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  1. No, only took it out of the garage to get something. Is there any drain in the front ? overflow ? When I get it back I will re-position the car and see what is under it.
  2. When I took the car out of the garage, there was a small puddle of brownish water (didn't see it until after I dropped the car off). I only took the car out of the garage last night, drove 10 feet and put it back. The puddle is just about where the peddles are, no smell (guessing water). Any ideas ?
  3. My GT3 is at Longlife in Hayes having a twin exit pipe made up. I'll let you know the results !
  4. As someone who has never smoked before its hard to comment without someone thinking 'smug bast***' My wife is a nurse and I hear many stories about young and old smokers. It's a shame it takes a thing like this to happen to highlight, but well done for posting it and I am sorry it has happened to him and everyone it affects.
  5. "Once we paid our house off, I said I am now getting an Esprit. Took until 2008." Bugger, now I remember what the wife said to me before I can get one !
  6. Over 30 years ago a family friend came over from U.S.A. to buy and Esprit and take it back. I got a ride in it, then I was hooked. Taken until now to do it. And probably a bit of 007 also !
  7. Thanks for the info. Adrian, where did you get the colour made up ? And what do you mean by wrapped ?
  8. No, a chrome orange on a T. Which seems to get a stone chip or 50 every time I go out.
  9. I have quite a few stone chips on the car. Anyone give a step by step guide as to the best way of dealing with them ? I am guessing that a small amount of primer and then build up the layers with a touch up stick. I have the correct Lotus stick, seems VERY thin, almost watery.
  10. I suppose the wine is chilling in the chargecooler.
  11. Many thanks for that. I am making up my 'tool kit' as I go along. So far I have.. 1. Cable ties 2. Hose 3. Coolant 4. Skimpy shorts (already got) 5. Sparky 6. Sunglasses Fantastic, I'll get going then ! Good to hear the later models are reliable.
  12. In the winter time you are told to make sure you have a snow shovel, something to drink and some chocolate in case you get stuck in the snow. I have only had my GT3 (1999) for a few weeks. I have been reading much on the forums about reliability/lack of. My question is, What are the essentials to bring with you when going out ? Should I put a tow bar on the back so I can bring all my tools ? ...or is it just a mobile with the tow truck number.
  13. Thank you all for your comments/observations/p*ss takes In the true spirit of democracy, I have taken all of your comments and come up with the following action plan. Which, keeps everybody (nearly) happy. Adrian, I have contacted Andy at Lotus who is going to find what came with the car. Roger/Alex - Your both right, Wings is/are for fairies. Rotors are for men. The wing will come off but, I can then keep it safe for future fitting if necessary. I need to plug the holes. Michael, your suggestion may be a little OTT for my tastes. I will plug the holes (as per Alex) but Black on orange is a little 'loud', so may try and find something near the colour. So if any of the other Chrome orange's have done this, I would love to see a pic. It's been emotional.
  14. Good call Adrian I know it was added recently, but not sure if it had one to start. Is it possible to find out ? If so How ? Thanks
  15. Thanks Alex I think the grommets look better than the wing, may stand out a bit more on the orange though ! Erik
  16. Wow, strong feelings. I think my only reservation is what to do with the holes then ? Some sort of water feature ? If the holes can be tastefully sorted (with limited skill!) , I think this is the way to go.
  17. Hi When I bought the car I thought the spoiler looked great. Now, after a short while and seeing some pictures of it without...... i'm not so sure. The questions is, should I keep it or should it go ? If it goes, how easy is it to disguise the fitting holes. I assume it has four bolts. I assume some grommets would have to cover the holes. Any advice Erik
  18. Thanks for the info. Red vtec - No the selling dealer was in Leicester. "around the block a few times" , that was also a phrase used for the girlfriend. I will (try) and PM for the pics, thanks Mark. There does seem to be a bit of info if you search around the net, interesting to see how many other GT3's are around, where they are etc.
  19. A 7/10 ? That's possibly fair, I would have said 8/10, but I haven't see many. I look forward to seeing others to see where improvements can be made. I too saw it at the auction, don't know anywhere near enough about these cars to be confident what to bid, so I left it. I'm happy with the car, just a bit of sun would make it so much.
  20. Well Known ? I hate that expression, always gets me worried. I had a girlfriend once who everyone told me was 'well known' !
  21. Hi Thanks for that. My first Esprit, same as everyone else, wanted one for ages. After much research, decided on a GT3 or S4S, this one came up first ! Only got it on Saturday. Will post pics when I can figure out how to ! Bought from Paul Matty Sports Cars, still showing on their site. It is very sound, very nice drive, seems to have been very well looked after. I'm sure someone knows it and will tell me more...... Erik
  22. Hi, hopefulluy someone can answer a quick question. Does the GT3 have an ISO connector for the stereo ? It's been many years since I have fitted a stereo, not sure when they stated fitting this connector. Many thanks Erik
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