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  2. I've welded nuts onto broken bolts in the past. The heat usually does the trick to loosen it and then you have a nut to wind it out
  3. That's the spare room that nobody ever goes in. However, my wife knew it was in there straight away - it's like she has some kind of sixth sense?
  4. This is my rear hatch glass that I bought off eBay last summer. The mongrel came with a louvred panel from a Turbo and no glass. SJ sell a replacement glass but it's about £500 and is laminated instead of toughened so my £75 BuyItNow eBay item was a bit of a bargain...
  5. Well, I have solved my problem of not having a spare Wolfrace wheel by buying another set of wheels. Yes, it was a bit of a drastic solution but it made the problem go away... I have already found a good home for the 4 I already had as I don't possess the 'hoarding gene' and saw no reason to hang on to them. That and the fact that I didn't really want £2,300 tied up in a bunch of wheels. Given the choice I would rather invest it in the stock market than try to corner the world market in Wolfrace wheels hahaha I still need to sort out the heater and plenum and find an S1 fuel sender.
  6. Yes I'm aware that paint strippers can attack gelcoat so I don't plan on using them and will have to do it the long way Not looking forward to that job! Yes, the mongrel is a red gelcoat car although there's no way I could ever return it to a gelcoat finish as it has a number of star cracks some of which are pretty big. That and the fact that somebody has hacked the front of it and fitted a sunroof, so it will have to be painted.
  7. This update is for @JonSE as he will have to deal with this at some point. I only work part-time doing 3 days a week but I still don't seem to have the time to work on this car. Instead, I seem to have become an Electrician for both my kids rewiring bits of their houses and when I'm not doing that I'm decorating at my Son's. I plan on retiring fully in the summer but if I'm going to become a full-time handyman for my kids I might just stay at work hahaha Anyway, I have nicknamed this car 'the mongrel' as it had so many missing pieces and I think that suits it rather nicely! I haven't made a massive amount of progress but I have taken a mould off of the spare roof section I got with this car... It was a bit of a ropey panel as it had a few star cracks but fortunately they're towards the sides of the panel. The idea is to eventually turn the shell upside down and then clamp this panel to the roof and fill the sunroof in from the inside rather than cut a section out of the roof I got with it and graft that in... That way it will be easier to get the shape exactly right and I've made the external roof mould relatively thin so it has a bit of flex in it... I also borrowed a pair of moulds for the front lower quarters and I've made a pair of new panels from them... These were a right pig to get out but they gave in in the end... These are going to be needed to repair the front where some Philistine had hacked it to fit an S2 spoiler... So I will have to trim down the repair panels and then glass them in. Here I was just fitting them to the outside of the shell to see how much had been butchered and with the light from above it becomes obvious... By the time they're shaped, fitted and primed nobody will ever know - unless they read this thread of course... This will be a lot easier to deal with when the shell is inverted but before I do that I need to spend a million hours getting rid of all the old paint. This car has had a really thick layer of polyester (by the looks of it) and then colour over the top. You can see here on the top of the front wing just how thick the paint is... So that will be fun stripping that. POR used to do a paint stripper that wouldn't attack gelcoat but they were banned from selling it by the health & safety brigade
  8. Wow, another Esprit owner in Bedford!
  9. I had the same problem and used my press. They really didn't want to come off!!
  10. It's amazing what the 3D printer has done for the old car hobby. I have seen a few of Jay Leno's Garage videos on YouTube and he is often making obsolete parts in plastic using a 3D printer to check fitment, before having them cast in metal. Very cool
  12. Still looking for a single front Wolfrace wheel. I also need a pair of sills as well. I can buy them from SJ but they're on a 2 month delivery at present!
