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  1. ahhhh i know the one hahahahahah great place for a connector
  2. not something silly like having the bonnet or boot pin switch open so the car wont start
  3. Not bad it just needs moving and the height setting right
  4. barry hurry up and come see me so i can fix your bonnet gap before the posty starts leaving mail in there . or evil kenival trys to jump it
  5. Alex Carter

    Alex Carter

  6. ive also ordered an air con pipe B082P4379F but this isnt available any ideas A082P4383F
  7. bit more done today between jobs . selling these if you want a pair new turbos back
  8. Also my v8 did the same I had little blue hot spots appearing on the flywheel face I put this down to the friction plates slipping I had the face skimmed by 0.003 mm and took the high spots off I never got chance to test I was waiting for my helix upgrade to arrive before the other issues but I'm hoping this was the problem the torque is huge so an Un even surface half's the friction foot print allowing it to slip worth a thought
  9. Those clamps never seemed to work for me either if you tighten them loads they just seemed to squish the pipe and they would still turn round I welded a small rod between them to give them strength as the weight is held off to one side hence why they droop . Get them in position barry and tack a bit of rod between them
  10. so turbos have been posted back to me complete strip and replacement of parts lots of damage . new actuators as well as they couldnt get the forge ones i had low enough for sensible boost levels i think the chap said 0.7 to 0.6 was the lowest they would go this time so they have been taken off . new k nuts for the manifolds 50 quid for 8 holy cow they are not cheap !
  11. great mike if you could send them over mucho appreciated
  12. can you guys post up some technical bulletin regarding v8 head work . i need specs on head total height specifically and tolerance's also any info regarding what not to do i've heard somewhere they are none serviceable items true ? does any one have this bulletin.
  13. so more bits done doing the other rear wheel bearing little too much play for my liking so its coming out you guys need one of these snap on makes the game a lot easier turbos stripped off to be sent back to turbo technics for cleaning and replacement parts if needed bare block all cleaned ready to build again ....
  14. this comment made me laugh out loud i didnt do this, built everything up then realised the dip stick after fouls everything some choice words were muttered lol
  15. so my merry bunch of specialists who or where can i buy 180 degree couplings for the correct ends to the stock condenser both high pressure and low pressure also a Y splitter
  16. im sure i remember the coils are from a 205 gti and the leads well i did buy the magnecor 8mm ones they arent cheap but then who cares you cant take it with you .
  17. Cool pop down the a417 to swindon and come and show me your toy . I'll be at the workshop later on I'm sure Alan would pop over too as long as there aren't any road signs in the way
  18. spend money on a broken run down lotus yes waste money on a write off NO it wont ever be worth what you put in it
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