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  1. Yes, thanks. Should be easy enough to make, looks like 3mm or 4mm thick. I will have to assume 'The Lotus Position' and measure my white car.
  2. Ooooohhhh could be. Do you have a picture of the other side please? There were 2 different vertically mounted non-AC versions of the radiator. The way to tell is whether your car has pipe #13 or #14 shown here... The one I need goes with pipe #13 that has the small stub for the heater. Thanks, Paul.
  3. Shame that picture doesn't fully show the arm which goes to the cable...
  4. Put my feet up in front of the log burner. Work is very overrated and being semi-retired is much more appealing I plan on fully retiring at the end of June so I can then work on this 5 days/week. No I'm going to keep the single motor as that's how it left the factory and I've never had any issues with my white car. I know some people say you can't raise the headlights above 100mph but realistically how often is that problem? @Matt-watts has offered to lend me a pair of external moulds for the front. I thought it was a daft idea to start with but the more he explained it, the more
  5. Not a massive amount of progress yesterday and today as it's too cold in my garage! I stripped both the seats yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find that the seat foams are all good. That's a relief as the foams would be difficult to source... Then I had a look at the brake servo and master cylinder. They're both in a bad way but the master cylinder is the worst of the two. It's very rusty and seized solid... The ser
  6. I bought the correct brown leather steering wheel yesterday including the original crash pad and boss. A black steering wheel/pad/boss is hard enough to find but the brown ones are even harder. My car had brown marcasite so would probably have had a brown wheel. I'm using Jon Roberts's car as a reference as his is the car after mine in terms of chassis numbers (I know the build dates are really what counts but it's as close as I've got). I thought last night how ironic it would be if the wheel I've just bought actually came from this car to start with! I have also hopefully found the corr
  7. Interesting. I asked Steve at SJ about the S2 sender and his reply was "The senders are electrically compatible but the S2 will not fit in the tank, unless it is a very early one. The best way round this is for us to make you a special S1 tank with an Aftermarket sender fitted." Not sure what constitutes a very early one?
  8. I would imagine that it's just a simple moving coil meter with the sender acting as a variable resistor down to ground. If it is a moving coil meter then if you swap the wires on it you will try and wrap the needle round the wrong way, it won't compensate for the sender being the wrong way around.
  9. Yes, not many blue ones about. In fact I don't think I've ever seen one in the flesh although @LOTUSMAN33 has an original lagoon blue S1 to restore.
  10. I have to say that orange is my favourite colour for the S1 and when I was looking for a car 15 years ago it was orange that was at the top of my wish list but I ended up finding a white/tartan car which was my second choice and at £2,000 I couldn't turn it down. I do have a problem with the idea of changing the colour of a car, I would find it very difficult to do.
  11. Okay, as promised here is the spreadsheet which will be used to detail all the costings... Hope my wife doesn't find this post We should have a poll as to what colour I do it... 1. Leave it red with a brown marcasite interior as it left the factory 2.White & tartan 3. Orange & tartan 4. something else - you suggest
  12. Going through some of the boxes today and tried to put things together if they belonged to something... I managed to find all the bits for the tailgate release and put them back together as a unit (you have to be grateful for small victories!)... I did a stock take of the interior and it's all there apart from the binnacle but I had one already that I have been able to donate... The engine is not seized and looks pretty c
  13. Ah okay, well either way it's just a variable resistor from the gauge to ground so it won't make a blind bit of difference. The movement of the arm affects the resistance and nothing else. To reverse it you would have to rewire the sender.
  14. It's been 5 years since I saw mine but the two terminals are normally electrically isolated from the case iirc. The resistance between the two terminals is just a resistance and assuming they are isolated it would make no difference which way you connect it up. The tanks are normally grounded through an earth strap to the chassis but that's just for safety.
  15. That makes sense as the previous owner sold a Federal car and a UK car together. Re sender: yes please. Does it have 3 holes in the top like an s1 sender? Afraid not, pure resistance has no polarity.
  16. Whenever anybody starts a restoration thread on here we always have to play "Where does that bit go?" so here we go then.... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. there are 2 of the first item and number 6 is solid metal and very heavy. And go... I'm sure some of them are nothing to do with it but I don't want to throw them away until I know for certain.
  17. That's interesting as you're the second person to tell me that. The S2 had Smiths gauges but you still have the original green Veglia ones fitted? This is the S2 one but it lists it as Series 2 from chassis number 486G if Steve knew it worked with the S1 I would have expected it to say so? Very strange... Thanks, it would be interesting to know.
  18. The original fuel sender on the S1 goes from 50 Ohms when the tank is full to 345 Ohms when it's empty. So it doesn't start at zero and the resistance decreases as the fuel level increases, so it's backwards to the way you might think it would work. If I could find a sender with a sweep of 295 Ohms in the same direction that started at less than 50 Ohms I could add a resistor in series, that would be simple. But if the sweep is wrong and you try adding resistors in parallel with it it will become non linear. So it's not a trivial problem, hence my link to a gadget that does it all for me and w
  19. I could be smoking crack by the end of this hahaha I'm relying on you Jon to put me straight with this as your car is the very next car after this, so you're my reference Most people don't want to publish the costs in case their other half finds out! However, I am going to setup up a spreadsheet to keep track of all the costs and make it publicly available. It will serve as a warning to those who come after us hahaha Not sure how best to do that... Google Docs? I have now found everything I can't buy from one of the usual suppliers apart from the fuel sender and the single headla
  20. Anybody know how to embed a photo into the page? I tried the Other Media drop down and then Insert image from URL but it didn't like those URLs above for some reason?
  21. I sent you a FB message...
  22. Well I thought we were supposed to get smarter as we get older but obviously that's not happening to me as I've just bought this heap of rubbish. I guess that probably makes me the president of the more money than brains club! This is a 1976 built S1 that was first registered in January of 1977, chassis number 234G. It was originally red with a brown marcasite interior before it was raped six ways of Sunday by the world and his wife... So after a quick inspection at least the following have been robbed of
  23. Does anybody happen to have a picture of the later style S1 heater which shows the Smiths part number? I suspect the same heater was used on the S2 and on the early S3 (but could be wrong). I would also like a picture of the motor and fan which is mounted inside it if anybody has one of those. Thanks in advance.
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