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  1. A 7/10 ? That's possibly fair, I would have said 8/10, but I haven't see many. I look forward to seeing others to see where improvements can be made. I too saw it at the auction, don't know anywhere near enough about these cars to be confident what to bid, so I left it. I'm happy with the car, just a bit of sun would make it so much.
  2. Well Known ? I hate that expression, always gets me worried. I had a girlfriend once who everyone told me was 'well known' !
  3. Hi Thanks for that. My first Esprit, same as everyone else, wanted one for ages. After much research, decided on a GT3 or S4S, this one came up first ! Only got it on Saturday. Will post pics when I can figure out how to ! Bought from Paul Matty Sports Cars, still showing on their site. It is very sound, very nice drive, seems to have been very well looked after. I'm sure someone knows it and will tell me more...... Erik
  4. Hi, hopefulluy someone can answer a quick question. Does the GT3 have an ISO connector for the stereo ? It's been many years since I have fitted a stereo, not sure when they stated fitting this connector. Many thanks Erik
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