  13. Yes it's a common fault that they all pretty much suffered from.
  14. Yes, you have an early lock mechanism and the switch is different (it has two screw holes at 180 degrees apart). That switch is long obsolete and unless you can find a new old stock one you're screwed I believe. I had the same problem on my white car (30th ever made) and I went to LotusBits and found the later style lock (which accepts the switch you were sent) and just swapped the whole thing. Not sure if you can modify your existing lock to take the later style switch easily? The other problem will be you need to get your ignition barrel out and swap unless you can find one that already has a key with it.
  15. I did think about re-drilling them but I would rather look for the correct wheel if I can find one. As David has mentioned certain nuts need to be torqued with the required weight in the car (listed in the workshop manual). Spring compressors are a must - I always wince when I'm using them
  16. Bugger... just realised it's got the wrong PCD The S1 is only 100m and this one is about 107mm... so the hunt is still on...
  17. Another piece of the jigsaw arrived today so I can now cross that off the list. I swapped this for a louvred panel which came with the car and was no use to me as I'm going to put it back to S1 spec with glass in the tailgate. I'm told the louvred panels are incredibly difficult to find so I was happy to swap one rare item for another, fair exchange is no robbery... This is for the spare wheel as I didn't fancy driving around without a spare. The wheels are all date stamped and this is actually a 78 wheel whereas it would have had a 76 or 77 originally but these are so difficult to find that beggars can't be choosers! Most people wouldn't know or even care. The only big items missing which can't be bought from SJ are a complete heater and early style plenum but hopefully I have a source for these. I discovered the other day that the gearstick I have is not the original so I now have to source one of these. The original had an M7 thread and I have a spare M7 gearknob which I can restore but the later gearstick has an M8 thread so it was probably changed as the early ones had a habit of snapping. Total spend so far still £17,235.99
  18. Again, I'm a long way off of needing one of these but whilst I saw it I thought I might as well buy it. I've gone for a red version of this stainless steel braided hose so that people can keep telling me I need to change it So that's a bit more of the kid's inheritance I've wasted. I have a shopping list which I keep adding to that at some point I will place with SJ Sportscars. It's currently at about £8,000 but as the engine is a bit of an unknown at this point I will probably leave any engine bits off the list for now.
  19. The Postman delivered 4m of carpet today. It's a sort of poo brown although the correct colour is Autumn Leaf... Why on earth are you buying the carpet now I hear you cry, you won't need it for years yet! Well because they had it basically. I've been caught out no end of times with not buying something because I didn't need it only to find that when I do need it it's double the price or they've stopped selling it. So now, if I see it and I know I'm going to need it then I just buy it - job done. I thought about doing this car orange and tartan but I've already got a white/tartan car and that interior was very difficult to replicate so I thought I'd restore this one back to red with a brown marcasite interior as I've never seen one done before and virtually every car that gets restored is white/tartan which to me is becoming boring. I have also found another bonnet catch which I was missing and I think that was the last of the things which I was searching for. If everything else comes through I have got everything that I can't buy from SJ Total spend so far £17,235.99
  20. The Postman brought a pair of sunvisors today, thanks Dave They're off a later car but the frames didn't change as far as I'm aware so when they're stripped and recovered they will look the part. Another item crossed off the list.
  21. They're not easy to find and when you do find a set they can be expensive. I think your car had Speedlines on it from the factory and I think Dave Welhams did too? I quite like the look of the Speedlines so I would have been tempted to buy this set on eBay if I couldn't have found the Wolfrace ones...
  22. Another piece of the jigsaw arrived today and means I can cross another item off the list. This is an early style vertical radiator which I'm pretty sure is correct for my car but I need to double check it against the radiator housing at the weekend to make sure... The only things I still haven't found now are the single headlamp lift mechanism and this bonnet catch... If you can help with either then please let me know. Total spend so far £17,023.59
  23. I recently bought an Esprit and it had this cam cover with it... I've been told it's off an Excel and if that's true, I need to find it a good home to somebody who is both missing theirs and also wants one. If that's you let me know.
  24. No, me either. Apparently it's from an Excel so that will be coming off!
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