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  1. I'll look into it! I'm not a mechanic I'm afraid, how can I see if the slave clutch cylinder is leaking/faulty? I assume it's mounted on the side of the gearbox, so in front when you're behind the car? Can I acces it from above or below the car? Is it easy to replace or does it require a lot of work? One last question..when it's out : also replace the bracket with the renforcerend Clutch Slave Cylinder Support?
  2. Hi guys! After a nice drive with my '99 S1 I deceided to accelerate one last time before entering my garage and all of a sudden it became very difficult to drive slowly and controlled. The symptoms are I CAN drive it and shift gear, but it's not easy to drive slowly without shaking forward. I also hear a knocking sound i didn't hear before. This morning I noticed a puddle of very clear fine oil underneath the car, more to the middle of it actually... What do you guys think? Master of Slave clutch cylinder maybe? Expansion leak? Anything else? Before having it towed, I was wondering if it could be an easy fix.(but it hardly ever is...)
  3. thanks! no I'm not looking for a quik turn over. Most classics I've bought (mustang mach1, vw split bus, old beetle,etc) are already in my possession for years. I love the looks of the Esprit and that's what I'm after. The N/A is closer to home and has already the right paperwork. The SE on the other hand has nice leather and off course the charge cooler. I was just wondering, since I know I don't drive my classics a lot (due to work mostly) if the N/A wouldn't be sufficient as it is a bit cheaper. On the other hand if the SE is certainly higher in value, it could be woth the extra money if I should sell it in a few years.. So my main concern is, is the N/A also considered a valuable Esprit, or does it have to be the turbo/SE
  4. hi, I live in Belgium, and I'm looking into an Esprit, preferably LHD. I've sourced two white Stevens, one is an '88 n/a and the other is an '91 SE. When I take in consideration the work that both need, the price difference is about €2500 (£2000) that the N/A is cheaper. Just wondering, because it's not high speed I'm after, is the value in resale of the SE a lot higher then the N/A version? Would the SE certainly be worth the difference or is the N/A version about the same value so going for the cheaperone wouldn't be much of a difference. Share your thoughts...
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