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  1. I would have to same something is wrong with your V8. The ECU is programmed to let the temp get up to 100degs before kicking on the fans. So if you are in stop and go traffic in warm weather, there's no way a waterless coolant will keep the temps below the fan on temp. Waterless coolant = Not as good as water for cooling Evans own documentation shows that it is not as efficient as water for cooling. Their benefits are not about more cooling. If your car runs hot, make sure everything is working right, then upgrade the fans, the radiator, and add a manual fan relay switch to turn on the fans sooner than the 100 deg threshold set by the ECU. I am more than happy to pay the extra cost and effort to switch to a new gen coolant if it will improve cooling, but that's why I will never switch to Evans. I am concerned about corrosion, so I change the coolant every 2 years to keep the additives fresh in my conventional coolant.
  2. Anyone see this eBay ad for an Esprit that was supposed to be a Basic Instinct car?
  3. Looks good. Are you going to any of the car events in Houston? LOST Club, Coffee & Cars, Super Car Saturday?
  4. It looks like the S2 bib was just stuck on the bottom of the stock S1 front end. Maybe it just comes off and a little bit of fiberglass refinishing is needed. It might be an expense, but you would really increase the value of your car if it was more original. There was a guy that just couldn't sell his S1 here in the states because somewhere along the line someone grafted on an S2 bib. But his was really grafted on.
  5. My daughter is just about to take her driving test.
  6. I popped the boot/trunk on my car and drove around an uneven parking lot, and it wasn't clunking like it normally would. I did adjust the latches on the car a while back, so maybe while the new adjustment makes it easier to open and close, it's giving the trunk lid room to knock around. I'll have to keep playing with it, but if your Esprit knocks even though you've done the bulk head mod like me, it's an easy test to see if it's your trunk.
  7. So sad when someone buys one of these cars with all the money that they have in this world, and then they have nothing left to care for the car. I'm not advocating that people spend Ferrari money to keep these cars up, but there should be some sort of organization that prevents cruelty to Lotuses by owners that can't afford to take care of them. Just browsing the cars for sale, you can see loads that have been neglected for years by people that couldn't even afford a garage to park the car out of the weather.
  8. I don't see this being the cause of my particular problem. My tank is full, and it's the same. Plus, I don't have to be moving very fast at all to make the knocking noises. If the tank was moving, it would take some type of jerk motion to cause that. In my case, just crawling with almost no speed over an uneven surface (like going up a driveway at an angle) that puts torque on the chassis causes the knock. And often it's more than one knock. Based on that, it seems it would be the bulkhead, but that sucker is tight now with the shortened bracket and the higher strength bolts. If mine were the engine mounts, I would expect it to make the clunk when accelerating hard or soft, but it never does.
  9. I would say it's not worth talking about being unfairly charged for work on this forum. That's just a broken record in the automotive industry. If you are happy or unhappy with the service you received, just post up a review on the section in this forum for reviews on shops, and call it done. If you think you have a good chance of having good work done by some local shop that you don't have any previous experience, on a car that is old, and known for many issues, and extremely rare so mechanics won't invest the time to learn about, and a car that is owned by people that when compared to other exotics don't want to spend any money on it, then you have something to learn from this thread. Because you're living in a dream world. The only good options for this OP is to either sell the car at a big loss, which he can use some of his millions to buy a beer to drown his sorrows, or crack open his wallet with a crowbar and pay the bucks to ship the car to a shop that can truly be trusted to fix it. And when it needs major work, budget again and again to have the car shipped to a trusted shop. One thing that will help the OP to feel better about paying the extra money to keep the Esprit running is to buy a Ferrari. After he gets the first bills just for the replacement parts on a Ferrari, never mind the labor, he'll feel like it's a bargain to pay a couple grand for round trip shipping to a shop to have his Esprit fixed. He's not that far away from RS in New Jersey (around 200 miles) that is known for doing great work at a premium on these cars. He could even trailer the car himself.
