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  1. Hi, Can anyone advise on where I can find the valve (or whatever it's called) on a 2010 Evora NAS to recharge the aircon? I took it to a certain friendly highstreet garage chain yesterday who pride themselves on their quickness of fitting, and despite using torches on their mobiles and going on google, could not find the valve. Thanks in advance, TG
  2. I don't believe so but I have only owned the car for the last year or so. Is that a big/expensive job? Does a workshop manual exist for the Evora? I own several landrovers so spanners and oil are things I live with every ruddy day.
  3. That's great thanks. Does he know you as Bibs?
  4. Thanks Bibs - yeah I'm aware I could have taken it up to Stanstead, but I work in Hampshire so Bell and Colville were a more practical option. However..... Thanks for the tip! TG Looks as though 'Essex Autosport' are the closest but no reviews...
  5. Now that my 2010 Evora is out of warranty I don't have to trek down to Surrey anymore. As such, can anyone recommend a specialist to provide servicing and repair on my car in Essex? I live near Leigh-on-Sea so in the South of the county. Many thanks TG
  6. Unfortunately....the dealer wasn't interested in helping, and Lotus aren't responding to my emails. Never mind, here's the issue: Very poor idling in my 2010 Evora NAS. Lumpy and almost stalls, then revs itself back up again. Sometimes it does stall. Engine light on and sometimes the spanner light too. My basic code reader tells me that it's 'too rich on both banks'. I've had the car regularly serviced at the Lotus dealer so not sure what the issue could be. At higher revs it's absolutely fine, although it does seem a little heavier on fuel now. Any thoughts anyone? Thanks TG
  7. Although I'm doubtless going to jinx it for the rest of my life, my Alpine unit works quite well (it's the original one with the removable unit thing). However, it can never get any traffic information. On the screen where it autotunes it just autotunes forever, and if I try and manually put a frequency in (such as Classic FM which I understand does national TMC) it says nothing found. Any thoughts? Thanks Tex
  8. Cannot find anything in settings....very annoying. If I plug it into the USB it charges fine.
  9. It's been fine since I reset it. Biggest pain is it won't charge my iPhone 4S.
  10. Aye Up, When connecting I get 'charging not supported with this accessory' (or something). This surprises me a bit as I thought the charging requirements were the same for all iPhones and my car was born in 2010. Is this configurable somehow in the Alpine unit? Thanks as ever TG
  11. Well, so far it's only once but I've only had the car a week! One thing I did notice when I removed it and reset it was that it was really hot - makes me wonder if that's the cause of the issues.... Oh and thanks Ged - that sorted it.
  12. Aye up, Just as I thought I had escaped the Alpine gremlins it appears I was wrong. Driving yesterday in my 10MY Evora, I switched back to the SatNav from the music screen to be presented with what appeared to be a Windows exception error! Grey box, the lot. I couldn't do anything, and switching the unit and car on and off did nothing, I removed the Blackbird unit in the end and held down the power button, then replaced it and the error was gone - but now the unit appears to have crashed as all I get is a box telling me my phone has connected by bluetooth which I cannot 'Ok'. Is there a way of hard reseting the thing or something? I need my SatNav! Thanks in advance, TG
  13. Not a bad workaround to the phone problem.... Oh and the Satnav found her voice again. I uploaded an iStrepsil application.
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