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  1. I had to do a double take, but it is taken outside his house, his workshop was directly opposite, on Downshire Hill.
  2. Jim Henson has just been honoured with a blue plaque .... pictured with his Eclat. Photo and text from Hampstead & Highgate Express newspaper 6th September 2021.
  3. Wonder what the story is here? Classic Elan has been here for at least 3 weeks and covered in rubbish. DVLA says logbook last issued 2015 and is corrently SORN. Maybe stolen ??
  4. The front spoiler is also considered part of the overall cooling system, it directs air into the radiator.
  5. Almost exactly as I've done, except the front mountings were already a feature of the Spyder chassis, as were proper triangulated lower arms, but I ended up modifying my own similar to what you have done.
  6. A similar thing is leaving the handbrake on for long periods, probably more so with drum brakes.
  7. I don't know where you run your car, but beware of ground clearance problems with speedbumps and when parking front on to a kerb. You should really go for adjustable mounting points for height adjustment, lowering/raising by adjusting just the spring tension will put the car out of the mid travel point of the shockers. I've adjustable coilovers on mine, set for the correct travel (in conjunction with correct spring poundage), and also adjustable mounting points, though I have it set to std height just because of the problems I mentioned with speedbumps etc.
  8. Your picture shows a mounting bolt missing. How did you test the earth is ok ??, did you test it right at the body of the valve? Try temporarily connecting a wire from the body of the valve to an earth,
  9. Makes dropping the diff out easier, and adds strength. You can make out the rear top link mounting point too.
  10. For some reason Spyder changed the orientation of this bush to horizontal from vertical The result was that the wishbone was able to move quite a bit, causing rear wheel steering. Mine has this bracket removed and now has a bush like the one used in the front lower wishbone, and problem resolved.
  11. In the meantime, you can run both headlamps off the one good solenoid.
  12. Yup, Jag LSD diff and inboard discs. Top link rear suspension too. Problem was Spyder mounted the front bush horizontally, causing rear steering because of the bush flexing. Once this is changed the rear handles as it should, and the UJ's (only 1 per side now, the other a CV joint) last 'forever'.
  13. Mine just sits on the back shelf between the headrests. Easy to get a wire down to the stoplight circuit too.
  14. Denis247


  15. Moderators should point out possible safety considerations.
  16. Well you've taken it all the wrong way, I'm trying to be helpful and maybe save a little or major incident here. Some of your questions, even this last one re the alternator lamp, are very basic and are NOT Lotus specific, as was a lot regarding the steering problems you asked about. I haven't read all your posts, nor do I intend to, but I guess there were many more like this. The point I am making is that you do not seem to know too much about car mechanics in general, and I was just pointing out the safety aspect and recomendation that you get your car checked by a competent mechanic before blasting around the public roads in it. So now I don't care if I don't sound respectful towards you, but I would rather upset you than not point out what may be a major accident waiting to happen. It's not a toy you're playing with here.
  17. or you could solder a short tube to the pickup, and even put a bit of an angle on it, so that it sucks the petrol from a point say 1" off the bottom.
  18. And AVO were/are? very good at doing 'specials' , whether it be just extending or changing mounting arrangements of a standard one, to a fully fledged custom build. I've been running AVO for years, although not std Lotus types, and have had them rebuilt by AVO too once or twice. Their knowledge and service I always found to be very good.
  19. Luke, I don't mean to sound disrespectful, but very many of the problems you have asked for a solution on here have been very basic, and not even Lotus-specific. Now that's ok, but when you are also attempting very major mods to the basic build, handling and safety of a car, especially a performance car, would It not be sensible, if not for your own sake but for the sake of others, to have your car checked over by a fully competent mechanic? When I started out, many moons ago, we would chop our motors about without really knowing what we were doing, and more than once have I seen one put into a hedge or somesuch when a 'mod' turned that motor into a veritable deathtrap. And please don't quote the mantra about it passing an MOT, as I've seen what bollocks they can pass. Luke, again not being disrespectful, but consider you may owe it if not to yourself, but for others around. ps. I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned by the forum mods before.
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