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  1. That's exactly what I did but I also replaced the connectors as well. I added dedicated fused live feeds for the headlights, fans and windows. There is no point in adding relays unless you beef up the live feeds.
  2. Take it apart and clean the points
  3. Don't take a pattern for the holes for the X1/9 lights off an early car as they're way too big on my car!
  4. There's a pair on eBay now for £140 or so.
  5. You can remove the electrical ignition switch from the lock as it's only held in by 1 screw. SJ sell new switches if that's your problem but don't lose the adaptor which goes between the ignition barrel and the switch.
  6. I can't find any photos of it but it's rectangular and the two ports that fit into the master cylinder are different sizes.
  7. The one I need is 74470134 so perhaps it's not the same as the Elite
  8. No - I'd forgotten I put it there!
  9. No it wasn't me George it was @Matt-watts
  10. By the way, finding the reservoir is harder than finding the master cylinder!
  11. No speakers in the bulkhead on the S2 I have here
  12. The article says the picture is from TSWLM but he's holding the wrist gun thing from Moonraker. I'll get my anorak
  13. Are they cheaper than a number plate?
  14. I just heard you get your cheque book out hahaha
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