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  1. add a higher capacity radiator before you do anything else.
  2. have him examine the slave cylinder. Sometimes the ring inside of it fails.
  3. bad advise to suggest re-using old fluid.
  4. spinner, you have to pass a TON of fluid through the system to bleed it. I was amazed by how much fluid it took after i lost my slave. i used the "pump the clutch" method. probably took a half an hour, but when i was done i had less pedal effort than a honda. If your clutch is going, the pedal will get heavy. better to change that before you start mulching gears.
  5. sounds to me like it's a slave.
  6. when the system is bled, you should be filling the tank in the wheel well. opening up the top cap lets air back in the system.
  7. fox valley motorcars in st charles illinois sold me a car that they knew had a bad clutch, and then wanted to charge me $7800.00 to rebuild the gearbox when it blew. Mid rivers lotus in st. louis had my car for 1 year to rebuild the engine. it lasted 350 miles before an install related ring failure cooked it again. i feel your pain.
  8. when you sell it all blown up with those waste gates on it, let me know. i might need a parts car.
  9. atgnat


    i would avoid having a dealer look at it.
  10. stay stock, if they are still avaliable. spend the extra cash on spelling lessons.
  11. you can adjust the linkage at the back of the gearbox. it done right, the shifts have a more positive feel, but there is nothing i have heard of that actually shortens the throw. I am not sure you want to shift any faster than stock anyway unless you love expensive clutch/second gear replacements.
  12. i have a set with the evap holes in them on offer.
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