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  1. You obviously didn't buy it as it never met its reserve.
  2. Ian Brazier from Northampton - don't think he's a member here though?
  3. Due to loss of storage space I had to sell this car and the new owner has almost finished the restoration. It will be orange with a tartan interior - the best combination imho.
  5. Somebody put a flyer on my S1 windscreen at a car show once asking me if I wanted to rent my car out to complete strangers. The deal was I would deliver it to their address and then pick it up at the end of the rental period having covered the insurance for them OR... you could bugger off!
  6. Whilst clearing out my study I found a copy of Practical Classics from 2005 (as you do) and it was interesting to see the prices for a S1, which at the time I was looking for. It listed a restoration as £1,750 so having paid £2,000 for mine in 2007 I think I was ripped off
  7. Perhaps it was Roger Moore's cod piece? I've been to Sardinia a couple of times but never felt the need to look for the filming locations, too busy lying on a sunbed
  8. There's nothing like that on my S1
  9. LotusBits sell them I believe and PNM have spares for them as well
  10. You can buy the engine cover and airbox from SJ Sportscars. I believe Ross (a member on here) has a steering wheel he's been trying to sell.
  11. I'm pretty sure it was a bolt with a bit of round bar welded to the top and then a large washer undreneath. It was all painted black.
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