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  1. I would love to find the Carbon Fibre inserts that were used in the S4 and maybe other years. Anything but the horrible cracked burled walnut. I never thought it really fit the Esprit in the first place. It does so even less now that it is cracking and splitting. Anybody have any thoughts or options? Technically it's a 1990 model Esprit SE. Any help is appreciated.
  2. I just wanted to offer this suggestion. I have had three Esprit, all had a manifold crack at some point. Each time a well intentioned shop tried to weld it up, which at best worked for a very short time. Eventually I found this place that specializes on CAST IRON WELDING ONLY! You have to send it to them, but the work was impeccable, and has lasted 12,000 miles, most of them very hard. I think I paid something like $125 to have it done. I HIGHLY reccomend them if and when your manifold cracks. The way they explained it to me is that you have to get the cast iron (the whole part) up to somethin
  3. I had the same problem with mine, turned out to be the three little marble looking bushings that are inside the motor. I talked to Jeff at JAE Lotus parts here in the States and he was able to send me out the six little fellas that needed to be replaced. The white dust you see is what's left of the old ones after they dried out and disentegrated. Mine was a handfull of white chunks and powder as well. Do both though. Your other light is not far behind. CHEAP fix! I don't know where you are, but JAE's phone # in California is 805-967-5767 Hope it helps. Cyclops motoring is not the best..
  4. HT lead??? Spark plug wire or something else... Not sure of the abreviation. Thanks for the thought though. If you are speaking of the spark plug wires, they look newish (red in color) but I have not changed them, and they are at least 4 years old.
  5. I guess I'm relieved to hear that it's a standard problem, but what's the fix? The chargecooler pump was rebuilt very recently. I didn't do anything to the cooland pipes/hoses. Should I? I am just hoping it's something simple that I can replace like the knock sensor or 02 sensor, temp sensor someplace? I need to do something though. It's awful to have this car and not be able to drive it like it's intended to be. What's telling the brain to retard my diming by 20'??? I am running a special turbo. Stock housing with significantly not stock internals (impellers are both larger and changed ang
  6. I have not done that yet, and frankly am not sure what the capsule is or how to check it. Thanks
  7. I bought a 1990 SE a few months back. The prevoius owner had it parked for most of the past 3 years, so I did a full service (timing and all other belts, fuel filter, plugs, air filter, rebuilt the chargecooler pump). I also repaired the exhaust manifold and then did the gaskets upon install. The car is running a de-catted exhaust, and Borla Muffler. It also has a specially developed turbo, and I switch between stock, S300, the #5, and #6 Red race chip. My problem existed before all the above work was done and continues, to my great frustration... It revs to the sky when parked. Revs pre
  8. Good Day, I had a very nice 86 Esprit and have not found anything since that does it for me in quite the same way. Frustrations with the horrible exhaust manifold design and it's appetite for gaskets aside. I loved the car. I was running more than stock boost, and did buy a head gasket, but after upgrading to the more stout S4S spec unit, I didn't have problems. I keep trying to love the Stevens car, but it's not working. I do love the mechanicals though, and everyone tells me how they are superior. Anybody bolted on the chargecooler from the later models? GM injection? Is it worth the h
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