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  1. Just looked at the forcast for SW Lotus, is fine there! at my place between 12 and 3 horrible wind and rain. So, I may as well get away from the wind. See you then.
  2. Looks like I'm out of this now. 45mph winds forecast in the afternoon with rain.
  3. Hi As long as it's not too wet, I'm in. Just need to start her up and clean her, not been out since collecting her from the respray. would be nice to take a spin out.
  4. She looks just as nice as after the pictures you took........ Just doesn't need the photoshop now ! ?? it looks like a small branch of a tree was brushing against the chimney cowel, which made it fall on the bonnet. As I was concerned about the blending in and colour match, and as there were old marks and scratches, thought I would get it all sorted out. More cats ? We found a stray sheep on Christmas Eve (let us know if anyone has lost one) so, with sheep and Alpacas and an old cat I think that's enough!
  5. ? indeed it is a relation, my brother in law and niece. It should have been Chris who remembered it as I took him for a spin in it last time they came to visit ! ? Indeed a small world.
  6. After a chimney cowel fell on the bonnet I thought I may as well sort some other bits at the same time. i took the car to Specialised Paintwork in Reading who were fantastic. On the way there, from Devon, the alternator failed so they sorted a repair before starting the paintwork. I was very concerned about the colour match, but they did a great job. There were three other Lotus (Lotus's, Loti ) when I turned up, all a lot newer than mine. I also got a full machine polish (the car not me). So, for anyone looking at getting some work done, I would recommend having a word wi
  7. YELLOW ?? Chrome orange, if you don't mind. ?
  8. I have a cat, but also am surrounded by fields and field mice. The cat can't keep up with the supply.
  9. That is the question. We moved to Devon just over a year ago. Although I have been busy refurbishing a couple of holiday cottages,, (shameless plug) I have only driven the Esprit about 4 times since we moved. After a heavy wind storm, a chimney guard came off and fell on the bonnet (was no garage). The car is in for repair and front end respray now, whilst removing the bumper they found evidence of mice chewing wires which they will repair. this will be the second mouse attack. My wife's 2 month old car also got atta
  10. Thanks Sparky, i had images of taking the dash out....... whichever, will have to wait until my barn is built and I have somewhere to work. Will take it out then and have a look. ta
  11. Hi For the past year the odometer has had part of the digits missing, easy to see what the mileage was but still a fault. i took the car for MOT (failed on a small split on one rear inside tyre?) and all was ok. I went for the retest (only live 1/2 mile from the garage) and the odometer didn't show anything at all. So, my question is, what do you think the issue is ? my thoughts were probably soldering on the back of the odometer gone bad, if that's the case does it mean dash out ? many thanks Erik
  12. I'm near Torrington, but don't mind a blast out every now and then.
  13. Hi Sorry, off to France that day, otherwise would have been happy for an outing.
  14. Went past an Elise in Torrington. Dont see many of them in these 'ere parts.
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