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  1. I thought I'd signed up, but haven't. 224 (I think) 2-Eleven or S1 Elise
  2. Considered selling mine as well. Priced up a V6 Cup on a bad weather outing in the 2-11 (stopped in at Bell and Colvil to avoid the rain, left the lights on, drained the battery - b******d thing!) , but luckily didn't get as far as a test drive. Took it for a spin a few days later again in the sun, on track; just sublime. Even this morning the relatively boring run down the A3 to Newlands Corner was great fun. So, I found the perfect antidote to it - an S1 Elise! Did some man-maths, and it was cheaper to buy and run an S1 alongside it for more day-to-day use. At the moment I've no plans to ever sell the 2-11. It's the car I've kept the longest.
  3. 143: Alex, 2-Eleven It's is the day after my Stag Do. For obvious reasons I may not be able to make it, but I certainly want to be there.
  4. If you want to try a rigshot on my 2-Eleven get in touch. Might look good, and you can photoshop out the stonechips ;-) I should be at the next Breakfast Meet on Sunday if you're there?
  5. I'll happily post a few more then. I have one or two of my car: Brothers? A winter shoot. Something like 29th December. Man it was cold!
  6. Well as my car is already on this thread, here's a couple from the "inside" looking out. GoPro really is a fun toy to have with one of these things!
  7. ALEX REDfern = redalex. kinda made sense. Oh and I got a number plate that kinda looks like it (if you squint): RE0 4LEX Works for me...
  8. I was interested in the E10 - still am sort of. I registered interested on their site and Ali emailed me directly. I thought it was marketing gumpf to start with but had a short exchange with him about it. He seems very confident in the car and the success of the company, and a nice bloke to boot! Circumstances changed and I'm not really looking any more, but if I had to free up a few quid I'd be tempted to swap the 211 for one in the future. It wouldn't be as fast as mine I'm certain, but could be just as fun. Anyone actually seen them in the flesh though? I'm not 100% sure yet. I have the offer of a drive if I get over to Hethel, but that won't be until August at the earliest now...
  9. Time for a formal introduction. I've been lurking a while after meeting Bibs at a car show a couple of years ago... So, I'm Alex. Started with an S1 111S in nautilus. Stunning car. became an unreliable P.o.S. and had to go. Instant regret Waited a few months, and picked up a S2 135 sport from Peter Smiths. Ultra-reliable. Two and a half years of motoring joy. Loved that car. Decided it was time to change. To this: What a car... just epic. fun at every speed, positive reactions from everyone, supercharger whine is addictive. It's a Launch Spec, no. 16. It was hand built by Lotus Motorsport (the 1st 25 were all built that way) and has a few choice upgrades (GT4 back box, twin oil coolers, some other stuff I don't fully understand) and is apparently "quicker than normal". Sadly, it's about to be parked up for until August whilst I work abroad at some football thing. This year it won't do many miles, but there's no way I'm selling it! Howdy all...
  10. What's the highest mileage on a 2-11? How much do you think it affects the value? I paid considerably less than the going rate (£35k+) a year ago but then it's higher mileage. I always prefer a "well sorted" car rather than a garage queen on its original tyres after 6years! Mines about to hit 20k. Proud to have done 4k this year (hardcore!?).
  11. Very interested in this. I do mostly solo driving in mine, and it looks flippin' cool! I'd probably go for the ES one. Anyone have one and can comment?
  12. I'll ressurect this after nearly a year, and as I can't see mine in this thread: No: 16 Launch Spec SVA Alex Redfern SW London And here it is:
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