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  2. Great Pic's, Thanks for sharing! Those engine's sure were pretty when new, before the cam towers leaked
  3. Reading was with mechanical gauge, taken both from upper and lower passages on intake, thought it might be caused by IAC but bottom passage read the same, reference to freescan was just to verify that it was running well, nothing outside of limits, so why the low reading and fluttering as if there was a bad valve? is this normal for this engine?
  4. I have a 94 S4, recently found I had a blown intake gasket ( had high RPM's), replaced , upgraded injectors, now runs fine all parameters are within spec's on freescan. My question is the vacuum at idle is only 6-8 Hg it also flutters very badly? I know in a V8 that would reference a bad intake valve, but no noise at all from intake and car runs fine? is this normal for this 4 cyl? also since repair my BOV is not operating, have checked it is not a mechanical issue as it works with a vacuum pump I do not know what the readings were before repair it ran fine so I never scaned it or bothered to look. I know there are no vaccuum leaks so why the low vacuum that flutters like a bad valve?
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