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  1. I would have sold the wife before the car.
  2. Engine looks great. When I had my SE, I found that I could get the braided white covering cleaned with upholstery cleaner and rinsed off with water. You can put a plastic cover (like a garbage bag) around the engine so when you are rinsing with water you don't get anything else wet. When that braided cloth is sparkling clean, it really makes the engine bay look new.
  3. I have never tried to buy the exhaust manifolds because I haven't needed them yet. So did you try to call the normal suppliers of Lotus parts already and they said they are unavailable? What were the symptoms of these cracks? Did you have exhaust smells in the cabin? Horrible noises from the exhaust? Or did you just find them on inspection?
  4. Fortunately, they never put salt down on the roads here in Houston, and I live far enough away from the Gulf of Mexico not to have the salt in the air that rots the cars. As a true car guy, I hope I never have to live again in those winter conditions. I went to college in Massachusetts, and my 11 year old beater was completely rust free when I took it up to school. Within 2 years, I had holes in the floor boards and bubbling cancer in the door panels. And having to pull out the grinder and torch for every bolt must get old quick.
  5. Good info, thanks. I'll check them first. So far no bolts have been an issue with the work I have done on this car. Even the exhaust mounting bolts on the turbos were like new.
  6. My quarter windows were definitely leaking, so I sealed them up without removing them, and they are fine now. Everyone should at some point take out the interior quarter panels and get a mate with a hose to check for leaks on the outside of the car and in wheel well area. A garden hose works wonders to pinpoint any problem areas. I am hoping my tanks are too bad. Not only has my car not been driven in rain, and never left outside in the rain, it has been very rarely washed. I have owned the car for 2 years, and I washed it recently for a big concours car show, and that was wash #3 in the 2 years.
  7. Alex, Once I get the foam off, I will use my camera on a stick to examine the condition. If the integrity of the tanks is compromised, I will take them out all of the way. If there is just surface rust, I will have removed the cause of the problem (foam) and effectively stop the rusting process. Then I will buy a 5 gallon container of this stuff, and bathe the tanks for a couple of days to remove any and all of the existing rust: Please watch the videos and read the full FAQ before bashing the product. I bought a sample, and it's truly odor free, which is also important. It will safely remove the existing rust after soaking the tanks in place for a couple of days and then draining the product from the holes in the bottom of the car. With the existing rust removed, and the cause of the rusting removed, I will have cheated death. The camera on a stick will show if they are done properly, so I won't have those niggles to cause me to lose sleep. I am still surprised that anyone would suggest that simply lifting the tanks is "nearly" there for removing the tanks. Everything I have read and seen shows the engine needs to come out, or the entire top of the engine removed and then also cut the fiberglass (!) to make the extra room needed, or cut up the tanks in place to make them smaller and put back in smaller tanks, or remove the body from the frame, or move the engine side to side. How are those things just a little more work than removing the rubbish from the top of the tanks and releasing the engine compartment walls?? My timing belt and accessory belts are new, my clutch is new, my compression is like new, the engine runs like new, the alternator is new, the water pump is new, the AC works amazingly well for a super cars...In other words, it doesn't make sense to disturb a perfectly running Esprit's engine just to have a little better access to treat the tanks.
  8. Thanks, mdw. That other 2/3rds is a real grizzly bear, so I will go with the preventative approach and hope to avoid the need to remove the tanks anytime soon. Davey, The car spent the first few years in dry southern California, and then the next 10 years in Reno before coming to rust free Houston for the last 2 years. I am friends with the previous owner of 10 years now. He told me he never took it out in the rain, and always kept it garaged. I completely believe him based on him being a good guy, and the physical evidence of the condition of the car. I really feel for the UK guys that drive their car daily and if they were to use a wire brush on their car they would turn the entire chassis into a large plastic garbage bag of dust. I definitely don't plan to put back the original style foam. I may put back some kind of rubber honeycomb that doesn't absorb water and allows any moisture to evaporate quickly.
