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  1. Well it’s very good and nice to see a dealer supporting an event for its customers must pop in sometime to give my regards
  2. Thanks Brian and appreciate all efforts whilst I appreciate this group was set up as a lotus enthusiast group we now struggle to get people to these in there cars I must admit my Elise S1 becomes more and more a museum piece as parts and risk of damage become more worrying so why don’t we change to a sports car enthusiasts group meet every 2 months and look at overnight with an open breakfast on the Sunday for all to join this way we can look at a good run out a nice night away for the all , spa etc and a good route home on Sunday if we looked at three this year and then do normal breakfasts st Powmill for all others just ideas markT Apologies I am away for meeting on 6th so just giving idea now
  3. I may take a run up in a ford depends it’s a slightly modified Mustang to I will kill you if yoo mess with me
  4. 1 & 2 Mark plus 1 (Fullx2) 3 & 4 Brian & Jackie (Full x2)  5 Jim S (Full ) 6 Mike C (Full  7 & 8 MarkT and SJ (fullx2)
  5. Sorry Bibs this is an afterthought and far too late for me to attend, have many things already organised hope it’s a success but my lotus days are over MarkT
  6. 1 & 2 Mark plus 1 3 & 4 Johnny and Audrey 5 & 6 Sharron and Dave  7 & 8 Andrew and Alister 9 Stephen 10 Jim S 11 Ian C 12 &13 Alan & Gwen 14 Duggie 15. Richard 16 &17 Del and Shirley 18 Andy 19 & 20 Mark and SJ
  7. Hi Just round corner in rosyth so hope to catch up at some point markt
  8. We are meeting at the steading bottom of hilend at 1600 if ok markT The Steading 1600 bottom of ski slope if ok three of us at mo
  9. Running for my cheque book right now not, would it not of been a nice touch to of launched this car actually at Duns as the Jim Clark weekend is this weekend with a ceremony to start the new extension still who am I ps 1997 Elise on way to stable if nothing new at least some of the old stuff is good
  10. Cracking car and it's turn of speed is astonishing believe me I have sat in Lh seat with Andrew!!! but it must be said its only taken seven years to get to this for Maclaren now where are those 70 anniversary repaints come on Lotus give me something to really make me want to buy a new car off you dissapointed Scotland
  11. Hi, Are we going down to fish and chip run as a group possibly meeting up somewhere possibly hill end ski centre and do the same for Saturday morning is people are travelling i am travelling from Fife Mark T
  12. Many thank Brian I should be able to attend 1&2 Steve and Julie 3 Duggie - but only if anyone else turns up 4 . MarkT
  13. Ok me and Andrew Laing going and a meet up would be good as always we have tickets for a stand and applied for parade lap passes mark T
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