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  1. You mean you were green and tartan with envy
  2. I bought a rebuild kit at the end of last year and they told me that they couldn't get the correct needle valves and were supplying Turbo ones instead. I've left my old ones in for now.
  3. I'm not sure if your car is the same as my S1 but I used this I believe... Probably best to check with Steve at SJ first. Although it does come up for the Turbo prior to 1988.
  4. I like the top one personally. Will these new gauges match electrically with the sensors in the car?
  5. I had a similar problem on my S1 but both of my hinge fixing points were damaged. So I made a mould from scratch and then created a new piece which stretched the entire width of the bonnet as I decided that would be stronger. I cut out the old section from the bonnet and then bonded my new panel in. You can see the new panel at the bottom of the picture... The bonnet on the S1 didn't fit very well so I took the opportunity to re-profile the bonnet shape whilst I was at it. So I cut a piece of wood that was the same profile as the body and then clamped the bonnet front edge to it whilst the resin went off. I put a bit of filler on it to blend the new panel in... After it was painted you would never know... It now fits pretty well (even if I do say so myself)...
  6. They are obsolete as far as I'm aware. I had mine sleeved in stainless steel.
  7. Ah sorry, I thought you were referring to the small on on the handbrake arm. Ignore anything I previously said and I'll go back to sleep...
  8. That's an impressive collection of cars you've got there
  9. There shouldn't be any brake fluid in the handbrake mechanism bit should there? I can't remember.
  10. PNM have supplied me with obscure bits for the rear brakes in the past.
  11. Engines have been known to move and people have proposed engine stay designs in the past. If you drop the engine/gearbox out the bottom you can just leave that connected and undo it from the chassis? Then worry about it when it's out.
  12. The car that these photos came from is a pretty unmolested car so I'm guessing it's correct. The wire goes from the outside to the inside near the bolt and then runs parallel with the seal down to the connector on the screen...
  13. There are a few owners in Northamptonshire. Try a post in the Wanted section...
  14. I have PMd you his details...
  15. I will ask him and let you know. My S1 wouldn't make it past Northampton hahaha
  16. Okay, too far for me but I know somebody (not on the forum) close by who has a white S1, when is it? Do you have an exact date?
  17. This will probably be my last update as I have now sold this car to a fellow TLF member. So a big thank you to everybody who allowed me to buy all those missing obsolete parts. It was certainly a challenge but between us we've managed to save another one from the scrap heap. When I factor in all the other parts I've personally donated to the project I broke even, which is fine with me as I think the car has gone to a good home. I hope the new owner will keep us updated on his progress and I look forward to seeing it back on the road in the future
  18. With great difficulty! With the first one I managed to pull it in one pop rivet at a time but you need to be able to put a lot of force on the pop rivets hence the big pop rivet gun. The second one wouldn't pull in using that method so I drilled a few holes in the body and used long self tapper screws to pull it together. Once it was tight all the way down I then pop riveted it and removed the self tappers. Not an easy task.
  19. That radiator looks like an early S1 vertical radiator but the ends of the frame look different.
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