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  1. blummin ell thanks sailorrob i see now that could have gone wrong lol ill get some more bits and try that
  2. right i was working in burminham this morn so managed to stop at paul matty and get some bits very helpfull they were too . ive bought four standard bushes for the rear arms and the gearbox outer seals . been down the garage when i got back and started to take stuff appart buuuuut! it all sseems pretty solid now this pic can some one explain ive taken the two nuts of each end sprayed with penetrating fluid hit the rod with a copper hammer and no movement what so ever ? does it come appart is there a specific way forwards back wards? i see the carrier is alloy and the rod is steel so it it just corroded in ? how have you guys got round this ? also managed to have a look at the shocks on the car there all adjustable and made by AVO ? guessing these are aftermarket ? cheers alex
  3. wow this is what i want a full on forum of nuts i love it thanks for all the coments there all very welcome . will look for a set of lotus poly bushes or standard . will be interested in the spare window switch please and ref the suspension platforms so has some one changed for a duff set then ?> i need to look into this more i hate not knowing feels like a 100mm sprint and i bought slippers .
  4. so progress so far firstly removed the 80s phone kit aerial and speaker realised i have an led broken in the passenger side electric window switch .so need to source a spare. removed the door cards so i can cover the wood in a nice matching grey vinyl as im not a fan of wood in cars fitted new plates as the guy wants the private reg back managed to move the drivers side tip into a better location to suit the bumper but the passenger side needs some heat to remove what once was a bolt now is a brown dohnut then set about fixing what seemed to be a loose passenger side mirror so read the manual on dismantling it had the door card off so found the two 10mm bolts up inside the door easily all came off simple as discribed . on inspection it seemed the issiue was just this gold screw had managed to work its way loose easy fix i thought . but whats happend the previous owner rather than reading the manual and understanding the internals of the mirror thought drilling two holes into the shaft of the mirror cover and inserting two plastic dowels was a better idea in doing this the collars for the pinch grub screw has split so even after tightening the gold screw the mirror is still loose so ive drilled two smaller holes either side to ad two grub screws to try and aid some support the olny issiue is i cant tighten to much because the collar just spreads . so im on the hunt for a citreon bx mirror i think thats what they came from ? ive had a chat with my lotus buff aswell and decided not to go for the polly bushes as i dont want to make the car too stiff and crash around so ill be replacing them with the lotus standard bushes. im guessing the closest parts for me are williams in bristol or do you guys know of any stockist that does complete sets of bushes that i can buy the lot and work my way through ???? also whats the gear box oil type as ill probably need to top up the sprinkler system . keep em peeled l also why does the rev counter bounce
  5. firstly im sorry lol this this going to be me asking probably silly questions but new to this so would appreciate the advice given. firstly picked up the esprit yesterday and took it straight for and mot heres some pics it passes on a few advisories all in all good but the mechanic did highlight a few issiues so i need some advice on where to get the bits and if you see anything ive missed or that i dont need to worry about he did say the car was clean and no sign of damage anywhere ive done a hpi check and its all ok so now i need to start to get it up to 100% with reguards to maintenance as it seems its been neglected a little . ill number pics so itll be easy to discuss the photos or advice > (chris was the mot tester) firstly chris mentioned the two nearside wheel bearings have play in them and as i understand they are tapered so is it a case of just tightening them up or replace with new ones ? can i get one or is this a job for a lotus garage ? if not whats the cost of these bearings and where to go to get it done im in swindon wiltshire . pic 1 off side front .the arm to the right of the black rod has rust near the bolt indicating that the arm is moving in the bush and creating wear so this needs replacing. pic 2 near side front same again the arm to the left of the black rod shows rust near the bush indicating wear pic3 this pipe is in the centre front of the tub in the tunnel (kind of under the car stereo ) i think its air con pipes or power steering the pipes they follow back wards and up to the passenger side rear there are connections on the other end that suggest a high presure fitting it isnt leaking but a little corroded. pic 4 offside rear wheel lower arm again rust under the edge of the bush suggesting movement ie warn bush where to get these costs? pic 5 near side rear wheel again bush rust marks more movement . pic 6 near side rear shock is damp spring is dry possible leaking shock again costs and where to buy pic 7 same here off side rear shock damp spring dry so shocks have possible leak pic 8 off side sports tip from what i can see the swivel bracket is loose so the pipe wiggles about a bit and isnt aligned with