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  1. Yep, on my way home from family visit in Suffolk.
  2. 1: GGHC87 2&3: Bibs & Laura 4&5: PeterEngland99 & Jen 6&7: sparky & Tracy 8: AJJ205 - Andy
  3. 1: Cliff (GGHC87) 2: Simon (tinywillyuk) 3. Chris (red vtec) 4: Gary (sparky) 5: Trevsked (Trevor) 6: Chris (esprit22) 7: Matt (caulkhead68) 8: Andrew (obione) 9: cj (wookie) 10: jim (jim1471) 11: Pete (peteyg) 12: Matty (88_esprit) 13:Sonny (50nny) 14: Andy (Andjons) 15: Mike (Mike6 16 Andy( AJJ205)
  4. Put me down for an hour, Andy
  5. ajj205

    S4 rear diffuser

    S4 rear diffuser/ aerofoil , part no. A082B5175K, with right hand exhaust exit. Cheers Andy
  6. Had a good evening out, nice to meet up for a relaxed chat ( without it raining!) and see a nice selection of cars, few drinks - top way to spend a Monday night. Andy
  7. Hi Mark Will be heading over for this tonight, see you there. Andy
  8. Morning Gary Going cross country through Farnham and meeting up with my brother (Porsche 911) on the way, will see you at the A3 meet. Andy
  9. Will be able to make this as well , See you in the morning Andy
  10. First Gig Knebworth 1990 Top 3 Gigs 1. Pink Floyd ( Division Bell, Earls Court 1994) 2. ACDC, Donnington 1991 3. Mark Knopfler, Shangri La tour, Albert Hall 2006 The ONE I missed but would have loved to have seen David Gilmour , Remember the Night tour, 06/07, got it on DVD - Awesome! Andy
  11. ajj205

    Le Mans 08

    All our group had a great time this year, 850 trouble free miles , great race, no speeding fines, only downside those of us there didnt get a meet - although I left my phone in the office which didnt help!. Roll on next year, will be booking into the hotel again as a great place to watch from on Saturday night / Sunday morning right on the exit of the second chicane. Andy
  12. Hi Bibs Anything you need for projectors, screens and general AV equipment let me know, Andy
  13. Suggest meet at the Esso garage at Milford, Surrey. Its on the A283 just off the A3 . From there its a great drive through Petworth and over the southdowns. Reckon I can find that, see you bright and early. Andy
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