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  1. I thought you could just remove the number plate light and open it that way. Maybe the S1 is different to your car?
  2. Paul Coleman

    S3 N/A Tailgate heated glass...,, It's laminated rather than toughened but beggars can't be choosers. I think the same glass was used on the S1/S2 but could be wrong. Secondhand won't be any cheaper IF you can find one. I know Lotus Bits offer their own windscreens now but I'm not sure about the rear glass - might be worth checking with them.
  3. Paul Coleman

    Trim help.

    Vinyl? Were the S2s trimmed in vinyl originally? I thought they were marcasite cars like the later S1s.
  4. Yes I got a sample of it but it wasn't as close as the other stuff
  5. Paul Coleman

    S2 Esprit project car

    There's an S1 on Bring A Trailer...
  6. Yes I wasn't able to find anybody who could do the welding so gave up and stitched it instead. I have used the following material on this interior (some from the US and some from the UK)... Light coloured material Marcasite Brown carpet Boot black carpet
  7. Paul Coleman

    S1 spare wheel: Wolfrace slot

    The set that went for £1,000 were on Facebook.
  8. Paul Coleman

    My Esprit S1 import finally arrives!

    Fan belt? You're showing your age now! There is no fan belt but I know what you mean The accelerator cable should come up from below between the carbs. That was the original routing and method of operation. However, if you think about how it works you'll realise it's backwards to the normal was a cable like that works. The inner end of the cable is fixed to the cam cover and doesn't pull on the carbs. So when you stomp on the gas what actually happens is that the inner cable pushes the outer part of the cable and the outer part of the cable pushes the carb linkage. So the inner part of the cable gets more force than a normal cable setup and mine broke within 18 months. I now carry a spare cable in the glove box ready for when it happens again. By re-routing it over the top of the engine you can create a situation similar to a 'normal' cable action where the inner part of the cable pulls on the carb linkage. This has the benefit that the cable will last a lot longer. The downside is that most cables are not really long enough to allow you to route it in this way and it doesn't look original (if you're into that sort of thing).
  9. Paul Coleman

    S1 spare wheel: Wolfrace slot

    The correct wheels do come up on eBay from time to time but they're not cheap! @philleech did what you're suggesting and welded up the original holes and then re-drilled when he restored his S1. The last set of 4 wheels (2 front and 2 backs) I saw sold on Facebook went for £1,000
  10. Paul Coleman

    Green dot cam pulley wheels wanted

    But how do we know the new re-manufactured ones are actually correct? We all know the quality of a lot of spares...
  11. Paul Coleman

    Green dot cam pulley wheels wanted

    Has anybody got a pair of green dot cam pulley wheels they're willing to sell?
  12. If anything I would have said that Esprit prices over the last 12 months are on the way down.
  13. Paul Coleman

    Oh no what have I done

    I have completed the first item to be re-trimmed as I can't work on the body for now. The map box seemed like a good place to start so we fired up the sewing machine and gave it a go. The original marcasite interior has grooves in the material created by ultrasonically welding the material to the foam which effectively melted the two together. As I don't have access to such a machine we used two lines of stitching to create a similar effect. It's obviously not the same close up but at a distance it gives the same effect. As my mate always used to say "A blind man would be glad to see it"... The green material for my other car was much easier to work with as this stuff is foam backed which bunches in tight corners. You can peel the foam off the back but it stretches the material if you try to do large areas and looks pretty crap. Which bit shall I do next...
  14. Paul Coleman

    Tools required

    Box spanner and tommy bar no longer required