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  1. to put my two penith in use a battery jump start cable from the block find a clean space and run it to the battery ignoring all possible problems see if the electrics come to life . as for the noises when mine let go on the left bank it wasnt so much a bang more of a fast pop and biiig flames out the exhaust . sorry to see your worst expectations come to fruition but as everyowner does , take a breath roll them sleves up and get stuck in . you have enough people with knowledge to help and advise and you will learn more about your car it becomes ever sweeter
  2. or
  3. So gentlemen you're all an educated bunch and classy because we drive lotus's so I've always liked a watch and I want to treat myself . So I'm looking at either the bond omega from the film . Or a breitling . But what to buy ? I've found a breitling air wolf in stainless with a black face i really like .But I'd appreciate some opinions and input is there a level in quality or range .what do I look for or keep an eye out for problems . Go
  4. Alan I went for a helix race clutch more brutal but I wanted better bite . It's still sat on the shelf lol I have my old one too the bearing is still good if you want it . Taking the box out is easy .pop by the new shop and come see I'll talk you through it .
  5. Yes I want 2 please blocks that is where are you
  6. could be a channel dropping in the head unit my only advise change the pos for something better i have removed quite a few of these now
  7. It's coming soon enough bud . Should have some idea in a week or so
  8. Yes I still have the originals but wanted something better I used Honda s2000 mirrors the electric and heating still works . I actually think the angle suit the car better than the French pos ones . They're way more sturdy and don't wobble at speed .the foot print is the same so I can change back if I ever sell to a purist .
  9. That's what I have and yes thought the hole was too small . Can you use the original rod Jacques?
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