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  1. At the risk of teaching my Grandmother to suck eggs you do know those wheel studs just push in? They are no longer available and I had to pay a million pounds to get 4 NOS ones a while back when I buggered one of mine.
  2. Make sure you can get a pair of frames with the glass before you go modifying anything as they're pretty difficult to find.
  3. According to SJ it changed at chassis number 601G
  4. If it's the wrong size/shape and looks wrong then it's probably off a different car?
  5. The S2 glass is bonded in and has the plastic frame over the top of it and I'm pretty sure it's a different size. SJ sell different glass for the S2 as compared to the S1.
  6. I could be wrong but I think the S2 rear quarter glass is a different size to the S1 early ones in the frame?
  7. I own an S1 and as well all know they get bloody hot as there is no ventilation for the engine bay as such. The S2 had 'ears' fitted behind the rear quarterlight windows to help cool the engine bay but some people prefer the purity of the S1 design and I'm afraid I'm one of those. I follow Iain Tyrrells video series on YouTube and I was interested to see the underside of the chassis for a Lamborghini Miura they were restoring. There are a pair of air scoops in the middle towards the engine bay which I believe are there to route cool air into the engine bay but they're not visible normally
  8. I think you're right, what makes you think this one has/had?
  9. My white car is a never ending quest to improve things. I have been trying to put it back to how it left the factory and I think it's one of the most complete cars out there and I'm not sure what more I can realistically do to it. With that JPS fetching nearly £60k at the weekend I'm sorely tempted to put it into one of their upcoming auctions but as always there are a few jobs that need doing first. This was it at the weekend in its natural habitat i.e. up on axle stands hahaha With the mongrel waiting patiently in the next garage...
  10. I have been busy making a mess with fibreglass. The mongrel was missing the front and rear valance panels but luckily I have moulds for both of those panels that I made for my white car about 10 years ago when you couldn't buy them from SJ as you can now. So rather than buy them I have started making them. I have learnt my lesson making fibreglass parts and that is to not make them full thickness but rather to make them as thin as you can because they come out of the mould a lot more easily that way. Then once you've got them out you can strengthen them up as much as you want. Here is the
  11. I should add that the final bill included a number of spares like new steering rack and column, plus springs and various other odds and sods. It wasn't just a geometry and carb setup as they corrected a number of things I'd missed.
  12. That's exactly what I did after I finished restoring mine - I had it trailered from Bedford to Exeter and back for Steve at SJ Sportscars to just go through it and double check everything and set it up in terms of running and geometry... £2k later I got it back
  13. If you own an oven and a freezer you are already equipped to do the job
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