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  1. Hi Mark Yes, moving next week to North Devon. Bought a house with a couple of holiday cottages, going to take life easy....
  2. Well, I'll be in Devon from 17th (moving date) and am More than happy to drive around.
  3. Morning, I was quoted £280 from Nigel for my GT3 yesterday, inc. breakdown, EU breakdown, legal etc. Reasonable ? Erik
  4. I'm feeling really lucky at the moment reading the above. I bought mine from Paul Mattey and have only had two problems, one was a leaking radiator fixed under warranty without issue and one which turned out to be a faulty relay. I service it each year. I do know it had been well looked after in the past.
  5. Looking forward to seeing this as I am stuck at home with a broken leg so can't go this year. Signed up as 'whirlybird'
  6. I've just checked, I am only £38k short at the moment.
  7. I love it. If I had the money, I'd buy it.
  8. Must be two programs with the same name. The one I see has Philip Glenister who seems pretty uninterested and unimpressed by everything. A bit like an actor playing a part.
  9. Whirlybird


    That looks fun. And all those extra skills needed having to go backwards, sideways, straight up etc......
  10. You've not seen my legs. That's not a positive for anybody.
  11. Just got out of hospital after breaking my leg on Saturday. The sun comes out and I'm stuck with one leg in plaster! But the positive things is ................ No idea, can't think of one at the moment.
  12. I don't eat meat, so I have saved there! It has been a couple of years now since joining, upgrading now.
  13. Complete to end of page 13
  14. If it's non technical, i can assist.
  15. Saw this lunchtime today at a petrol station.
  16. Hi Myself and Chris (spud) are over in Reading. Always happy for a spin.
  17. Parked up outside someone's house at 05.30 this morning. Not one I have seen around here before.
  18. If I had any hair, i'd be pulling it out now! ;-)
  19. Looks like I may bring a guest. Someones wife asked for a ride for her husband as he loves the Esprit, may as well let him see a few.
  20. After many months our house sale fell through! Estate agents and solicitors not keeping people informed really p*** me off.
  21. All very well, but my BP shares have taken a dive !
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