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  1. Paul Coleman

    Esprit s1 wiper arm - the wrong way round!

    The headlamp motor looks very much like the wiper motor on my Daughter's 1976 Mini. I would just source a RHD motor.
  2. Paul Coleman

    capping rail trim

    I think it covers up the bare edge of the fibreglass and probably made it easier for the factory to get a better looking finish on that panel with the minimum amount of work. I fitted mine in the end.
  3. Paul Coleman

    S1 lower front wings

    I've never heard of a mould for that area. That sounds like a ton of grief to me and you're moving away from how it was when it left the factory.
  4. Theoretically you should be able to apply power to the wire inside the existing black gorilla snot and it should melt so you can take the glass out and reseal it. But after 40 years the chances of that are slim to non-existent so you'll probably have to cut it out but be warned that the glass does not sit in the middle of the aluminium channel and if you get it in the wrong place the window mechanism will hit the glass when you put the window up and shatter the front quarterlight glass - which will seriously ruin your day! Ask @Lotusfab how I know this! You can use Dinitrol to reseal it... Dinitrol
  5. Paul Coleman

    Prices Soaring

    There was a famous American economist called Herb Stein who is remembered for saying "If something cannot go on forever, it will stop." It doesn't matter whether it's property, stock markets, art, coins or classic cars it still applies.
  6. Paul Coleman

    Has anyone actually weighed a G. Car?

    No, no clock was ever fitted to my car. The Esprit is not really that light weight when you look at the Elan at only 680kg the 1000kg (or 1100kg) of the Esprit seems to make it a bit of a bloater!
  7. That was me Ross Wow that was a few years ago now! I pretty much sold them all but kept a few sets for myself. If I can find them I'll see how many I have left...
  8. Paul Coleman

    Has anyone actually weighed a G. Car?

    It won't account for the extra but the S2 exhaust was quite different. I think the rear box was bigger and it had a mid box which the S1 didn't have.
  9. As per title, does anybody have access to findmypast? I want a couple of bits of info but don't want to sign up for it as I have no other use for it and they may not even have what I'm after.
  10. Paul Coleman

    NEC Classic Car Show-Birmingham Nov. 9-11

    What gets me is that those who exhibit their cars do so for basically nothing. A lot of them take them up on the day before and then spend 3 days answering questions like "Does it go underwater?" and then bring them home late on the Sunday.
  11. The last time I did mine I had the hub at 200C in the oven and the bearing in the freezer over night. I've tried the hub at 100C and 150C in the past but it wasn't quite enough.
  12. To remove, I use a 10 ton press and a purpose made round bar. I wouldn't want to try removing it any other way.
  13. Paul Coleman

    Green dot cam pulley wheels wanted

    Now sorted
  14. Paul Coleman

    Changed my mind ....sorry

    My wife and I have an agreement... she spends hundreds on shoes and I spend thousands on cars