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  1. I think i'm with David on this one. Will stick with Shares, been a great year with Vertu, Northgate and BP. making very big gains. Have to even it out with days like yesterday, £3k loss. (bloody Russians) Have looked at peer to peer, but have filed it with Bitcoin/land banking/etc
  2. And this effects your BMI ?
  3. I'm game for that, I'm driving over in July (but not in the Lotus) as my sister lives near Taastrup.
  4. Whirlybird


    Almost as priceless as the other person who has picked up the 'training belt'. He's gonna look a fool !
  5. 26.4 here, which apparently puts me overweight. Will be below 25 by next month for the yearly fitness test !
  6. As long as it was warmed up when you started driving it. Drive it straight from cold and I would expect it to feel lumpy.
  7. My fav TV program was called 'The Whirlybirds'. An old Australian series a bit like Lassie, 2 chaps in a helicopter always saving the day.
  8. Think I may go in my loft later and get the boxes out again.
  9. 1. Trevsked - Sport 350 2. Bazza - Essex Esprit 3. Hopo - Esprit S3 4. The Pits - Exige V6 5. TomE - Evora S 6. Justin Pressland - 340r 7. GT111 - S1 Elise 8. Mayesprit 9. Sizona - Evora or Esprit 10. (Seven S1, could change!) 11. Mike 6 - Esprit carb turbo. 12. obione - Esprit Carb Turbo (Very last one registered) 13. Daniel - Esprit S2 14. Mr Pig & Wilf - Esprit S4 15. internets - Esprit GT3 16. mdw- Esprit Stevens N/A 17. Choppa - Esprit S3 18. Sparky - Esprit GT3 19. ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit 20. Delands - Exige S 21. V39 Esprit S4S 22. Barry@WHB Evora 23. Mario308 - Exige S V6 Coupé 24 Andrewc Esprit V8 25 Jukka - Evora IPS or Esprit V8 26. Whirlybird - Esprit GT3
  10. Lovely looking car, would that be the one I saw driving through Maidenhead over the weekend ?
  11. Tape ? Your not STILL using that Betamax video!
  12. I use 'Parallels' for the odd occasion my Mac needs to act like a toy..... sorry, Windows machine.
  13. I'm feeling quite lucky reading some of the above. £301.56 for a service (advised all looks good and now problems) £480.00 SS twin exhaust (not needed, but I like it) £50.00 MOT £9.00 Starter motor relay. Two problems in the year. First was the starter relay, and the second was a loose wire to the starter. Tame compaired to others.
  14. Looks like another one here.
  15. I got a voucher for, A four Supercar Driving Blast plus High Speed Passenger Ride and Photo • Up to 16 miles driving at a choice of seven locations • Drive four supercars from a choice of 16, including a high speed ride and souvenir photo • Available midweek Not quite what I expected when I asked for a Virgin experience.
  16. Whirlybird


    Sounds very possible, i suppose it's all a case of how fast it was coming down. Although you can auto without power, you need some height to get the rotors at a speed for it. If they had pitched up at the end, would there have been so much damage to the heli ?
  17. Whirlybird


    700 ft is plenty for a mayday. Something doesn't add up, but I guess that's why there was an incident.
  18. Whirlybird


    Indeed, why. If they were low, not a lot of time. I have not seen any details of what they were doing, which may indicate what height they may have been at.
  19. Whirlybird


    I think there was an issue, and he was looking for somewhere to do an emergency landing. The pub roof was the same colour as the car park, from above it would have looked like a large area of parking. The pilot had a massive amount of hours, it had 2 engines, unlikely both engines failed, fuel in tank, no gearbox issues, and rotors not turning.....
  20. Whirlybird


    The brake is only a parking brake, not something you can put on by accident, and not enough to stop a spinning blade.
  21. Whirlybird


    That's my understanding, but they also say there is no gearbox problem.
  22. Maybe we should put forward an idea. When you pay, you can print out a receipt, in the shape of a disc..... that you put inside the car.... just had a thought. Bibs could get some holders made up for them.
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