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  1. I saw this problem coming and used a trailer with no sides just a bed most people tow with a 186 width trailer all of them are no good must be wider
  2. I can't take a risk on cooling it's like brakes and tyres . The difference between a 20 quid fan and a 70 quid fan could cost 10 k on an engine .I get ya point but I'll stick with the named brand
  3. suppose to be shopping for wedding stuff but found my self balls deep in lotus playing and parts shopping could be the quickest divorce .
  4. Slow progress rad pack being disassembled After the blaster and some paint got one of these bad boys delivered . with some spal 11" fans that should be the front end finished
  5. im going spal on mine do you now what the flow rate is suppose to be on these stock fans alan
  6. two things go easy holding the starter on for so looooong . secondly i spilt my coffee watching your face as he kicked in you also look like doc from back to the future . well done matey pleased for you
  7. The aerial ideally needs to be on the front windscreen about half way up on the left side . If you don't have an earth for it there simple and easy fix either a small wire to ground or pri stick and a strip of tinfoil will work the same
  8. Ouch . You bar steward yes the exhausts. They are a little used but you can see if you like them before you buy a new set . The only down side I found it the hanger sits to one side and with the vibration I was always having to straighten them up no matter how tight I did the clamp
  9. Do you want my old ones then I'm not using them
  10. Oh that's cold alan . But I am sat here giggling
  11. dont do it barry in all honesty ive had those tail pipes and they sounded poop . personally i have the stainles sports system from sj de cat pipes to and the car sounds like a cosworth dfv its amaze balls
  12. Classic car insurance stipulated limited miles a year I too have seen many a car with markings for speed stuck on the Rev counter for 2nd and 4th gear and speedo unplugged .lol
  13. ok cool gotta watch that alan his nose is way too good at sniffing things out i recon he was an mi6 operative hes too good at it
  14. Speak to swindon Alan he is a blood hound for following information I can ask a few guys in the trade who does ecu repairs is it definitely a new one needed can your old one not be fixed .
  15. Just a thought I work with a guy who repairs and welds alloys we get loads of split rims in and we never add sealant to the rim when it's apart it won't seal properly clean the surfaces mate them together once bolted up tight put the wheel onto a rotation device a front hub or a machine will work . Then run masking tape around the barrel and lip leaving a gap about 2 cm either side of the join then turn the wheel and add sealant on top of the join turn the wheel rim and smooth over with your finger till the joint it flat to the top . Then whilst wet peal off the tape this will give the sealant a nice uniform edge .leave to dry for at least 24 hours before adding the tyre and inflating . Very important ! Then when inflated the Sealant pushes into the hole and cannot pass through ie no air leaks . Never put sealant in the joint like a gasket it doesn't ever work.
  16. have a nose at my build post bud i made new ones with bigger thread and stainless nuts
  17. Also Alan I've bought a serck motorsport radiator after some digging around there is a lot of reports of rad tec stuff leaking and blowing a little worrying so I'm staying clear . The price of the serck one is a little cheaper and looks better built imo
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