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  1. any results - or was thr car sold in parts ? shortcut on O2 sensor "pre heater" wiring , or on sensor heater (internally) can harm your system it was mentioned in one of the comments so was there any outcome with this sitation ? *****( ..ahh - now I can see other replys - as this story was still in my inbox over here in TLF so its running and a cut-oof on relais was the cause - good that you could fix this
  2. ..sounds more like the typical 'dismantle' of a company after Chineese occupation - is this guy from China in any relation to European automotive development or brand history ?? I personally would not wonder if his background is more financial related, as "synergies" often means to take over from other products and brands to create more outcome with less people. Especially as the market chances and investment capabilities for an small exotic carmaker, who still builds the cars in Europe, is not that good - compared to cheap Chineese workfleet. Volvo is bigger in terms of sales a
  3. everyone seems to be focussed on starman - I`m just interested to take the Lotus-Chassis back to earth, after lets say two years or so in space.

    As for the engineering interest in me - the temperature and (UV)radiation stresses on the material will for sure cause effects on the car. Those are usable as information for lets say an soon to follow habitat construction on mars..

  4. I had contact with the guys from blackart via fb once.. it is of course an alternative solution, and goes more into my beloved CAD area of drawings What I think it could be good as well to give some positive feeling, that's to have a more "colorfull" scetch style .. in the way years ago seen for the Elise S2 / 340 design scetches in LotusClub Deutschland clubhouse. in my case just more focussed on Esprit S4 and Elise S1
  5. so some premiumbrands have 'classic' support MercedesBenz Classic and BMW Classic ...Lotus has at least a 'brand exclusive' race series and the race-classics support There could be a factory own business in the backup, as value goes up in the collectors market ..more and more Lotus from 1970 up to 1990 years go into the 'value classics' especially if modern cars create more and more awareness for the brand
  6. how is the Lotus Cup backed up in terms of factory support on Cup races ? ..that the "F1 for millionaire" club with the T125 was a short lived thing is clear
  7. Hello .. is there any realistic way to get an S4 series 'Esprit V8 GT' and an 'Elise S1' design print .. signed with real pen by Julian ? the office rooms over here get an official restyle, from an 'temporarily' guest status in our rooms we now get our company-brand looks ..and therefore I have the idea to create just an extra special note - it would help of course to create at least a little awareness in SMT on how I am, what I have as background and what my "tribe" is ? I still not have enough time to get my cars and bikes on road it would help a
  8. years ago there was a story about a (part)rebuild or refresh or something on Nguyen's Esprit in a dedicated section of the factory ..with all the grow in business - is there such 'factory service' still alive - or is all rebuild done normally by us enthusiasts on DIY and privately hired garages ? this question is not to confuse with the Classic F1 shop run by Clive
  9. any news on this ? As Travis told ..918 engine is OBD and CARB compliant with 16pin connector - communication is ISO 9142 protocols you can use any "full screen" OBD diagnostic system, to monitor live data on ignition timing and fuel-trimming usable software is as mentioned the free-available diagnostic software created by Peter Maers most OBD diagnostics who can perform "live data plot" even trigger and store data if engine shuts down, as long as ignition key still is 'on' and connection to ECM is not lost. This means you can copy the "test run" from first
  10. "Say Hello and step in" ..OK, long time not here, but was asked to look over. What for me is curious is that there is a complete bank of injectors given as inactive. So, as Mike has already mentioned, the Engine Injector system (engine harness) is feed ground on the bellhousing, and there oxids of steady salty UK weather driving are a bad thing. My additional tought on this would be: the engine block itself needs a solid ground as well ..this goes to chassis and should also be free from oxids on the contact surface, of course to proove the integrity of all small wire
  11. Hello Graham, as requested I`m back in the Forum now .. via business PC , don`t tell the Boss As far as I can recall the small section of the original catalyst can house an 98mm dia aftermarket catalyst, and the bigger section something with 120mm dia. Means, as the Lotus factory catalyst, with all its matching bends and curvature on the pipe, is good for an reuse - just cut precisely only into the weld lines (grind them off). The sections of the Lotus catalyst are fitted together with an "overlap" style - so you can put them back together after prepara
  12. Günter


