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  1. I'm after the following bits for an S1 but they may have been used on the S2 as well... Later style heater (complete unit) Windscreen wiper motor Pedal box (complete with pedals) Early style filler necks (the ones that are fitted with grommets) Single headlamp lift motor and mechanism S1 fuel sender Single front Wolfrace wheel If you have any of those or know of any for sale please let me know. Thanks, Paul.
  2. If anybody cares, the early S1s had a Philips Turnolock medium wave and long wave radio...
  3. Try JAE of RDent first if you're in the US.
  4. How similar are they to the S1 wheel caps? I did exactly what you're proposing for the S1 and had the tooling made from an original.
  5. Does anybody know if the half shafts on a 1982 Turbo have an inner and outer end when you fit them? i.e. do they have to go a particular way round. I'm new to the Turbo so excuse my ignorance!
  6. Don't get the poly mounts as the exhaust one will melt. You can change them without taking the engine out.
  7. Nick Fulcher once told me the foams were made by a company based in Bedford (where I live) but they would be long gone.
  8. Okay people it's time to play "Where does this bit go?"... 1. So, first up is this metal bracket... 2. Then secondly we have a metal plate and a bit of black vinyl... 3. And then finally we have this piece of carpet... The reason I question these is that I have been given a few bits that don't belong to this car and I'm not familiar with the turbo.
  9. Here you go...
  10. As a few of you may know I recently bought a restoration project. I was looking for a project and as a kid I thought the Eclat was cool so I revisited those and couldn't decide whether I liked them or hated them. In the end I decided to give it a miss but the Excel and Elite didn't blow my skirt up and although I like the Elise and 60s Elans I have missed the boat price-wise with those. So that really only left the Esprit and then this Turbo came up which was within my very small budget. It had been sat in a barn for years and needs a total restoration. As you can see it looks very rough but t
  11. I was looking for a project and thought about an Eclat - I thought they were really cool when I was a kid but now I can't decide whether I love them or hate them! I don't like the Elite or Excel and I've missed the boat on the Elise and early Elan so I was back to the Esprit and then an 82 Turbo came up that was within my very small budget... so I bought it!
  12. Funnily enough I have just taken the seat cover off a S3 1982 Turbo this afternoon. They're not difficult to get off but the leather is so thin it will tear if it's glued anywhere so take it slow! It's pretty obvious how it's held on once you examine it but don't try to pull the back off until you've undone the 3 screws holding it to the frame.
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