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  1. Paul Coleman

    Blog: "replacing Cam belt on Esprit S2 1978"

    Sure but I've not seen them on a 907 belt?
  2. Paul Coleman

    Blog: "replacing Cam belt on Esprit S2 1978"

    Do the belts have a direction? I wasn't aware that they did.
  3. Paul Coleman

    Prices Soaring

    It will be interesting to see how high this gets. I'm guessing at between £30k and £35k but I'm sure that won't meet Mark's reserve. He said he was advertising it to generate some interest in it. I definitely think prices have come down over the last year.
  4. Paul Coleman

    [Ebay-bot]Lotus Esprit S1

    My guess is £30k to £35k
  5. Paul Coleman

    [Ebay-bot]Lotus Esprit S1

    Doesn't look a bad car to me, it will be interesting to see how it does. I probably should have sold mine for the £70k I was offered last year but I think I'd miss it.
  6. Paul Coleman

    S1/S2 rear brakes

    Now found
  7. Paul Coleman

    Engine sealant?

    I have to do this soon and I think I read somewhere... Permabond A1044 which is what SJ sell I believe (double check though) OR Loctite 567
  8. Paul Coleman

    [Ebay-bot]Lotus Esprit S1

    If this runs to the end it will be interesting to see what somebody will actually pay for an S1
  9. Paul Coleman

    S1 rear lamp bulb holder

    You don't need an MOT Gordon! Obviously you need to fix your lamp though.
  10. I have a rear caliper for an S1/S2 (not sure if it was the same on the S3?) which is missing the bit that pushes the piston when the handbrake is applied. Does anybody know if this part is available or even what it's called. It's 0.25" in diameter and 0.8" long. It it some sort of hardened material, it's not just mild steel although it is magnetic.
  11. Paul Coleman

    S2 needs rescuing

    Well spotted - I didn't see that. Thought it seemed cheap!
  12. Paul Coleman

    S2 needs rescuing

    This S2 seems fairly cheap... Assuming of course the advert is still live and genuine? I can't see any Nigerian payment requests though...
  13. Paul Coleman

    Mini TSWLM Pilgrimage

    "I noticed that by pure fluke we happened to be staying within a stone's throw of some rather important film locations" At least that's what you told your wife when in actual fact you'd spent a month researching it I've been to Sardinia twice and never felt the urge to find the locations... too busy laying on the beach!
  14. Paul Coleman

    Oh no what have I done

    Yes I agree with you, too many Bond wannabes! Not only are the exterior colours all going white but the interiors are going tartan as well. I personally think it puts a lot of serious collectors off buying a car if the exterior colour has been changed along with an interior change. I had my white car (which left the factory as white/tartan) up for sale last year for a while and had somebody who was serious about buying it although we couldn't agree on the price so it never went through. Afterwards I put him on to a couple of cars that subsequently came up for sale but he wouldn't even go and look at them because they'd both been resprayed in non-original white. I'm sure a Bond fan would only want a white/tartan S1 but with prices as they are now they've got to be a reasonably wealthy Bond fan and that's a limited audience. If this car had originally been red or yellow I would probably have kept it the same but I just don't like black cars. With it possibly being the only black gel coat car it does seem a shame to change it but I've got to be able to live with it. In the e-type world the favourite resale colour is red, so much so that the dealers call it 'retail red'
  15. Paul Coleman

    Oh no what have I done

    Well here's a bit of an update on this car as discovered from talking to @Tony K ... the paint code for this car is S06 which means it's a gel coat car rather than as I expected a painted car. This was the first black car for the UK market and was produced in Feb of '77. By March they had dropped the gel coat and started painting the cars but there wasn't another black car made for the UK market until May, which means this may well be the only black gel coat car ever made for the UK market. I still don't want a black car though!