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  1. Are you guys driving your cars full time in the winter through heavily salted roads to get all this corrosion? It's amazing how bad some of the Esprits look from the bottom in the UK. Here in the US, people put their sports cars away in the winter as soon as the salt trucks show up. But in Southern Texas, those trunks never come and my cars still look new underneath after 15+ years. My Esprit is new to me, but 15 years old and all the bolts and metal bits look new.
  2. It might not be able to be replaced by the people that told you, but if it's got a battery in it, someone that knows what they are doing can replace it.
  3. Yikes! A car that has sat for 3+ years without running sounds scary to me. Did it sit outside in car park? Crazy from a business perspective that someone sat on that car for so long without selling it. Talk about cost of capital.
  4. How does this car compare to the one that was on eBay for $120K USD?
  5. Have you thought about using photoshop or something equivalent to try out different schemes? I have done that with cars, and it's amazing how I was able to see how different paint schemes would look and how I could barely tell the difference between the final rendering and the actual car when the work was done.
  6. Loving it, especially since I was a Jim Clark Esprit owner. The car is begging for bigger wheels. Something like the Novas would do the trick. I would be really tempted to put something with yellow centers and polished lips on it, but that's the Jim Clark in me coming out. Even the existing S4 wheels with yellow spokes and polished lips,taller rubber, and modest spacers would make them appear much bigger and balance the car. I am also feeling like the graphics on the side should either be removed or made in matching yellow. And the Lotus on the wing seems like it would be better turned 180deg like the race cars. All just my personal preference -- the car looks great as is.
  7. If there is a battery in the siren, how hard is it to replace it?
  8. He doesn't look very comfortable... He should still remove the seat.
  9. It did, but I took it out the first day I got it, but I'm still too high. When I took the seat out for maintenance, sitting on the floor shows how much room the seat really takes up. It's very roomy without a seat. I even think Ed from Wheeler Dealers could have driven that car if he had just removed the seat and put a thin foam cushion on the floor. I would like to put foam that is larger in volume, but easier to compress. The seats look all deflated with the current foam. It's very thick and stiff foam that is in there, which isn't a bad thing from a comfort perspective, but it has me sitting too high and leaving the seat looking wrinkled (and therefore old) when I am not sitting in it.
  10. Gunter, Thanks for posting the instructions on modifying the steering column. By the looks of it, it's in the too hard basket for me, but I wouldn't have known that until you posted the steps. I am going to focus on ways to lower my seating position by and inch. Unlike the SE, removing the rail doesn't buy much because the seat is almost on the floor as it is. I believe the opportunity to lower it is in changing the foam in the seat to a softer more compressible foam. I'll need to buy some different types of foam and experiment. I'll need to address the side bolsters on the seat bottom because otherwise they will press too much on my sides if I just lower the center of the seat by itself.
  11. Gunter, Did you ever post the steps to this modification? I would like the steering wheel higher so I can see all of the gauges through my Elise steering wheel.
  12. This one is for sale again! Who's selling it? Matthew, did you pay over $100K for it?
  13. Not having a lot of luck finding any for sale that will ship to the US. This is the common result: Any chance you want to make some money shipping TAF-X?
  14. It's actually very expensive to import the oil from what the Castrol people told me from here: So while I can save a little bit of money, it's not worth it in this case if I am going to use Syntrans. If I want TAF-X, I will have to order it from overseas and just pay the super high shipping costs.
  15. Yea, I know, JAE is not the cheapest. But the question is whether I should go Syntrans, or make the special effort to order TAF-X. TAF-X is only going to get harder to buy, so I want to know if Lotus has officially endorsed Syntrans from their testing like Bibs said they were going to do in another thread somewhere.
  16. JAE is saying that Lotus Cars USA is now shipping Syntrans instead of TAF-X as the replacement gearbox fluid for Renaults. Did Lotus finally come out and endorse Syntrans as the full replacement? Syntrans may be easier to get, but cheaper it is not: $35/liter. Thanks!
  17. Bibs, It's a year later, and this space doesn't have an official confirmation on Syntrans. Did Lotus give it the factory approval? Thanks!
  18. When I changed out my steering wheel for an Elise wheel, the right turn signal wouldn't cancel. I took of the wheel again, wiggled things a bit, and it's working like a champ now for weeks. The alignment of the bits is obviously very critical, so maybe things got out of alignment on your after all those miles. I jacked up the front wheels off the ground to make it easy to test when I had it working.
  19. Any chance this is a good procedure to do every now and then to make sure everything is calibrated perfectly even if you don't have a CEL?
  20. I figured it out. There's a little check box at the bottom left of the ODB Data tab that says "Log to:" and then you select the file location.
  21. Can some explain the steps to log the data to an Excel spreadsheet? Thanks!
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