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    Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifolio 2.9 Biturbo, ex Lotus Esprit GT3 owner (Aug 14 - Oct 16), ex Lotus Elise Mk1 owner (Feb 2003 to Mar 2017)
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  2. Apologies for late payment. I had completely forgotten about this event. Money transferred to you by Paypal this evening
  3. 1. Kieran Lee (Ethel on the hill ) 2. Jim Selkirk (Elise S ) 3. Dave MacPherson (Evora S) 4. Duggie (Elise S2) 5. Ken London (Elise S1)
  4. Static display Lotus Esprit S1 (1976) - Gordon Masson Lotus Elise S (2012) - Jim Selkirk Lotus Elise S1 (2000) - Ken London (You should have all the details of the car from last year)
  5. Sorry, Dave but I won't be able to make this one. Hope you all have a great WE tho'.
  6. 1: Brian King (bingoking) 2015 Lotus Evora GTE 2: Gordon Masson 1976 Esprit S1 3. Ken London 2000 Lotus Elise S1
  7. Allan Sorry that I won't be able to make the Powmill meet because we're off to Las Vegas for a week. However, I have a couple of ideas which I've passed on to Brian King so hopefully the ideas can be put forward for consideration on the 6th. Please do not hesitate to ask if you need any help with organising meets. As you know I'm finishing work for good soon so I will be free to play with cars for a lot of the time! Ken
  8. Fantastic turnout. Thanks to all who have committed. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow Ken
  9. WHO'S ATTENDING 1 John Walsh 2 Wendy Walsh 3 Archie Buchanan 4 Jim Selkirk 5 Duncan Anderson 6 John McBeath 7 Mike Clarke 8 Stewart Cooper 9 Brian & Isabel Swankie 10​ Ken London Any of Aberdeenshire folk keen on a thrash over Cairn O' Mount to get there? Is it a lunch time meet?
  10. 1: Brian & Jackie Coupar Angus: 2 x Breakfast, Rannoch: 2 x Teas & Coffee, Dunkeld: 2 x Early Tea 2: David & Jennifer Coupar Angus: 2 x Breakfast, Rannoch: 2 x Light Lunch, Dunkeld: 2 x Early Tea 3: Al + Debbie (still to confirm work rota): Coupar Angus: 2 x Breakfast, Rannoch: 2 x Teas & Coffee, Dunkeld: 2 x Early Tea 4: Archie - Coupar Angus: 2 x Breakfast, Rannoch: 2 x Teas & Coffee, Dunkeld: 2 x Early Tea 5. Ken London; Breakfast , 1 light lunch, 1 early tea ​
  11. Event cancelled (or maybe postponed to next year) due to lack of interest !
  12. 1. David Darling & Shirley 2. Andrew Laing & Alistair 3. Alan Ferguson & Tania 4. Dave McPherson & Sharon 5. Douglas Smith & Susan 6. Marge & John Cherry 7. Brian King & Jackie 8. Janet Campbell & Alan Head 9. Ken London
  13. The "squadron" was sadly depleted when we left Aberdeen as most of the Aberdeenshire based Lotus' were off to Inverness classic car show. Nevertheless Doug in the GT3 and myself in the Elise set off from Duthie park and roared along the South Deeside road where Scott in the Esprit S3 was waiting. The Cairn O Mount road was suitably free of too much traffic and we gave them some welly over the roller coaster road, stopping briefly at the car park near the peak for the obligatory pic. The road up the western side of Glen Clova was also really quiet apart from a few errant lambs but we again were not hanging about till we stopped for lunch at the wee hotel at the northern end of the Glen.. (We were hoping to have Andrew and Dave join us at Finavon but unfortunately they got detained by Dun's business matters. Pity guys- you missed a great blast! The route on the eastern side of Glen Clova and then over to Montrose was equally exciting. Joining us at Montrose were John & Jacqueline and Brian & Isabel, both with Excels. Lots of good stuff to see at this museum, for those interested in old aircraft. We finished up with coffee and cakes at Charlestone Fruit Farm just a few miles Absolutely great run and worth putting on your calendar for future, guys
  14. There was not a big turnout for the Glen Clova/ Montrose run but here's a couple of pics of the 5 cars who went to Montrose Airstation. There was lots of wartime memorabilia as well as plenty of engines and quite a few aircraft to look at. Attending were John, Jaqueline, Brian, Isabel, Scott, Doug and Ken in the Excel, Excel, Esprit S3, Esprit GT3 and Elise respectively.
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