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  1. How often was the radiator coolant changed?
  2. The heat shields are a poor design and they crack and rattle. So that could be it. My left one cracked, and when I fixed it, the rattle went away.
  3. I am sure you can handle it, but your skills with spraying lacquer won't be too helpful with spraying liquid rubber out of a rattle can. It couldn't be more different. Bur you'll definitely figure out the tips and tricks without my advice, so I will cease and desist.
  4. Whether it's warm or cold when you do it, heat the cans in hot water to give a smoother finish which is closer to stock appearance for the bumper. It's crazy easy to do. And the results last.
  5. Have you tried Plasti-Dip before? It would be very good for making your bumpers look original matte black color for very little money and effort and reversible.
  6. That white on white SE looks stunning. Do you have more pics? I would love to own that combo. I had a 91 Jim Clark Esprit SE. After selling it, I went through a lot of super cars looking for the same thrill, but came back to the Esprit. It would be hard to go back to the SE from the V8, but if a white/white SE showed up, it would be hard to say no.
  7. It is Texas! Thanks for the complement. I find it very soothing to look at the rear quarter of your Esprit. Such perfect lines.
  8. We need more red! Here's my car Esprit last weekend winning first prize for Team Lotus in the Exotic class, as well as a People's Choice Award (not shown).
  9. The Esprit enjoying lunch in the city during the great weather we've been having in Houston.
  10. With the condition of the car itself, I bet the hinge mechanism is more valuable than the car. Surprised we don't see more of these conversions. It would actually help me with my limited garage space to get in and out of the car, but I would never do this.
  11. Slewthy, it also looks like you could use a slight lengthening of the tie rods for the headlamp pods as they are sitting a little low. At least that's free and easy.
  12. I mean stripping the old paint, sanding out any curb rash, and repainting to factory fresh colors. I am sure it's around a 100 pounds per wheel there, but maybe less. However, freshly refinished wheels is one of the best spends of money on an older car. You will be amazed how new your car will look. Ask the locals there that are in the know for a good wheel refinishing shop. They are everywhere around here. You can see the results on the Wheeler Dealers episode of the Esprit S3. They had those wheels refinished, although they didn't state that on the show. The car looked amazing with the fresh wheels with that blue paint. Feel free to send me the bill. I won't pay it, but it will be nice to have for my collection.
  13. Very nice car! Would take it to the next level if you refinished the wheels.
  14. I would be tempted to go plasti-dip on the bumpers, louvers, and mirrors. If done properly, it would look pretty close to original and you could always peal it off anytime you wanted to go back to white.
  15. Auto mechanic malpractice was/is/will be rampant around the world. They still bill for their mistakes, and it's such a pain to get any money back, and if they did a crap job, do you really want them to keep working on your car? They know that that, so they will continue to get away with it. Your only solution is to either learn to do your own work, or just lease/buy new, reliable cars that you can afford.
  16. Looks like about 4%:
  17. Not so fast! The door looks to have the pre-V8 flapper handles, so I am not even sure those are from a V8.
  18. What percentage of that car is factory Esprit V8?
  19. If it was the recirc pump, it definitely shouldn't run for 3/4 of an hour.
  20. Let me save you a lot of heartache and money, and point you to this non-OEM supplier:
  21. She seems a little angry. Car looks nice, so she should be happy.
  22. Given the amount of labor on replacing the compressor, I would never want to use a remanufactured unit unless it was impossible to buy a new one. Remanufactured parts are why many people have to replace the same part over and over on their cars. Is anyone finding new units?
  23. I had the same problem after having my A/C serviced by a Lotus specialist. In my case, the A/C system was charged with almost 1 lb too much Freon. That caused the high side pressure to jump to almost 500 psi (twice the normal pressure). The extra load of the compressor caused the idle to hunt. And it would occasionally stall when pushing in the clutch. To find out if you have the same problem, I recommend getting some gauges on the A/C to check it. I had all sorts of recommendations to relearn the idle that caused me to waste time solving the root cause in my case. The solution was to pull a vacuum on the system, and then refill it by weight to the exact weight listed in the owners manual for the 98 Esprit.
  24. Love the green car! The exterior and interior look amazing! Did the guy spray the undercarriage and engine compartment with a salt water solution before storing it? That is going to be one heck of a clean up job.
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