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  1. Yeah they look the same as mine although one looks as though it's been modified? Mine both look like your top picture. You can buy new ones from SJ. Are you aware that with the early hinges if you have the bonnet open and lift the headlight pods they will hit the back edge of the bonnet and there will be a terrible cracking noise!!
  2. Yes they did. The early cars have a hinge like something off a garden gate but the later cars had a much more elaborate hinge.
  3. Your bonnet gap looks just as bad as my S1 hahaha just be careful you don't fall down the gap when you wash the car
  4. I bought a pair of these... But couldn't get them off once the suspension was all back together. I had to weld a nut on the other end so I could undo the damn things.
  5. There isn't enough room to get the things in as you can only see about 40% of the spring, the top arm is in the way.
  6. I have a set of those but absolutely no use for the fronts
  7. Nope, I don't know anybody who owns a roadworthy black S1
  8. This? If not, try
  9. I've got a spare S1 hub carrier but it needs some machining work as the lip which retains the bearing had been ground off and I've had it aluminium welded but it needs tidying up so may not be a lot of help?
  10. I quite like the challenge of not falling down the bonnet gap when I wash my S1 and the fact that I can almost get into the car without opening the door using the panel gap at the back of the door
  11. Reading this reminds me of my own restoration and having to make missing pieces. I was itching for a week after I finished these repairs...
  12. You can make a glue for ABS parts out of some old ABS and acetone
  13. I had a similar problem with my S1 and ended up remaking the front part of the bonnet... However, if you want to save yourself the aggravation of repairing yours just buy a new one from SJ... That one is for a single headlamp motor car though.
  14. In the UK super unleaded will remain at 5% I believe.
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