  10. I am with the crowd that believes if you can't work on these cars yourself, and you can't stomach these types of charges, you shouldn't own the car. A hard lesson to learn so late in life, but it's still a learning experience. I had a similar experience as you when I bought my V8, and it was expensive, but I'm not living paycheck to paycheck. Now I do everything on my car myself, and when I can't do it anymore, I am selling it.
  11. Here's an alternative to the pen:
  12. Sounds like everything and everything is now suspect on your car. My belief with an Esprit, and what I tell everyone that thinks they want one, you either better have and be willing to spend crazy money on it (like to ship it to competent and expensive mechanics), or learn to do all the work yourself. Otherwise, an Esprit just not worth owning. When I am too old or too busy to work on an Esprit, I won't own one.
  13. Did you ever find the cause of the clunk? I have a similar clunk on my 98 with the same details you mentioned, and I just did the bulkhead mounting bracket modification with zero improvement to the clunk. In my case, the clunk happens most commonly when going up a driveway and the body is being twisted. It seems like the bulkhead mount would be the issue, but I even up-rated the bolts and made sure they were nice and tight. There's no clunk when I am accelerating or decelerating. And it doesn't do it going straight down the road. And if I try to bounce the car from the rear corners, nothing.
  14. I don't know. It looks like leather. Vinyl can be redyed as well with a different kit.
  15. They did an amazing job on that S1! Congrats! The only thing I could see that would bring it up .1 of a point is that it looks like the steering wheel leather needs to be redyed. That's something that can be done at home with a kit.
  16. There is plenty of rhyme and reason. It started between 2000 and 2002 that they were all polished.
  17. Yes, it applies, sort of. But instead of 1 out of 10, it was probably 9 out of 10 that beat the piss out of them. Some even replaced the engines. Don't believe me, read about it here: Sucks that you guys don't know the more about the history of the cars when you buy them. I prefer to do my homework and make sure the car has been serviced, but if I had to buy a rental or a car without a good service history, I would expect to pay well below one that has the good history and few owners. A rental car in essence has had 10's or 100's of owners. Yikes!
  18. Here in the US, the CarFax report shows the history of a car, including if it was a company lease vehicle or a rental. I for one would not want to own a car that was previously a rental. Even with the Esprit, which probably gets 9 out of 10 renters that treat it well, that 1 out of 10 can put a lot of wear and tear on one of these cars. The "previous owner syndrome" is bad enough with Esprits that are owned by only 3 or 4 owners.
  19. I don't know if you'll run into this problem, but it seems to me the Lotus Cars guys liked to tweak a million things on every new version of the Esprit, so you may be surprised how many parts can't easily be interchanged between those two models to make one car.
  20. I'd pay that on a vacation trip to the UK. It's nice that it includes 200 miles per day. Around here, they don't give you many miles, so unless you just park it in front of the mall and sit it in, it gets very expensive for exotic rental. As someone from Texas with big open straight roads, I'd like to experience an Esprit in its native country, so it would be worth it to me. The relatively small Esprit is dwarfed by the huge SUV and pickups around here. The only problem is that I would have to fight the urge to fettle the car while I had it to fix all the little things that are bound to be ignored by someone renting it out.
  21. Interesting and scary. I wonder if it was old coolant hoses that deteriorated from the inside... Did the stuff look like the inside of this hose at 56 seconds? He does have a nice V8 behind him.
  22. If you get one of those pumps for pressurizing the cooling system, you will find that coolant leak very easily. They are about $40 for the kit here, and if you own an old car, they are a must have in the tool collection. So the ride height looks very high. Is it adjustable as part of those dampers?
  23. According to google, that's about $15,000. With over 50K miles, we would consider the engine 75% of the way there from needing a full rebuild, and the circlip just about to break through and cost big bucks. So that's about all the money that you could ever expect to get as a seller here in the US. A decent price, but definitely not a bargain.
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