the back of the car . but the cat itself is obviously fixed to the turbo no move ment but the bar holding the exhaust tip seems too long and wont adjust to the right angle to i just slot drill the bar to allow me more room to adjust the tip ? pic 9 off side drive shaft looks like outer seal from gear box leaking this needs a special tool>>? guy i bought it from said he kept topping it up guess he never bothered to see where it all was going its leaking quite bad pic 10 near side drive shaft again leaking badly pic 11 centre of pic theres two rusty objects between them theres dry pink fluid im guessing coolant leak this pis is rear of engine above gear box pic 12 near side rear tip again lose fitting not angled right and bracket seams to long last question for now why is it when i start the car the head lights pop up and clunk back down any one else seen this whats the fix or problem ??? thanks alex and the passenger side mirror has taken a wack need a spare any one breaking of have one >
  6. no worries there my man i use to be a pipe bending monkey at quick fit in true a team fasion ill get me blow torch and a packet of wriggleys ill be back in 30 secs with an amoured car rocket launcher and the hottest deep south bell i can find
  7. proper ends on the gear cables ? pics please and prices
  8. i have the standard exhausts and the proper plate holder comes with the car
  9. do they ram ? it is a sports exhaust im sure ill be able to sort them regaurdless i plan on beeing balls deep by the weekend lol
  10. yes steve sounds like the same one this is my old 7 that i built and this is the new beasty
  11. 200 word essay cant i just do a pamflet ok im a total pertrol head i use to own a westfield and knock about with a guy who owned one of the press cars the gold v8s i fell in love and wanted one for ages . scince then ive owned various pieces of crap german french jap ive had alot im well known in the tunning world for building a greddy rep d1 rx7 thats appeared on tv here and europe had two mag features and boasts throphys and pics everywhere . now ive sold the car i realised i have alot of moneys for a good stab at a lotus so here i am . i have a mother and a father a sister and a girl friend . we have a baby girl on the way . no dept, own house inside leg 33" long that ok . ps lol
  12. never mind ive been up north and put a deposit on an r reg v8 old dash but thats ok cars clean and loads of history . its a nice shadow grey and red leather interior going back to pay the rest and pick him up next sat . well happy thats right trevor but no worries now >
  13. hmmm at cross roads with what to do the guy with the green one has come back with an asking price of 15 for a green v8on a p plate with new dash i was hoping for cheaper but thats what it is but theres also a black v8 t reg that was on ebay totally stunning for 18 now do i save more and buy the black one or the green one ? what to do the black one is ready to roll but the green one needs this idle thingy sorting really peeved that i missed the silver v8 on an s reg for 14 grrr
  14. yes do tell v8 sounds interesting
  15. think ive found a nice one just waiting for the guy to get back to me so i can see it . seems nice and clean not molested and use to be owned by the director of lotus it also has the james bond plate ppw
  16. yes just about trying to find my feet with so many different forums trying to hunt down an esprit for me lol
  17. following on from this interesting read i have been looking at a v8 to buy the guy said the idle control valve is faulty and that he had the spare part it just needed fitting so if this is the case or does it just need to re learn its procedure again if it needs changing is it a long job where is it located any pics from technical bods many thanks alex
  18. thats awsome hedge thanks for that and congrats on the 1000th post
  19. ps when you remove the roof were do you store it can it be taken with you in the car some where or are you suppose to leave it at home ?
  20. im alex looking for an esprit . um lovely weather isnt it lol
  21. thanks for the reply guys i have been shopping around and visited a few . think i might go for a v8 with the earlier style dash possibly then . ive emailed about the green one no reply . just missed out on a silver v8 with new dash that went for 14.4 on piston heads so they are there its finding one i guess or from some ive seen over priced needing a lot of tlc i guess its the old super car fable of buying one but not affording to maintain them. maybe my expectations are too great but some of the stuff ive seen and what was expected price wise was a giggle . any links to the car or info how it was done chris ? i am quite a technicaly minded person i have built many projects. im an electronics engineer by trade and im not scared of spanners so i recon i could manage it
  22. I'm currently in the market for an esprit .i have loved and wanted one of these cars forever im after a v8 looking at around 14000 to spend on one ideally id love a car with the round rear lights and a later style dash or is it possible to exchange a nice early car and update the dash to a new style? do you guys know of any examples that fit the bill or maybe if the dash swop is at all possible has anyone done it ? on buying a car i have a lotus mechanic to come with me on the purchase but as a buyer is there anything i need to be aware of? many thanks alex
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