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    unemployed, M.Eng.-Ing. , I've learned and done automotive works & services as a regular job for years.. other interests: natural sciences, fast cars, alternative liquid fuels, and of find a attractive young girlfriend for me!

    up from January 2014 *Daimler-AG* 'development & research' Sindelfingen/ September 2014 on: SEMCON Deutschland (Wolfsburg) interior & exterior engineering departement - now on interim job @Audatex (SOLERA)

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    V8GT'98(just one more engine rebuild on the list), Ducati ST4 (joy-toy & daily bitch), Duc 999 (trackday -toy), Duc 916s (just a sleeper), BMW 735i ('E38-manual) , an ugly Ford Scorpio MK2 (runs on most flamable oils) , Ford Fiesta `96, and last but not least - S1 Elise *bought as write off* (still under re-construction)
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  1. everyone seems to be focussed on starman - I`m just interested to take the Lotus-Chassis back to earth, after lets say two years or so in space.

    As for the engineering interest in me - the temperature and (UV)radiation stresses on the material will for sure cause effects on the car. Those are usable as information for lets say an soon to follow habitat construction on mars..

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