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    unemployed, M.Eng.-Ing. , I've learned and done automotive works & services as a regular job for years.. other interests: natural sciences, fast cars, alternative liquid fuels, and of find a attractive young girlfriend for me!

    up from January 2014 *Daimler-AG* 'development & research' Sindelfingen/ September 2014 on: SEMCON Deutschland (Wolfsburg) interior & exterior engineering departement - now on interim job @Audatex (SOLERA)

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    V8GT'98(just one more engine rebuild on the list), Ducati ST4 (joy-toy & daily bitch), Duc 999 (trackday -toy), Duc 916s (just a sleeper), BMW 735i ('E38-manual) , an ugly Ford Scorpio MK2 (runs on most flamable oils) , Ford Fiesta `96, and last but not least - S1 Elise *bought as write off* (still under re-construction)
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