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  1. Is the F1 comp login working? I have logged in but it wont save my entry. ta Alex
  2. Cant make this weekend, I have caitlin with me revising for her GCSE finals. Shame it looks a good weekend
  3. Thanks all, some good advice above. My current industry, the large pharmaceutical sector is in contraction right now, my current company Astrazenca has shed 27000 jobs in the last 3-4 years alone. Pfizer R&D exited the uk by closing their massive R&D site in Sandwich in kent. AZ closed the R&D site in loighborough with the loss of 1300 jobs, my current site is shrinking by >10% this year alone. We suspect more will happen next year. This is a consequence of the massive costs of inventing new drugs and the loss of patents on many big drugs. My specialism of Toxicology is done by AZ and GSK and 3-4 contract research organisations so the pool of opportunties is small. However the biotech sector is still strong but is pausing its growth due to the workd economic crisis where venture capatilists are being more prudent and more risk averse when it comes to investment in new R&D right now. Ido believe though I have plenty of transferable skills in the science sector as a whole so I am not to worried. I am thinking of both project management, maybe getting myself some Prince2 qualifications this summer but also thinking about setting myself up in business. The consultancy game is hard right now has about 6000 uk based scientist have been put into the job market alone this last two years but i am working with other pharma colleagues about potential opportunities. But i am also thinking what could i do thats a radical depature. This is where I need to really take some time and research what it possible vs what is just pure day dreaming. I would like to grow a business from scratch if i could. Some of the other bonkers ideas or maybe not so bonkers ideas: Audiophile hi-fi business - specialising in media streaming. Connecting existing devices to new technologies as they come along. Also including bespoke PC building around entertainment. Being an politician. Theres a train with gravy on lol Scientific writing Scientific journalism Working for a think tank Working as a science/ pharma analyst for investment companies or banks In terms of chilling this summer I like the idea of cruising the canals or rivers in france. I am also looking at a volunteering expedition. Places like madagascar or fiji look interesting. you can either to stuff like building schools/ teaching/ research collecting data in exotic locations. Lots of ideas floating about, as an out placement consulted with me last week said, many of these ideas need to fall by the wayside to allow me to focus and he recommended that I take 3-4 months to allow that to happen. keep the ideas coming tvm Alex
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