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  2. I'm in south western NJ (Gloucester county right near the border with Salem county). We actually faired rather well. Spotty power outages, high winds but minimal trees down compared to the shore. Lots of tense moments but couldn't have asked for better really. Really feeling for those on the shore lines in NJ and NY. It really took a toll there.
  3. Stunning! I too hope to join the ranks someday...for now I will have to live vicariously through those on the forums! Congratulations.
  4. Hey Hedgerley...nice find. Had no idea about that site.
  5. Congratulations! She's a stunner. Sounds like she found a good new keeper too. Good luck!
  6. They offer an adapter. I thinks $29 USD, not sure how much abroad.
  7. Fantastic. I didn't like brown until just now Congrats!
  8. No I did not. I couldn't get anyone up there to look at it. Plus to be honest I sort of got cold feet. I have decided that I would really like a v8 model 98 or newer. My plan is to wait until I have saved enough to get one.
  9. I've posted on as well just in case any rotary heads might be interested. Hope it turns out to be the greatest car show ever.
  10. Voted the lotus sub car. Disappointing no results after the vote.
  11. Congrats, how lovely is that car? Who needs air conditioning anyway, you should be driving that girl with windows down. The shock I would get fixed, though Again, congratulations. I hope to join you someday, but I was informed by the better half that my money is going into a vacation home first...happy wife, happy life and all that. Maybe next year
  12. I was starting to think I had gone bonkers...that mated with my internal brain conversion to MM/dd/yyyy...
  13. Yes do, those are always interesting reads. And welcome to TLF!
  14. Hey Chris, happen to know the offset on the front rims, makes a difference it fitment.
  15. Cause it's simply the color a lotus should be I hope when I finally get one it's yellow!
  16. Love the new color, the interior color is horrid and should have been changed as well IMO.
  17. Well there must be a reason the car sat. I would say investigate what it was that had you leave a lotus sitting for 4 years, and realize that, like an ex girlfriend, it might seem like a good idea, but whatever made you dump her last time, will eventually have you dumping her again. As much as I would love to have an esprit in my garage, I'd say sell her, and find something to put in your garage that you would never dream of letting sit for 4 days, yet alone years. Just my 2 cents. And either way, best of luck!
  18. Guess no one actually noticed the question... I'd answer for you but I'm not fortunate enough to own one Congrats on the new car!
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    Yes using a tablet to write programs that run on a tablet is brilliance for me. I had one of the XP tablets and liked it quite well. If it had more power and a touch screen I'm sure I'd still be using it today.
  20. it just me or does that car look like a Pontiac Fiero from that angle? Just struck me as odd there for a minute, having owned one I never thought "Wow my car looks like a Lotus". I'll be going now.
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