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  1. Just curious. What year is your car, and why would your engine need a rebuild after only 15,000 miles, and is that going to happen to me?
  2. I had a 91 Jim Clark Esprit SE in the 90's, sold it because I was still young and needed to try out some other exotics. After owning a variety of sports cars, I just had to come back to the Esprit. But I wanted to have a different, more evolved experience from the SE, so I needed a V8. I wanted the new style interior, and I found an unmolested 98 for sale, so I bought that. After researching the liner issue to death, I feel confident that since this car hasn't had the issue yet, I will be fine as long as I don't overheat it. So I upgraded the radiator and fans for some insurance against the Texas heat. Because of the liner reputation, the 98 is about 1/2 the price of 2002+ models. Considering how similar the cars are, I feel like it's a great value and leaves lots of cash for maintenance and upgrades.
  3. Wow, how did this one turn out? Sounds like you would have to pull the gearbox to lock the flywheel to torque the bolts.
  4. Did you get it back on the road?
  5. Hate to be the new guy that goes around asking for the final result of a problem, but can you post what you found Che since it's been 7 months? I am sure it will be helpful for many owners for years to come. And I am sure the kind folks on here that offered you help would appreciate knowing what you did to resolve your problem in the end.
  6. So what happened in the end? I read through these stories, and the end is rarely included... At least it hasn't been 4 years since the last post, but you must have found the problem after 6 weeks.
  7. Welcome to the Lotus world! It takes a brave soul to start with a project Esprit as their first Esprit. In addition to the above, I would recommend spending loads of time reading through this site before start doing anything with the car: http://www.lotusespr...enanceMods.html
  8. The price is right at $500-$600:\ 1100-/330762850337?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4d03009021 And considering the $4000 Lotus originals are crap, how could these be any worse? Anyone try these out in the UK or elsewhere?
  9. I just bought a 98 Esprit, and I am planning to have it serviced at Viking before I start driving it in Texas. Since I am not local to SoCal, and I am only recently back in the Esprit game since being gone for 12 years (had a 91 Jim Clark Esprit SE #16, please let me know what your experience has been with Viking good or bad recently? I can find nothing but positive posts about them on here, but most of them are a couple of years old, and things change. Feel free to PM if you would like to keep it low profile. Thanks!
  10. Do you have any pictures posted of these size tires on your V8? That seems like the way to go to me, but I'd like to see how they extra size looks on the rims and the wheel wells.
  11. Lots of great info in these posts, but after reading tons of them, one thing is very common: The OP almost never posts if they ever solved the problem and what they did to solve it. Given most of these threads are 4 years old, I am not holding my breadth that they will come back and update them.
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