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  1. I still think the early cars had a Philips Turnolock as shown in the owner's manual...
  2. Yes. I junked my original type lock because the switch started to play up.
  3. Those early switches were prone to failing or becoming intermittent
  4. The later style switch won't fit in the early style lock that you have so you're going to need a later style lock to go with it.
  5. Hmmm... not quite sure what you've done there as there should be a metal adaptor that converts the 'D' shape of the lock barrel to the rectangular shape of the switch. You have the really early type lock there which takes a switch that's no longer available anywhere. I would junk it and fit the later style lock which you can still get the switch for...
  6. This is the correct lock for an S1...|tkp%3ABk9SR-LL7Z__YA
  7. I think there were also two different sizes of water pump pulley - a larger one and a smaller one. I don't remember the different sizes but I keep meaning to check to see which one I have as my car is quite early being the 30th off the production line. I have a re-cored copper radiator with water/antifreeze and aftermarket Kenlowe fans. It gets hot but the fans do cool it down and it has never boiled over. Being an early car it only had provision for two fans originally.
  8. Yes they are. I took a trip to LotusBits and bought a couple, so I'm now sorted
  9. Anybody got a good S1/S2 driveshaft for sale?
  10. I saw somebody post that it might be from a Reliant Scimitar but I can't confirm
  11. Do you need to send your old ones back to him? I thought they were an exchange only part but could be wrong...
  12. No, not at this point I'm afraid as there's a minimum order in the hundreds and I doubt there's enough interest as I've done a couple of batches in the past.
  13. For future reference Mike Taylor at Lotus Bits was having these remade
  14. I retired a year ago at 59 and I'm busier now than I have ever been. Some days it would be good to go back to work for a rest
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