  13. not sure how you manage to invest into '4wheeled projects' - if you have no job (therefore no regular income) ? this was what caused for me to stop serious investments in car/bike fun ..until now. But anyway - you are experienced on international base, as I understand - so why not apply in the wind-energy industry ? In Europe (especially in Germany) there are offers for offshore services, as so far there is of course a debate about more and more offshore as well as about the wind parks on land - but the existing systems need services and management. http://www.deutsche-wi
  14. as for 'figure of merit' engineering you have to match material specification, acting forces and momentum ..and in terms of a automobile the relation between 'engine momentum' curve (think about power output and rpm) vs. 'motion resistance' curve (think about the exponential rise of resistance force against a car on rise of speed). Main target is to find a gearing set that holds the most effective rpm-point of a engine and the momentum-curve of that near to the 'resistance momentum' of speed. ..if this is the right way to say it in english Means for every model of car it needs
  15. wasn't meant to confuse anyone - what I tell is just technical background, basic engineering for the home-garage, not spaceage sience. So everyone with a Renault box can service the driveshafts in DIY. All you need is a (self made) precice tool to press rings in, if you choose to fit new ones. And if you do that, just keep in mind what I've told about "weared surfaces" - "insertion deepnes" - and the O-ring inside on the diff shaft. The note about "sleeve type" sealing rings was meant as a help, in case of a really worn surface on a mechanical system, with a problem on
  16. as said many times in past years: First check that the inner differential shafts (short ends the drive-shafts are stacked onto) do not have to much play, means differential main bearings in the gearbox are set up precize. so those shaft do not "wobble" to much. As a shaft with to much play does have unsteady contact on the sealing lip of any arrangement you put on the end .. Other point is - if you fit "new" sealing ring again and again, allways in the same position (deepnes) into the casing - it will run on the same "wear point" on your driveshaft, hence the sealing lip on the newl
  17. As it looks, the pictures shown, are from the old D.Bell page .. I would guess ..and there on his old page was a 'note' that he thanks Ramspott & Brand in Germany for the pictures .. and guess who has the remained main part of the broken shaft pictured there on his desk at home ? .. I've got it from Steffen and Olaf and used it for a technical discussion in the university several years ago. The details of a crack and structural problems can be seen on the surface, and looks of the exposed structure, that's why the Professor was interested as well to see this p
  18. response time, if you apply on jobs in modern industry is so odd .. automated mail with 'we've got your post in' notes, but after that 4 weeks or six weeks nothing .. and if you ask by phone in the meantime, in most case no one knows that there was / is a job on the career page .. other odd thing is SAP 's "automated applycation tool" .. several companies use - we learn as students how to write up a CV, cover letter and "design" a application-map in international style .. but the companies let the candidates do the job of the H&R-stuff, and the candidate has to fill in by hand
  19. just as a 'technical sidenote' for interested people, those who know me in persion know that I tend to be a teacher sometimes ..sorry for that .. Renault used to fit the 356/UN-1 boxes in different types of cars, all over the production period as we know. it is logical to have a 'main setup' for the gearshafts with different types of input shafts as add-ons for different flywheel/engine designs in the Renault family. Therefor create the input end as a "slip on" two piece shaft. From mechanical dynamics, and stress calculation on a shaft a "grove" can smoothen out the hard
  20. haa.. first thought was our Kylie now drives Evora
  21. Hi Bibs, as I know good things are in the ASO sales usually ..I just have to make some more or less detailed words, or lets say basic questions, first to any order. Several (engine) parts do have a **** with a 'machined' note, others have a 'cast' note - does it mean some are bare parts, in the middle of the tooling process and not fully finished ? There is a note 'casting V8 cylinder block' and the dealer-network notes the number C918E0133K as obsolete, and the number C918E0133P on the ASO list as not existend. Does it mean a bare engine-block, unmachined, with rough flanges,
  22. Jacques -> startet my Lotus life with age 26/7 ..with the 'gentlemans car' Esprit V8-GT and used it not only for weekends, more so to carry anything that fits in place, even a toilet bowl in the rear trunk ! ..with age of 39 I've got a BMW 735 (E38) with towbar as 'workhorse' how does that fit into your thesis -?!
  23. this picture illustrates perfectly the main problem of Esprit factory-seat systems .. the backrest is not high enough ...especially the 'SE'-type leather seats are a pain, if you have the 'headrest bolster' just between your shoulders
  24. have I not done enough 'tech advice' over here in the forum, on how to find space for a taller driver -? seat spacers (on original leather-seat system, if still fitted) -> undone steering collumn -> repositioned, by bigger frontwall-spacer, reshaped intermediate collumn shaft and a 'cut & weld' on the collumn-body with its brakeout spacers and mounting ..this lifts up the steering system, if you measure on the steeringwheel, around 2cm and moves it at least 2-3cm, or even more, into the cabin - so the driver get's enough space for the knees and you can still use a fa
  25. you do not need to take the engine out to replace the catalysts .. nor for the Turbos (for those it would be wise to use a *dremel -type grinder for modelcrafting, to cut the nuts on the manifold studs -the four ones each side for the Turbos to manifold)
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