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  1. I agree, I'm scared having carburators above a distributor which send a spark EVERY RPM... I will fit a rally exstinguish system 3 or 5 sprays...
  2. Nice Topic! my few cents: 1) polishing/final prep, you can do by yourself if it's no so bad, take a shoelace make 2 turn around the journal with one end each side, put polishing/abrasive paste and pull alternatively one side per time, the string will roll very fast around the crank/camshaft polishing everything! it's not my trick, I was told and works! 2) pair the weight of all conrods (Bilancia le bielle1, in italian) and balance tjhe crank with all pulleys/ clutch, the benefits for longevity and performance are undervalued big time! 3) put another cams (444 the best!), cylnder head is good as standard, no much to improve if not casting signs, port biforcation 4) stock exhaust are BAD for performance 5) carb setup/ ignition timing will do the rest!
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