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  1. Hello to everybody! Please, give me your opinions and advice on the issue below as I really don't know what to do in this matter! Any information would be a great help for my decision-making and is highly appreciated indeed! The cam belts of my V8 were replaced for the last time in January, 2008, and have done only 3,800 miles since then. According to the Owner's Manual the cam belts should be replaced after 24,000 miles resp. after 4 years. Do I really take any risk of failing cam belts, if I have them just visually checked and, if necessary, have them properly tensioned at an authorized LOTUS service centre, or is a replacement really totally unnecessary in my case? Here are more details: I bought the ESPRIT V8 GT from a private seller in June, 2011 (MY 1999; 42,000 miles at that time; 43,700 miles now), who had owned the car for 8 years (third owner). It has an almost complete service history, just the 2010 service is missing. According to the pre-purchase inspector the car was in a very good condition. In 2008 (39,900 miles), the cam belts were replaced and an "A" service was carried out at LOTUS headquarters in Hethel. In 2009 (40,900 miles), an "A" service was carried out at a specialist. The 2010 service is missing. In January, 2011 (41,900 miles), the last service ("A") was carried out at a specialist. Thank you very much for your replies! Best regards, Mike
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