives me to buy the system. Do i need to spend $600-$400 dollars for a ps3 that i can spend $300 on 360 and get the same if not better value. There is no difference between the console except the blu ray and hd-dvd. They both play games, have great graphics, great processors, but the price difference and value per dollar, i say the 360 wins.
  18. I have 2 systems, Nintendo Wii (awesome console) and Xbox 360 (great console except the 3 red rings of death). ps3 is a failed system for most parts. 1st part, its godly expensive. 2. there are no good games for it as of yet. 3. backwards compatiblility sucks, however, ps1 and ps2 games for it are made worse due to the upscale of the video quality. ps1 and ps2 games will look like shit, pardon the french. @ $250 dollars, with a intuitive way of playing games, Nintendo Wii is a must own system. They have great games for it, Mario anyone? 360 has better graphics and more game library then the ps3. Any game that is coming out for ps3 is also comes out for 360 except exclusive games of course. however, 360 of the sytem suffer from 3 red rings of death, same thing as microsoft blue screen of death. what do you expect, microsoft makes xbox. I really dont see the need to buy a ps3. Sony has promised much things about the ps3 but fails to deliver. The Online "Sony Home" sucks, the interface is confusing at times. What ever happen to the boomerang controllers that were advertise? all we have are the original ps1 controllers. Six axis is a joke, copied from Nintendo. rumble controllers are finally availble, but not before bc of current technology? hello sony, it was availabe during the mid 90's. The cost to develope games are expensive and hard. Im not Nintendo fanboy or a 360 fanboy nor am I trying to bash Sony, Im just stating the facts that made me not buy a Sony. Sony relied to much on the "SONY" brand and that made the ps3 a flop.
  19. King of Saudia Arabia = $$$$ = more lotus cars = new ESPRIT!
  20. if i was a girl, i would definetly say Yes! and i dont mean eating out at restaurants..LOL more like beaver.
  21. Im a computer programmer so i think i can through you my 2 cents. I recommend JSP (Java Server Page) because you can develope web pages either on a PC or Mac. If your familiar with C++ or Java, JSP is the same thing as Java, but its a web base. ASP (Active Server Page: Microsof version of JSP; it uses VB (Visual Basic) code) is also another good web language to learn. I recommend JSP over ASP anyday because of the mulitplatform development for either MAC or PC. JSP is FREE!!!!!!!!! and is also an open source like Java. It has lots of support and did i mention it is [email protected]!!!!!!1`11!1!!!! ASP is not FREE!!!!11!!!1!!1!!1!!1 HTML is also good because its one of the basis of web development however it is more of a static language, meaning you can only display data and thats it. However, like JSP and ASP which is an active language, which can manipulate data in real time. well i hope my 2 cents helped you, if you need anymore suggestion please feel free to pm or post on this forum. Im currently taking a networking class so pretty soon i will need your 2 cents. EDIT: MORE IN DETAILED EXPLAINATION The reason why Java/JSP can be written on either Mac or PC is because the Java IDE in a simpler sense, its own little hard drive that contains all the files needed to run and create Java programs. You just have to download the Java SDK (development kit) which all Java/JSP libraries are stored and retrieved from. The reason why ASP can only be develped on the PC is because ASP uses Microsoft API and libraries. Because its a Microsoft product, it can only be developed in Windows.
  22. 1. Knows when to shut up 2. Knows her role 3. Knows how to cook 4. Knows how to clean 5. Knows hot to raise children 6. Knows that a man is not made out of money 7. Knows that the man is always right 8. Knows that a man never repeats himself 9. Loves sex 10. Knows when to shut up 11. Knows how not to drag on rediculous converstation 12. Gets to the point of the problem 13. Knows how to to take care of herself 14. Understand the male langauge; no = no, yes = yes 15. Knows not to nag 16. Knows not to PMS 17. Have dinner ready on the table when the man comes home from a long days work 18. Knows how to massage 19. Karma Sutra is a plus 20. Knows when to shut up My idea of mrs right.
  23. WOW! I never knew that a S1 looks that damn good! no wonder G-cars are the best.
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