  9. Compared to just lifting the tanks, taking out the tanks completely is a monumental job that could cause other major issues. The people taking them out are either removing the engine, disassembling the top of the engine, dismounting and wiggling around the engine, cutting the fiberglass, and/or lifting the body from the frame. I don't want to do those things unless I absolutely need to do them, and if I can find ways to extend the life of the tanks without removing them, then I will do those things. I have the advantage that none of the fasteners on my car are rusted. All of them are like the car just rolled off the showroom. So I should be able to get the side panels for the engine compartment off without problems. Also, I have some ideas up my sleeve for treating the tanks without removing them for rust and rust prevention. If they are not leaking, they will not need the type of repair that requires removal.
  10. I have done a lot of searches on the fuel tank leaks, and it's clear they will all start to leak eventually, and the cause is almost always the damp carpet foam on the bottom of the tanks. My tanks are original, and I am happy to say that they are definitely not leaking....yet. Instead of waiting for them to leak and having to deal with the massive headache of removing them to repair or replace them, I am looking for ways to prevent the failure in the first place. My question to people that have hands-on experience removing the tanks is whether or not it's possible to lift the tanks up enough to get your hands/tools in there to remove the carpet foam from the bottom of the tanks without having to completely remove the tanks? From reading posts on the removal process, it seems some have lifted the tanks enough stick their hands down into the cavity to cut off the balance pipe on the left side, so I would think it's possible to get a hand or tool in there to pull/scrape off the foam, and then drop some closed cell foam onto the shelf for the tank and remount the tanks. What do you think? Sound possible? If so, how far do you think you would need to go to get the needed access to the bottom of the tanks on a V8? The engine compartment sidewalls out?
  11. I don't think a rebuilt numbers matching vs. engine replacement matters on a non-collectible Esprit. The resale value will be tanked either way.
  12. So the place you paid to rebuild your engine doesn't back their work?
  13. What a kick in the fanny pack! Sounds like you have spent out to pocket to eliminate all the things that could cause it that Lotus Garage didn't work on. Now it looks like it's on them to fix whatever they messed up in the rebuild that you paid them to do.
  14. Great news -- congrats on solving the problem without an engine re-do!
  15. That is an incredibly depressing story. Save 400 quid on a hose, but loose 9,000+ quid and a lot of aggravation and downtime, not to mention risk being one of the high percentage of rebuilds that go wrong.
  16. You could always go to the extreme and install an oil pre-lube system that circulates oil throughout the engine before starting the car.
  17. I think it's tough on engines like the ones in the Esprit because many owners don't drive them regularly (at least in the states). Many are put up for winter for 4 or 5 months without driving, and many are driven once a month or less. With the engine completely dry so often, it's got to put a lot of wear on the parts when starting.
  18. I have seen a couple of cars in the US that have been repainted a different color like blue or black. High mileage usually not the reason a Lotus V8 engine would be rebuilt, so don't focus on the 17000 miles for your clues. Most are rebuilt because of timing belt failures, or some other issue, like one guy that hit debris in the road, punctured an oil cooler, and then had the engine completely crater on him. Also a liner failure on your car is a possibility because it may have been built before the changes mid-2000 to the sealant type and build procedures.
  19. How many seconds does it take to snap a pic and post it from your phone these days??? I am sure they're too busy to do it...
  20. I have the Amazon one that is recommended on the other thread and it works great not only on my Lotus but also on my Lincoln. I used the V8 software for the Lotus and the software that came with the cable for the Lincoln. Both Windows 7 and XP work for me.
  21. "I don’t think you could do this if it was only on axle stands." Won't stop me from trying! Boy do I wish I had a lift...
  22. robington, I want to formally ask your permission and blessing to marry your rear wheel and wheel arch! I'll be a good provider. Hi I did my hoses a couple of years ago. I saved quite a bit by just using silicone hose elbows, straights or reducers where I could. Some had to be cut to size - easy to do, and in the end I only needed to purchase 4 of the Lotus hoses. You may find the ali hoses are shot around the ends when they are taken apart. What I did there was buy some ali hose joiners, cut them in half - cut off the bad bit of the Esprit ali pipe and got the ali hose joiner bit tig welded on the end. It worked and cost me about £200.00 all together, but I fitted them myself.
  23. Would love to have this color combo. Mean and green. Is this the one that got the stripes and wing later?
  24. Only request is more pics of every angle!
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