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  1. ....and hard to miss that number plate.
  2. Nice that 3 of us went last year and we all won prizes !
  3. When I had my twin exit exhaust put on I took the valance off. Taking it off broke both bolts! I used a dremel to grind them flat, drilled the holes out and re-tapped them. When the bolts broke I thought it would take ages to sort out, probably took an hour all in.
  4. Mine are pretty similar, Near side front starts at 15mm from the bottom of the door and goes to 30mm at the rear. Offside is 17mm and 25mm.
  5. I was going to get a new 60" Plasma, but decide on a 42" and moving the chair closer to it !
  6. I have just been quoted £300 for the years insurance which includes uk and euro breakdown for mine.
  7. It actually sold for £16,995...... and is in my garage. I am the typical "always wanted one" and should never be allowed to go and buy a car like that. I test drove it and would have given anything they asked for ! How do you try and get the price down when all you are thinking is "Take all my money, have the wife and kids.... just let me have the car" ? I was lucky that all of the known issues and upgrades seem to have been done on my car, the only part not fantastic is the paint... a lot of stone chips. I had (and still have) very little knowledge of the esprit, so was happy to pay a dealer who included a warranty. As it happens, the radiator failed and had to be replaced after a month. Paul Matty sorted it out without quibble. Reading posts from others who have problems from the start, I feel lucky.
  8. Don't be silly Adrian, that's not biased. I'm sure Sparky has an article saying just that.
  9. Sorry, Darren, but Adrian is right. Chrome orange is tops.
  10. Probably best not wear this on the plane, they can be funny about some things.
  11. I'll be in France then unfortunately. (not unfortunate that I will be in France as it's ok over there) ....but as I will be over there again in July, i'll tidy up after you !
  12. 123-reg for me too, have about 20 with them. Never had problems.
  13. May still be able too, I finish work at the end of April so only have my voluntary work to keep me busy. My sister lives 15 mins from the airport which is why it's a regular trip.
  14. I'll be in Copenhagen 15th - 18 May and End of July for a few days. Will meet up if it's then.
  15. ........ maybe it broke down on the way home...
  16. I wonder if that is the same blue Elise that I saw about half a mile from there yesterday....
  17. Only the second one I have seen on the roads. Just coming onto the A11 at 13.00 and then going back at 14.00, both times near the Lotus junction.
  18. I was going to say Gammel Dansk, but that is probably what got it there !
  19. Looks like a leather key fob you get from a dealer.
  20. Why else would you be taking pictures ?
  21. First 'Newlands' weekend for a while that I have not been doing my voluntary job. I shall be there. Jamie, I'm sure we can wake Malcolm up.
  22. HEY, I have recorded these. i've only seen the first one, so don't tell me what happened.
  23. You start with a BMI of 11 and have a biscuit !
  24. Quite a long thread in Moneysavingexpert with pros and cons.
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